LIS New Faculty Orientation

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*Note: Not included at this time: Language Schools; Breadloaf

Areas Involved Outside LIS:

Academic Affairs:

Donna McDurfee, Madeleine Winterfalcon (Fall/Spring faculty), Janis Audet (Winter Term)

Note: Human Resources is not involved.  Only HR mailings are benefits letter & federal documents (W4’s & I9’s). Input of all information on new faculty takes place in Academic Affairs office (Donna McDurfee).


Information on new faculty is entered into Banner by Donna McDurfee (Fall/Spring faculty) or Janis Audet (WT). As information is entered into banner, username and other functions are automatically generated. Once faculty get their username and set up their login, they get access to Library databases, servers, course websites (once their classes are listed in banner, its populated in segue, etc). Access to email begins June 1st for Fall and Spring faculty.  For Winter Term faculty, they get information on their i.d. when they get their course confirmation letter sometime in Mid-Nov. (if there isn't enough enrollment in a WT course, it may get cancelled, so they hold off on their id's until they confirm the class will be held).

List of New Faculty (and updates) is now on a spreadsheet (done by Donna McDurfee) in a shared folder that Mary Backus and Ginnie Bukowski have access to.  Circulation does not need the list (banner info is in Millenium). List of new faculty only needed by Brenda Ellis (sends info to Liaisons to make contact) and Library Reserves (name and email only).

New Faculty Packets (Madeleine W.). Variety of print information is mailed to all new faculty (Fall & Spring) in early June (MW sends reminders in May for content). Includes Schedule; First Things First (has computer equipment/software/id’s info). Mary Backus will review each year for accuracy. In 2010 LIS can send out its early mailings via this one (computer letter, Dean Welcome, Liaisons info, links to info). Telephone services cont. to send their own info later via Midd email.

New Faculty Handbook on web (Madeleine W. updates in July) LIS (Brenda, Mary, Shel, ?) should check relevant sections and send MW updates. Especially see: http://www.middlebury.edu/academics/acadaff/new_faculty/handbook/lis.htm

New Faculty Orientation (Madeleine W.) Scheduled by MW at end of August. One Day session for faculty. LIS orientation (primarily library focus) is included (usually 1.5 hours but scale back to 1 hour). Brenda coordinates this and invites liaisons and Dean to do welcome. Hands on technology sessions are held beforehand (Shel). These are on the faculty's schedule. No separate orientation for Spring faculty (except Shel’s tech sessions).

LIS Role:

Spring: New Faculty Updates. Throughout spring LIS receives emails from Donna on new faculty. Brenda sends list to liaisons. Brenda sends updates just to those liaisons with changes in their areas, then sends final list to all.

May: Madeleine asks LIS to prepare content for faculty packets and verifies schedule for orientation (Brenda) and technology workshops (Shel). Brenda gives advance notice of orientation date to Dean of LIS and liaisons. Madeleine also asks LIS to review the LIS section of the online New Faculty Handbook (between May and July when she updates it).

Early June: Madeleine sends out new faculty packets to fall and spring new faculty, which now include Mary's computer letter (explains their computer and software options), and the Dean's welcome letter (with intro; liaisons identified; and link to LIS page with important links for faculty - continued in new site?).

Mid-June: Reserves Dept. sends email with reserves info to fall and spring new faculty.

Late June/early July: After new faculty packets and reserves info has been sent, Brenda will send email (with final faculty list) to liaisons asking them to contact their fall new faculty to check in with them and offer to help with LIS matters.

End of July/early August:  Reserves sends message to ALL faculty to remind them to start sending in their reserves.

August: Technology workshops for faculty. Shel offers and sets up. On schedule sent in new faculty packet.

Late August: New faculty orientation. Library session is a part of the orientation schedule that faculty receive from Academic Affairs. Brenda reminds LIS Dean and liaisons of date and those who can make it attend. Dean of LIS gives welcome & explains Liaison program; Brenda gives overview of LIS webpage and then liaisons meet with their faculty for questions and to offer tours or try to schedule another time to meet with faculty. Designate 1 person to offer a tour for any faculty who don't have a liaison available.

October: Winter J-Term faculty list sent to LIS (Brenda, Circ, Reserves) by Janis Audet.  Reserves sends reserves info by email to WT instructors.  Computing info: Janis Audet has them fill out a form (Mary reviews) asking what software they need, and these will go to Mary (in the past they went to Shel). Note: We do not supply visiting JTerm faculty with computers.  After reserves email is sent, Brenda sends list of WT instructors to liaisons with reminder to liaisons to contact their faculty. There is no formal LIS orientation - done individually by liaisons if needed.

Early December: Reserves sends their info to Spring Term new faculty. (Spring Term faculty already got new faculty packets from academic affairs in June - same as Fall faculty). Note: Reserves does not usually send an additional all faculty message re: reserves.

Early January:  Liaisons send follow-up message to their Spring new faculty.

January?: Technology workshops offered by Shel.

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