LIS Goals 2008-09

This is a page for storing goals for LIS for 2008-09.


Create divisional faculty advisory groups We are working with academic departments and programs to establish divisional advisory groups to improve communication, coordination of effort, and planning. These will begin meeting in the Fall of 2008.

Lead the re-architecting and re-design of the major Middlebury websites We will work with students, faculty, and staff from across the College to re-do the College's web presence. This will include a new information architecture, a new software platform, and an increased attention to the inclusion of rich media, and of community-building tools. We will begin this work in the Fall of 2008, with a deadline of having a plan in place for the next academic year.

Revise the organizational structure of LIS During the fall of 2008, we will be undertaking a series of activities to examine the organization of LIS, with the intent of re-aligning the major areas of this division to ensure that the organization is structured effectively to support the work that we do. This will include planning for the creation of cross-functional teams.

Create a project directory to improve communication about projects within the organization, and to our constituents

Create a student advisory group

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