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*Discussed email options for Basecamp—digest only sends summary of newly added to-dos, completed to-dos, newly added milestones, and completed milestones (doesn’t stop you from getting an email every time someone posts a comment
*Discussed email options for Basecamp—digest only sends summary of newly added to-dos, completed to-dos, newly added milestones, and completed milestones (doesn’t stop you from getting an email every time someone posts a comment)
*Elin will be away next Wednesday
*Elin will be away next Wednesday
*Doreen will run the meeting and post the agenda on the Agenda Items Writeboard in Basecamp
*Doreen will run the meeting and post the agenda on the Agenda Items Writeboard in Basecamp

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This is the space that the LIS Website Team will use for documentation and note taking.

Team Charge

  • To create a brand new LIS web presence that has the following characteristics: is easy to find (things,) is easy to use, is easy to maintain, is user centric, has more self-service functionality.

Team Priorities

  • Involve end users: develop & test [Beta test 11/09, Public beta test 12/09, Public launch 1/04/10]
  • Develop LIS staff workflow, content management, protocol procedures & apply to new web presence [Test 11/09, In place 12/09](staff workflow charge clarified Nov 09 - Defining who is authorized to manage/edit the parts of the LIS site. How is content to be reviewed and changed & regular update encouraged?)
  • Assess/evaluate new LIS web presence ( involve end users) [April 2010 & ongoing]
  • Develop “site-refresh” strategies [Aug 2010]

Team Vision

We are creating a web site with intuitive navigation, easy access to services and resources, inviting interfaces, and a workflow that allows simple maintenance.

Planning Stages

  • Define a Compelling Vision What do we want to accomplish? Why? WIIFM (what's in it for...)
  • Define measurements/metrics What does success look like? What metric will define our success?
  • Building Coalition - Creating a Marketing Plan Who do we need to engage early on? We need to engage early for: information and understanding, input, resources (actual and potential)
  • Action Plan to Achieve Key Deliverables Tasks to be accomplished? Who is accountable? Delivery Time?

LIS Website Metrics

Define measurements/metrics

  • What does success look like?
  • What metric will define our success?


  • Reduced support requests
  • Fewer clicks to find information
  • It is clear what is clickable
  • Reduced reliance on other communication systems
    • Fewer group emails
    • Fewer PDF newsletters and print materials
    • Unified documentation
  • More frequent updates of news content
  • Fewer dead links, reduced need to check for dead links
  • Usage analytics analysis
  • Subscription rate for syndicated content (feeds)
  • Do we want to measure how we respond to feedback, for example do we want to set a goal for ourselves that all suggestions will receive responses (even generic) within a certain amount of time? Macfarlane, Carrie Miyoshi
  • Consistent page elements, naming schemes, navigation and directional, elements, paths


  • User satisfaction survey (on-going, periodical) - is just doing a survey enough for us, or are we looking for a certain level of satisfaction in the result? Of course we probably will never achieve 100% satisfaction. Do we want to set a target somehow, one that is linked to the ratings on the survey (eg, at least 50% of users are at least "somewhat satisfied")? Macfarlane, Carrie Miyoshi
  • "Was this page helpful?" "Rate this page" at the bottom of content

Building Coalition - Creating a Marketing Plan

  • Who do we need to engage early on?
  • We need to engage early for: information and understanding, input, resources (actual and potential)

Action Plan to Achieve Key Deliverables

  • Tasks to be accomplished?
  • Who is accountable?
  • Delivery Time?

Project Timeline


June 2009

  • Team Training

July 2009

  • All of July: Team Planning - develop vision, define measurements and metrics, build coalition and create a marketing plan, develop the action plan to achieve key deliverables
  • 7/17 - Web Makeover Kickoff with Department Contact (another session will be scheduled for those unable to attend)
  • 7/20 - Send out LIS staff survey
  • 7/22 - Deadline for LIS staff survey
  • 7/22 - Discuss what stats we want to get (Info Desk, Help Desk, Metrics, etc.). Start getting stats from old site in order to make comparison to new.
  • 7/23 - Design Unveiling White Whale will share their designs for the new site at McCullough Hall, 1pm. 
  • Week of 7/27 - Web Makeover - Project Manager meetings/training
  • 7/30 - Evaluate information architecture and corresponding list of LIS website contacts for current LIS site

