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*Note: Not included at this time: Language Schools; Breadloaf

This page describes internal procedures for Library and ITS staff regarding new faculty.

Role for Areas Outside Library and ITS

Academic Affairs:

D. McDurfee, S. King (Fall/Spring faculty), J. Audet (Winter Term)

Note: Human Resources is not involved.  Only HR mailings are benefits letter & federal documents (W4’s & I9’s). Input of all information on new faculty takes place in Academic Affairs office (D. McDurfee).


Information on new faculty is entered into Banner by D. McDurfee (Fall/Spring faculty) or by Human Resources via J. Audet (WT faculty). When information is entered into Banner, username and other functions are automatically generated. Faculty must then activate their account by logging in with their Middlebury ID and Banner PIN at http://go.middlebury.edu/activate. Once faculty activate their account, they will get a username and password which will provide access to Library databases, servers, the Course Hub, etc. (Once Banner shows the courses, Banner populates the Course Hub.)

Access to email, via username and password (described above), begins June 1st for Fall and Spring faculty.

Winter Term faculty will receive information about their IDs when they receive their course confirmation letter sometime in mid-November. If there isn't enough enrollment in a WT course, it may get cancelled, so IDs aren't issued until courses are confirmed. ID cards and borrowing privileges typically go into effect 30 days prior to faculty start date (early January), but some local instructors may request use of the library earlier than that date. Assuming these people are in Banner, they will load into our circulation system automatically. They will be able to use their IDs issued by Public Safety to borrow materials. If they need to borrow sooner, we can get them set up at the Circulation Desk.

A spreadsheet with selected information on new faculty is stored in a shared folder (orgs - Academic Affairs - xShared documents) that M. Backus, C. Macfarlane, B. Ellis, and G. Bukowski have access to. This spreadsheet is maintained by D. McDurfee. In summer and late fall, Carrie saves and edits copy of this spreadsheet at (orgs - LIS - Liaisons - New faculty) for liaisons to reference when contacting new fall and spring faculty. Circulation does not need the list (Banner info is in Millenium). List of new faculty only needed by C. Macfarlane (who sends info to Liaisons to make contact) and Library Reserves (name and email only).

In addition, a spreadsheet listing new faculty who have started jobs in the past thirty days or who will start in the next ninety days is automatically generated every week (email subject line: "Report of New Hire Faculty"). It is sent to C. Macfarlane, T. Simpkins, M. Backus, P. Fischel, and G. Bukowski. It was created by Julia in ITS and ITS can change the recipients. The newest additions are at the top of the weekly update (see "Jobs Activity Date" column). For the most part, this spreadsheet has proved to be unnecessary for liaisons. Note that it will catch faculty who teach only a couple of courses in a semester, and/or who start working right at the beginning of a semester. For example, faculty who are hired for at least a full year get a start date around July 1, but faculty who teach only a couple of courses get a start date around September 1. The September 1 faculty will not be listed on the middfiles spreadsheet when liaisons write in the summertime.

New Faculty Packets (S. King). Variety of print information is mailed to all new faculty (Fall & Spring) in early June (MW sends reminders in May for content). Includes Schedule; First Things First (has computer equipment/software/ID info). M. Backus will review each year for accuracy. The packet includes a computer letter from M.Backus which asks faculty to contact M.Backus with requests and questions, a welcome from the LIS Dean/s which refers to liaisons and links to relevant web pages). Telephone services continues to send their own info later via Midd email. After the packets are mailed out, Kellam sends an email about reserves. Then, Carrie tells liaisons to write to new faculty and refer to all of the above communications.

New Faculty Handbook on web (S. King updates in July). MW contacts the Dean of LIS office for updates in June. The AD's will review the LIS section and LIS will send updates back to MW.

New Faculty Orientation (S. King) Scheduled by S. King at end of August. One Day session for faculty. Library orientation (primarily library focus with some tech) is included (scaled back to 45 min/1 hour - schedule for an hour, but realistically get about 45 min by the time people arrive, etc.). C. Macfarlane now coordinates this and invites liaisons and Dean to do welcome. Hands on technology sessions are held beforehand (S. Sax). These are on the faculty's schedule. No separate orientation for Spring faculty (except S. Sax’s tech sessions).

Role for Library and ITS

May: S. King asks the Library and ITS to prepare content for faculty packets and verifies schedule for orientation (Macfarlane) and technology workshops (Sax). C. Macfarlane gives advance notice of orientation date to Dean of the Library and liaisons.

Early June: S. King sends out new faculty packets to fall and spring new faculty, which now include ITS computer letter (explains their computer and software options), and the Dean's welcome letter (with intro; liaisons identified; and link to the library page with important links for faculty).

Mid-June: Reserves Dept. sends email with reserves info to fall new faculty.

Late June/early July: After new faculty packets and reserves info has been sent, C. Macfarlane will send email (with final faculty list edited to show most pertinent info) to liaisons asking them to contact their fall new faculty to check in with them and offer to help with library and technology matters. When primary liaisons contact their faculty, they should copy the faculty member's department coordinator.  C. Macfarlane will save copy of final faculty list (edited to show most pertinent info) to middfiles (orgs - LIS -  Liaisons - New faculty). Keep in mind that coursehub/Moodle/classes/email access can't be provided until after account has been activated.

End of July/early August:  Reserves sends message to ALL faculty to remind them to start sending in their reserves.

August: Technology workshops for faculty. S. Sax offers and sets up. On schedule sent in new faculty packet.

Late August: New faculty orientation. Library session is a part of the orientation schedule that faculty receive from Academic Affairs. C. Macfarlane reminds the Library Dean and liaisons of date and those who can make it attend. Dean of the Library gives welcome; C. Macfarlane gives overview of Library webpage and key information. Liaisons follow-up with their faculty for questions and to offer meetings/tours at another time with their faculty.

October: Winter J-Term faculty list sent to the Library (C. Macfarlane, Circ, Reserves) by K. Parent.  Computing info: K. Parent has visiting faculty fill out a form asking what software they need. These forms are sent to Shel Sax who reviews them with Petar Mitrevski. Any problems are resolved with K. Parent. Note: We do not supply visiting JTerm faculty with computers. 

November: After j-term classes have been confirmed through course registration (registration occurs in early November), Reserves sends reserves info by email to WT instructors.  After reserves email is sent, C. Macfarlane sends copy of list of visiting WT instructors to liaisons with request to liaisons to contact their visiting WT faculty. When primary liaisons contact their faculty, they should copy the faculty member's department coordinator.  There is no formal library orientation - this can be done individually by liaisons if needed. C. Macfarlane will save copy of list of visiting WT instructors to middfiles (orgs - LIS - Liaisons - New faculty). According to Human Resources, IDs and associated privileges are effective 30 days prior to WT faculty start date.

Early December: Reserves sends their info to Spring Term new faculty. (Spring Term faculty already got new faculty packets from academic affairs in June - same as Fall faculty). Then, liaisons write to spring term new faculty.

January?: Technology workshops offered by S. Sax.

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