Known Issues

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Windows Update

MS Office patches

  • Windows Update fails when installing Microsoft Office patches, with an error code 0x80070641
  • Solution: Click Start => Run and enter:
msiexec /Unregister
  • Click OK, then click Start => Run and enter:
msiexec /regserver

Windows Update Stops with error 0x80072EE2

  1. Start Internet Explorer.
  2. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
  3. Click the Security tab, and then click Trusted Sites.
  4. Click Sites.
  5. Click to clear the Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone check box.
  6. In Add this Web site to the zone, type each of the following Web site addresses, and then click Add:
    1. https://*.microsoft.com
    2. https://download.windowsupdate.com
    3. https://update.microsoft.com/windowsupdate
    4. http://*.update.microsoft.com
    5. https://*.update.microsoft.com
    6. http://download.windowsupdate.com
  7. Click Close, and then click OK.
  8. Visit the Windows Update Web site or the Microsoft Update Web site.

Source: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/836961

Login Delay

Some Windows-based laptops joined to our domain may experience delays at, before, or after the login screen. For example, there may be a delay before the CTRL+ALT+DELETE screen appears (or the login window appears). There may be a delay AFTER pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL. There may be a delay AFTER entering username/password and starting the login process.

In all cases, disabling the wireless before login or before shutdown has helped:

  • On laptops that have a physical switch to turn off wireless, slide the switch to the OFF (or "0" position), then login. After logging in, turn the switch to the ON (or "1") position if you need to use wireless.


  • WebVPN does not work
  • INB is not very stable, see Vista#INB
  • The web page above has many more tips on how to improve the networking performance in Vista

Known Software Issues

Firefox 3 and self-signed certificates

There is a known "feature" in Firefox 3 that makes certain secure pages appear scarier when they are using self-signed certificates. The message that appears is "Secure Connection Failed". See the Firefox 3 and self-signed certificates article for a description of the cause for this, as well as appropriate steps to resolve it.

Internet Explorer 7 and self-signed certificates

There is a known "feature" in Internet Explorer 7 that makes certain secure pages appear scarier when they are using self-signed certificates. The message that appears is "There is a problem with this website's security certificate". See the Internet Explorer 7 and self-signed certificates article for a description of the cause for this, as well as appropriate steps to resolve it.


Outlook Print Margins Cut Off

See Outlook Print Margins Cut Off

Outlook - messaging interface returned an unknown error

When you try to print another user's shared calendar in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, the calendar does not print. Additionally, you receive the following error message: The messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists, restart Outlook.

Solution: Most commonly this can be resolved by disabling the TaskPad option (File => Print => Page Setup => Format, clear TaskPad option). Microsoft has provided a number of possible solutions here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/912803

Outlook - Unable to create new item (if Skype installed)
  • If Skype and Outlook are running at the same time, and you try to create a new Outlook message, you may get an error message saying something to the extent "can't create new item".
  • The solution is to open Skype and under the view menu, and click on "View Outlook Contacts".
Outlook is unresponsive or slow and gives a warning bubble
  • Message from Outlook: "Microsoft Outlook is Requesting data from the server." or "Trying to retrieve data..."
  • Possible culprits: Outlook add-ins.


  • Problem: Zoom setting stuck at XX% and cannot be changed. Happens after opening an attached Word document from Outlook.
  • Solution:
    • Open Word
    • Choose Tools/Options
    • Select the General tab
    • Uncheck the box beside "Allow starting in Reading Layout."

ATI Video Drivers Incompatible with XP SP3

ATI drivers earlier than version 8.5 are NOT compatible with XP SP3. http://ati.com has the latest drivers, download and install those to fix resolution/color issues after installing SP3.  Full ATI Catalyst driver and additional information also on "Snowleopard\Vol1\Software\Software-Windows\Windows XP\ATI Catalyst Driver for XP".

USB and Keyboard issues on Optiplex GX620

Keyboard/mouse/USB devices may be unresponsive on Optiplex GX620 computers. Possible solutions:

RTVScan error on shutdown

This is a known issue with Symantec AntiVirus -- it basically doesn't shut down properly when the computer is powering off or restarting and gives an error message:

Rtvscan.exe - Application error

The instruction at 0x00427371 referenced memory at 0x0000000 cannot be read

Possible solutions:

  • Update Symantec Antivirus with this patch: SAV 10.1.6100
  • Reboot twice to test, then if the above patch doesn't help, uninstall Symantec AV and install it from http://go.middlebury.edu/antivirus
  • Additional solutions involve adding the Group Policy shutdown scripts to an exclusion list in Symantec or completely disabling these shutdown scripts.