August 2009

  • 8/3 - Web Makeover Meetings with Primary Contact and Project Manager
  • 8/5 - Complete gathering MOST input (more will trickle in throughout process)
  • 8/10 - Web Makeover Follow-up meetings with Primary Contact and Project Manager - discuss and respond to WW recommendations for IA/Content
  • Week of 8/17 - Web Makeover - check in - roles and timelines are due
  • 8/17 - Present roles and timelines for LIS at web project managers meeting
  • 8/20 – Proposed recommendations presented to sponsor
  • 8/26- Map out new information architecture
  • 8/27ish - Share new (proposed) IA with sponsor
  • 8/27 - Assign project managers for LIS content, create folder structure for content in middfiles
  • 8/31 - Initial discussion with primary contacts should happen by this date

Sept 2009

  • 9/1 (continuing) - Build non-drupal content as time allows
  • 9/1 - Middlebury finalizes homepage (+ top-tier) designs
  • 9/2 - Work with LIS website contacts to complete Web Makeover Workbooks (and incorporate supplemental sources of input) for LIS website. Set freeze date/s for changes/additions to current LIS site.
  • Week of 9/7 - Web Makeover Start Building Site (Content Build Out)
  • Week of 9/14 - Web Makeover Follow-up meetings with Primary Contact and Project Manager
  • 9/15 - Finalize platform improvement recommendations
  • 9/28 - Web Makeover Check-in with Project Manager
  • 9/28 - Drupal Training for Project Managers

October 2009

  • 10/1 - Design staff workflow for moving content. Get feedback.
  • Week of 10/6 - Web Makeover - completed workbook due
  • 10/6 - Complete LIS web redo workbooks
  • 10/6 - Start LIS content build out
  • 10/11 Deliverable: Test LIS staff work flow and content management, protocol procedures
  • 10/11 - Drupal Training for all CMS users
  • Wiki and blog training for LIS primary content?

November 2009

  • 11/09 - Web Makeover Check-in with Project Manager
  • 11/09 Deliverable: Test in place for LIS staff workflow, content management, protocol procedures & apply to new web presence

December 2009

  • 12/09 Deliverable - Develop LIS staff workflow, content management, protocol procedures & apply to new web presence
  • 12/15 Public beta test - beta launch
  • 12/15 Deadline for adding content to new LIS website


January 2010

  • 1/04 Web Makeover - Middlebury Site Launches
  • 1/8 - Web Makeover Celebration

April 2010

  • 4/10 & ongoing Assess/evaluate new LIS web presence ( involve end users)

August 2010

  • 8/10 Develop “site-refresh” strategies



  • Workflow/Guidelines for use of social media
  1. http://socialmediagovernance.com/policies.php
  • Style Guide from College Communications
  1. Style Guide info
  • Blogs
  1. Docs on posting, an intro, etc., from the Wordpress site
  2. Tutorials and readings on blog use: Anatomy of a blog, some blog history, etc.
  3. Tons of video tutorials!
  4. Subscribing to Wordpress Categories and Feeds via Google Reader: Add /feed to the end of the URL
  • Wikis
  1. Docs on editing and a useful cheat sheet. Tutorial from Wikipedia
  2. Tutorials and readings on wiki use: wiki world (has podcasts), an article from Educause, etc.
  • Readings
  1. How Do You Measure Web Site Success? - If you can ignore the ads, I think you'll find a few good ideas for us to consider Macfarlane, Carrie Miyoshi
  2. http://www.libsuccess.org/index.php?title=Website_Design - geared to library web sites, includes examples & useability tips (it's a wiki just like ours!)
  3. Use of PDF in accessible documents - The rest of the WCAG+Samurai site is a good read too.
  4. Library terms evaluated in usability tests and other studies (Thanks, Mike L.!)
  5. Organizing Your Campus IT Security Website
  6. Usability testing of an academic library Web site: a case study - Brenda Battleson, Austin Booth and Jane Weintrop, The Journal of Academic Librarianship, Volume 27, Issue 3, May 2001, Pages 188-198
  7. Discovering how students search a library Web site: A usability case study - S Augustine, C Greene, College and Research Libraries, 2002.  Main points:  Students don't understand library jargon.  They are more likely to use 'search' than menus.  If they don't find what they want right away, they want to ask someone where it is.
  8. Usability of the academic library Web site: Implications for design - L McGillis, EG Toms,College and Research Libraries, 2001.  Main points: Students don't know where to begin when presented with a series of menus and content categories.  Library jargon is meaningless. Students performed best when faced with menu structures that had sixteen items on the first level and thirty-two items on the second level (as opposed to a menu structure with the majority of items on the first of two levels, or a menu structure with items equally distributed throughout three levels).

