LC Call Numbers with Local Policies

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General Information & Policies

Structure of number

  • First cutter letter is always preceded by a period whether it's in $a or $b. A second cutter letter is not preceded by period (except for certain map numbers in schedule G)
    • Example: $a S6a6.I4 $b V34 1999
  • If there is only one cutter number, it goes in $b
    • Example: $a QA403 $b .K75 2000
  • Generally, do not end a main entry cutter with 1, 2, or 3 because these are reserved for:
    • Translations (.x1X)
      • Example: $a PQ2246 $b .E413 1962 (English translation of French work
    • Supplements, indexes, abridgements (.x2)
      • Example: $a P59.M53 $b F72 1999 (an addendum to a work)
    • Criticism (.x3X)
      • Example: $a PR4034.P73 $b R78 1982([criticism of book with call number PR4034.P7)
  • Work numbers: For certain items, add additional letters after date:
    • a for photocopy b, c, d, etc. for identical book with same date, different publisher
    • p for proof copy
    • z for unknown date (e.g., 1900z if 260 $c [19--?])
  • Dates
    • If item has multiple dates, use first date as call number date
    • Conferences: use date of conference in heading as call number date
    • Classed-together series: use no date in call number
  • Miscellaneous
    • To cutter for a title that begins with numerals expressed as digits (30 years of ..., etc.), use .A12-19 range
    • If altering an 050 LC call number, change tag to 090

Key Cutter Tables

(from Cataloger's Reference Shelf)

Local Policies


  • Class by subject, not in schedule Z (rarely use Z higher than Z1000)
  • If class number includes a cutter, add Z9 plus additional digits for main entry (e.g., DS645.U6 Z965)
  • If class number does not include a cutter, add .A1 and second cutter for main entry (e.g., DS644.A1 K59)
  • PZ : Use only for children's books purchased with Teacher Ed funds. Otherwise, use author's literature number instead.

Materials for which LC classification is not used

  • College archives, Abernethy collection
  • Chinese & Arabic collections: use local class system
  • Islamic law: UseKBL [2 spaces] $b [main entry cutter] [date]