Windows Crashes at Shutdown

Windows gives a series of error messages at shut down ones related to Memory locations, as well as a message about dwwin.exe "dwwin.exe DLL Initialization failed".


There is a program or more than just one that is causing windows to crash at shutdown. The cause of the dwwin.exe error is slightly different. dwwin.exe is a windows reporting tool, and it starts up when your windows starts crashing at shutdown but because windows is shutting down it can not start and hence the error message.


The right way to fix this is to go to you list of programs that start up with windows and uncheck those that appear on the error messages. This can take sometime because you have to restart your computer a couple of time to test if the error messages are gone.

Anothe way to fix this problem which is not exactly the right way is to disable the reporting tool dwwin, you can do that by going to Administrative Tools/Services and disable the “Error Reporting Service”. Also right click My Computer/Properties/Advanced/Error Reporting Put a check at both Disable Error Reporting. And this will disable the message but your windows will still crash!

-Isaac Sadaqah August 21, 2009

Dell computers randomly power themselves on and off

I just did a simple search on google (optiplex 755 power on power off) and one of the first hits was this:

Several suggestions:
* disable wake on lan in bios
* uninstall and reload latest sound max audio driver
* check for connected USB/serial devices - loose/bad cables can cause power surges (which is what makes the computer run the self test)
* uninstall and reload latest NIC drivers

Issue may or may not be specific to 755s.


Network Preference Pane refuses to close

  • Problem: The Network Preference Pane refuses to close displaying the message "Your network settings have been modified by another application".
  • Solution: Visit /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration and MOVE "preferences.plist" to the Desktop. Restart the computer, open System Preferences and create a new location (call it "MIDD" or "Repaired" or whatever). Then click "Apply Now". This will resolve the issue.
  • Side effects: You will lose saved network settings, including saved wireless profiles with their keys.

Known Image Issues

Visit the Known Image Issues article to read about problems that occur on College-owned Macs that have our standard computer image.

Known Software Issues

Symantec AntiVirus for Mac may reboot the computer if it fails to start

Issue: Symantec AntiVirus may reboot a Mac if Symantec fails to start correctly.

Cause: Unknown

Solution: Open Applications => Symantec Solutions => LiveUpdate and update everything.

Office 2008 Installation#Known_issues_with_Office_2008

Some known issues with Office 2008 for Mac: Office 2008 Installation#Known_issues_with_Office_2008

Entourage Known Issues

See: Microsoft_Office

Entourage vs Outlook

Issues with Entourage and features that it lacks in comparison to Outlook: Entourage vs Outlook


Cannot Update Firefox

Various systems may be unable to update Firefox in some cases. See Cannot Update Firefox for solutions.

Firefox 3 and self-signed certificates

There is a known "feature" in Firefox 3 that makes certain secure pages appear scarier when they are using self-signed certificates. The message that appears is "Secure Connection Failed". See the Firefox 3 and self-signed certificates article for a description of the cause for this, as well as appropriate steps to resolve it.

Download error in Firefox
  • Problem: Customer is unable to download files from Firefox. She gets the typical error about the file not being created because she doesn't have permissions to save things in that folder.
  • Solution: Open Safari, change the default download location in Safari to users desktop folder. This should allow Firefox to be fixed as well. Full walk through is here: Firefox Download Error
Firefox Print option grayed out
  • Print option in Firefox (File => Print) is grayed out sometimes after printing. Quitting Firefox waiting a few seconds seems to fix the issue.
  • This appears to be a known issue. The print option is grayed out until the print job is done. If the customer needs to queue up print jobs:
  1. use the Command P shortcut, this will still print normally.
  2. Close the Firefox window and reopen it (this refreshes it)
  3. Customize the toolbar and add the print button to it

Cannot download any files in Safari

Problem: Safari gives you an error message "file cannot be created" when you try to download a file from the internet.

Solution: In Safari click on Safari -> Preferences. Under "Save Downloaded files to...", select other and click on Desktop (or navigate to any desired folder). Close the preferences pane and restart Safari.

Finder crashes when opening USB drives

Cause: Corrupt DS_Store files. Instructions for removing them are here: http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=tn_16831 but here are some modified instructions that are better and safer.

  • Open the Terminal, then type this in (replace NAMEOFUSBDRIVE with the name of the troublesome USB drive):
find /Volumes/NAMEOFUSBDRIVE -name ".DS_Store" -depth -exec rm -V {} \;
  • Press enter/return to execute

Minor Issues