  • User needs analysis and assessment tools (pdfs... I know, I know...)
  1. Gathering evidence
  2. Setting up the UNA
  3. UNA methods

  • Books
  1. Don't Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability - Steve Krug
  2. Designing the Digital Experience - David Lee King
  3. Library 2.0: A Guide to Participatory Library Service - M Casey/L Savastinuk
  4. The Academic Library and the Net Gen Student - S Gibbons
  5. Making library Web sites usable: a LITA guide - Lehman, Tom, and Terry Nikkel. 2008.
  6. Web site design with the patron in mind: a step-by-step guide for libraries - Davidsen, Susanna, and Everyl Yankee. 2004.

  • Sites to check out
  1. Colby Library (Colby has set up its Library page using Libguides)
  2. Williams portal
  3. Bowdoin portal
  4. ASU "Most-used resources" example
  5. BYU front page search
  6. Cornell front page search
  7. University of Washington Libraries
  8. Cal State San Marcos Drupal example
  9. U North Carolina
  10. Temple Libraries (old version)
  11. North Carolina State University Libraries
  12. [1] - optimized for mobile
  13. Syracuse University Library (old version)

What do we need on a LIS home page?

  • Systems, Services Availability/Outages
  • Google search of website - all Midd, just LIS
  • Hours for today
  • News / Featured resource or service / New acquisitions
  • Multiple OPTIONS for user to communicate with LIS
  • Exhibits and events in the Libraries
  • Easy access to user documentation for self-service; service during closed periods
  • Space - study rooms, room reservations, classrooms, labs, computing info
  • Calendar of training events, workshops, learning opportunities
  • catalog, reserves, journals, media searches (portal like http://library.williams.edu/ or http://library.bowdoin.edu/ )
  • contact live help
  • search documentation - researching, citing etc.
  • Questions for team to decide:
    • How to get ideas, needs, input from interested LIS staff?
    • Where to get good ideas from other organizations?
      • What do we need on a LIS home page? OR do we want library & tech home pages (with big link to “about LIS” on both)?
    • Overall “look and feel” constraints? - maximum freedom for all contributers.
  • A CMS-based site for the Library, which will contain links to subject guides, reference resources, journals, and digital collections. The Library site will be built as a stand-alone site in Drupal with a new set of design templates that adequately allow for free presentation of this information.
  • An expansion of the current LIS Wiki to include all Help related content. We will migrate the remaining content out of the current CMS, PDF documents, and knowledge base. We will work to integrate links to this information into our help systems. Additionally, we will make authorship of this information available throughout the organization and offer training and support for LIS staff to update the content relevant to their work.
  • Focus intensely on SEARCH: A portal to search all of the collections and databases within LIS. A long-term goal in this area will be federated search, but to begin we will create a unified area where users can view all of the collection offerings and perform basic and advanced searches of them.
  • A place to interact with LIS. This will be achieved through consolidation of the various LIS blogs, feedback forms, request forms, comment submissions and staff directories. The goal is to have a *single* blog for LIS with all staff as authors. This area of our site will also provide an appropriate place to present material on the organization, direction, and policies of LIS.
  • Interactive - LIS presence on social media sites? Monitor LIS in social media spaces?
  • Easy front end acces to communication options - email, phone, in person, blog, microblog, wiki, texting, tagging, commenting, posting etc.
  • Marketing videos of services, resources etc.
  • Mobile display - readable by mobile devices
  • Are there ADA issues we need to consider?
  • LIS - who are we? LIS mission statement - We bring knowledge to you. We help you explore, use and contrubute to it as you engage the world.
  • Easy, quick feedback options to answer "how are we doing?".  Include our responses too.
  • Keep it simple; eliminate clutter
  • No lis lingo, acronyms, etc.
  • Action words -
  • Keep the user at the center of the design and architecture
  • Hyperlinks - underlined; different color and style; changes after clicking
  • Reduce number of clicks needed to get to content - Create pages that you can DO stuff on. Eliminate pages full of long lists.
  • Ensure that pages are kept up-to-date. Include authorship/contact info and date of last revision on each page so that if someone finds info that’s no longer true they can either: 1) try to identify the author and tell them directly, or 2) tell the web team, who will figure out who the author is.
  • Project directory - What are we working on and what have we accomplished to date.
  • "How to" list.  For example, how to reserve a group study, how to find articles, how to create a blog.
  • Shortcuts to most-used library resources (see http://lib.asu.edu/)
  • Search various collections of databases from front page (see http://www.lib.byu.edu/ and http://www.library.cornell.edu/)
  • I'm not sure how this will go over with everyone -- but I'd love to have a logo to "brand" all Midd Library pages and links.  It would make it so much easier to provide continuity from one section to the next.  Logos can say a lot in a small space.  Many other libraries have a logo...

Workflow and Protocol Procedures

  • Develop LIS staff workflow, content management, protocol procedures & apply to new web presence

Training, Workshop and Learning Ideas

  • Multiple options for learning about navigating the site to access LIS resources and services
  • Quick tips with the bare minimum of text - details and long documentation a step away

Primary Contacts Information

See the LIS Primary Contacts Information article.


See the LIS Website Recommendations article.

LIS Website Information Architecture

See the LIS Website Information Architecture article.

All Things LIS One-Blog

CATEGORIES - will start with this set of categories - broad themes to organize posts and give user subscription choices

External Audience

  • Term TBD

Areas and Workgroups - use name of area as the category and use functions of the work area as tags (audience is mostly internal)

  • Academic Consulting Services - research support, instruction, liaison
  • Collection Management - aquire, catalog, preserve, maintain resources
  • Enterprise Technology & Infrastructure - programming, systems, reporting, network
  • LIS Administration - budget, planing, policy, assessment, strategy
  • User Services - technology help and support, borrowing and lending, computing support, computing labs, media and event support


  • Middlebury
  • MIIS
  • Language Schools
  • Schools Abroad
  • Bread Loaf School of English
  • Bread Loaf Writers' Conference
  • MMLA


  • Area Directors
  • Curricular Technology
  • Digitization
  • LIS Website

TAGS - user generated; change frequently; narrows the 

  • Seeded by team Existing LIS dept blog categories - changed to tags
  • Benefits of tags

TIPS AND TOOLS - and guidelines for writers; staff workflows; training

  • Public blog - seen by all; all LIS staff have editor access; all LIS staff contribute regularly
  • Users (external or internal) can choose to follow all or selected categories
  • Existing (or future) group/depts may choose to have private blogs - but the One-Blog will be THE place for easy dissemination of work activity, news and events - to facilitate timeliness, relvancy and transparency of our work and communication within LIS and with our external community; THE place for LIS staff to stay up to date and engaged; THE place for LIS Admin to keep LIS staff informed. THE place for our users to stay up to date with changes to policy and services etc., updates, news, events - whatever they opt to follow. Write regularly
  • Benefits of public blog
  • Who sees my blog
  • When would you want to choose a private blog
  • How to reach the right audience
  • Who is your audience
  • Multiple authors and voices = relevant and regularly followed blog
  • Tag posts with relevant search terms
  • Select at least one category - benefit of selecting a category
  • Blogetiquette
  • Media - images and clips- how to

Wiki Main Pages

New main pages for this wiki (under construction)

Main Page Staff

Main Page LIS Staff

Main Page Faculty (Carrie)

Main Page Students

Main Page Visitors/Guests

Meeting Notes

2009:  June 24

Present:  Elin Waagen, Jess Isler, Ian McBride (time-keeper), Carrie Macfarlane (note-taker), Liz Whitaker-Freitas, Jim Beauchemin, Barbara Merz.

1.  Questions for the team - Jim and Carrie

  • Jim had some questions about roles and communication methods.  He will meet with Doreen to review what he missed on Thurs afternoon and Fri morning
  • Carrie shared what she'd done to get caught up on team training.  She asks that team members tell her when she does something contrary to what the team learned/agreed to during training.

2.  Decide on a platform to facilitate documentation and communication 

  • What will we use this platform for?  Communication within the team and with our users/constituents.
  • What are our options?  Basecamp, Microsoft Project, Groove, MediaWiki, Wordpress, Drupal (not yet)
  • We discussed the merits and drawbacks of the options.
  • We decided by majority:  At least in the beginning, we will use MediaWiki for meeting notes and documentation, and Wordpress for communication among ourselves and with our users/constituents.  We may use email to direct users/constituents (and team members) to Wordpress.  We may use email to communicate within the team about mundane or ephemeral matters like absences at meetings.  We can revisit this decision in the future by adding it to a meeting agenda.

3.  Team Protocols

  • Team protocols that were agreed upon during team training were listed:

a. Meet weekly - adjust frequency as needed if there are no/more agenda items.

b. Set agenda ahead of time

c. Shared responsibility to generate agenda items, agenda facilitated by team leader

d. Agenda items will have specific time and sponsor

e. Time keeper

f. Note taker-- I think this responsibility should rotate alphabetically.  If someone can't take notes when it's his/her turn then that person can ask for a substitute.  <a href="User:Carrie Macfarlane">Macfarlane, Carrie Miyoshi</a> 13:13, 30 June 2009 (UTC)

f1. Meeting time is a valuable resource. Team members will learn to use it wisely. Team members commit to being up to date on blog and wiki postings before each meeting. [Barbara 6/26]

g. Use shared platform for communication and development of documentation

h. Timely (define?) posting of meeting notes

i. Time at end (5-10 min) for discussion or overflow or to set next meeting agenda

j. If unable to attend, responsible for getting caught up

k. Open honest dialogue (with tact)

l. Simple majority rules

m. Agreement - to ensure success (from training)

n. Authentic and candid dialogue

o. Honest - with tact

p. Open to others - come to agreement

q. Make the decision and move on - or fix it and move on

r. Depersonalize and on board

s. Participate, engage, share point of view 1X

t. Focus on and value time over story

u. Informed, fast decisions

v. Confidential

w. Take notes

x. Take responsibility

y. Volunteer, be willing

z. Right to expect candor and openness

aa. Own it

bb. Be present

cc. Be on time (late + good story = on time)

dd. Outlook calendars up to date (for scheduling purposes)

ee.  Meetings will start on time.  Team will wait no longer than 5 minutes for late arrivals. <a href="User:Carrie Macfarlane">Macfarlane, Carrie Miyoshi</a> 13:14, 30 June 2009 (UTC)

3.  Vision Statements

  • Team will meet on Th Aug 25 to develop vision statement

4.  Future agenda items

  • Other potential team protocols were mentioned in conversation as team members arrived at the meeting.  It was suggested that these potential protocols be brought up during the time allotted for discussion of team protocols.  Because we needed to plan for drafting a vision statement, we didn't have time to discuss protocols.  Therefore, perhaps we should plan to discuss team protocols in a future meeting.

Other items on today's agenda for which we didn't have time (we had too many other important issues to resolve!):

  • Define measurements/metrics (10 min)What does success look like?What metric will define our success?
  • Building Coalition - Creating a Marketing Plan (10 min)Who do we need to engage early on?We need to engage early for: information and understanding, input, resources (actual and potential)
  • Action Plan to Achieve Key Deliverables (10 min)Tasks to be accomplished?Who is accountable?Delivery Time?

5.  Action items

  • Jim had some questions about roles and communication methods. He will meet with Doreen to review what he missed on Thurs afternoon and Fri morning
  • Ian will create a blog and a mediawiki page -- done!
  • Liz will create Outlook group for LIS web team
  • We will meet with our sponsor (Jeff) or sponsor-backup (Mary)
  • We will meet elsewhere from time-to-time (Voter East, Music Library, Armstrong Library)

<a href="User:Carrie Macfarlane">Macfarlane, Carrie Miyoshi</a> 19:48, 25 June 2009 (UTC)

2009:  June 25

Present: Barbara, Carrie, Elin, Ian, Jess, Jim, Liz

1. Updates

  • Elin is updating Jeff R./Mary B. on team meeting highlights
  • Elin will create a post for LISt blog about existence of the LIS Website Project Blog.

2. Vision Statement Work

  • Discussion of bringing out common themes or words, creating a tagline (subtitle) for the blog, tags/keywords, discussion of what the statement really should be


  • There’s a Wordle <a href="http://www.wordle.net/gallery/wrdl/967852/web_team">diagram</a> of our team vision statements on the blog; discussed what WORDLE is—what it represents and where it comes from: <a href="http://www.wordle.net/">Wordle</a> "Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text."
  • Discussed scheduling a projector room for future meetings

[back to vision statement discussion]

3. End of meeting discussion

<a href="User:Jessica Isler">Jess Isler</a> 17:13, 25 June 2009 (UTC)

2009: July 1

Present: Barbara, Carrie, Elin, Ian, Jess, Jim, Liz

1) Updates

  • keep Elin & team posted about absences via Outlook calendar, meeting schedule
  • there was a managers meeting on 6/26 at which the manager expectations as produced at the team training were discussed (vigorously). There was pretty good buy-in, with the understanding that things will evolve.
  • Elin met with Jeff & showed him the blog & wiki. Jeff clarified what is our charge & what our deliverables. Suggested we make our vision shorter. Shorter form of vision as above unanimously approved.
  • Ian suggested adding a resources page to this wiki - done, see above.

2) Protocols

After short discussion, updated protocols, as below in wiki were approved.

3) Define measurements/metrics. What does success look like? What metric will define our success?

Started discussion of this topic. Need for definitions of following:

  • scope of project
  • core requirements
  • metrics

Ian listed metrics currently defined by the larger web makeover project.

4) Scope

Started discussion of project scope. See details in this blog above.

5) For next meeting

Note taking duties will rotate alphabetically. Jim's up next!

Barbara learned a valuable lesson in entering these notes - there is a SAVE button at the bottom of the wiki edit screen if only one uses the correct (outer) scroll bar.

2009: July 2

Present:  Liz, Ian, Jim, Barbara, Jess, Elin, Carrie

Scope discussion:

  •      Ian posted a very good list of items on our page the clearly itemizes our areas of focus when it comes to our project scope (see Scope section). 
  •      We discussed the proposed Scope list and we feel at this time that the proper items are listed.

Criteria discussion:

  •      We immediately started to discuss the criteria that will be used:

         -  We will document everything which is internal to our effort on the Wiki; a clear and concise communication plan is needed; 
         -  We agreed to strive for a reduction in PDF and Doc objects which are currently embedded in many areas of the web site.  An exclusion to the reduction 
            of PDF objects would be in the preservation area only.
         -  Reduce or eliminate external links -- Could you explain a little more here?  I don't remember this point, sorry! Macfarlane, Carrie Miyoshi
         -  We must improve the Search engine
         -  Promotion of the 'Blog' for the purpose of discussion and communication; internal as well as external communication.
         -  Propose 1 blog opposed to 20+ blogs - consolidation; need better catogorization of content!  One subscription to 'the' blog and then the user can navigate to desired area(s)
         -  Make the tools and services easy to find and access!!
         -  Promote other tools and utilities - let user choose (appropriate tools only)
         -  Simple, Intuitive, 3 click away interface
         -  Self-Service

Additional notes:

The team expressed questions and concerns regarding the Wiki and its ease of use.  The team agreed that we are now emersing ourselves into the very areas we are charged to
clean-up or re-structure.  We also came to the conclusion that whatever we put forward for a web site that it will be a bahavior change required for all user.  Training and general
prepareness will be very important and that we will need to integrate these things along the way through this restructuring process.  We also spoke about the importance of partnering
with other teams so that we can truly understand the requirements of the new LIS web site.

Next meeting:

  •    Ian will present the results of the Focus Group and survey results in our next meeting
  •    Jim and Barbara will be on vacation for our next meeting

2009: July 8

Present: Elin, Jess, Ian, Carrie, Liz and Doreen

Announcements and Updates:

  • Joe Antonioli will meet tomorrow with the Web Makeover Design/IA group and will pass our progress along. We need to invite Joe to a meeting to find out where the LIS Webpage project fits into the larger Web Makeover project. Robert Keren, Communications and Bryan Carson should also be invited.
  • Elin tweaked the wiki – planning stages are now included
  • Best practices – when to use the wiki and blog. Wiki will be the resting place for documents and the blog will be used for discussion purposes.
  • There is a page limitation for the main wiki page. We should consider removing the minutes from the main page and create additional pages with links to the main page.
  • Including names on the wiki when commenting is useful.
  • Discussion tab- use for discussion
  • Midd-Google login issues – send Ian your Gmail address and Ian will forward over the “DIY Guide to Reviewing and Revising Web Site Navigation and Content” document to review

Focus Group Analysis

  • Who was being surveyed? Mostly combined groups of staff and students and communications. There were not results from actual LIS focus groups. Jeff will send some documentation to the committee from the LIS focus groups.
  • List on wiki things to have on the webpage. Are there any gaps? What do we do about adding tagging as a bullet point? Do we want to come up with our own vocabulary?
  • The focus group survey identified the need for tagging, RSS feed….(Ian, please fill in others)

What do we need on the LIS webpage?

  • Consider: keeping pages up-to-date – figure out how to keep updated, author and date stamp markers. Include “How-to” features and reduce clicks
  • Combine metrics with features on each page? Some can be combined, others need discussion
  • Add service status for service and system outages
  • Add Space, Computing and Conference link

- Update of R25 will give us an opportunity to show a more comprehensive list on our page. Discuss with Bryan about showing room availability.

  • Formalize the rest of the list at next week’s meeting

Develop survey questions – add to tomorrow’s meeting

DIY workbook

  • Feedback and answers

(If you could only reach one particular audience with your website, who would it be?) LIS staff/faculty and students - staff – organizational communications and services - students – 8000 pages connected to the LIS website, mostly related to resource guides, subject guides and journals - students are primary, staff/faculty secondary - Alter the question to read: who are your primary users, not just one.

  • Questions are designed to address much smaller areas than LIS. We can reformat these questions in the survey and re-segment by LIS department
  • Advice on Mary’s questions? Add process for updating their content. How do you know when it needs to be changed? How important will these be 2 months from now? How to track questions they get on content? Is there a way to date stamp info? Does this info reside in additional documents or in other systems?

We need to closely integrate our work with training and help facilitate better and more efficient workflow.

All CMS pages need to be re-written and are not transportable to Drupal.

We need to help people write content for web – writing style training. Writing style should be conversational.

Action Items:

  • Cancel Joe A. for tomorrow’s meeting
  • Jim and Barbara will still be out tomorrow – go ahead with the survey questions
  • Add discussion of timeline and marketing plan to agenda
  • Bring 5 survey questions to the meeting
  • Jess will post assessment summary on blog.

2009: July 9

Present: Carrie, Doreen, Elin, Ian, Jess (notes), Liz

  • Survey for LIS staff

Ian created a key survey prior to meeting with members’ input to date
Link and login for survey is posted privately to blog
Discussion of what we want to get from the survey responses/hashing it all out
We cut it down to 11 questions from 18 or so!
Please look it over, make suggestions for edits, take the survey. Time yourself. Please inform the group of your timing.

  • Target

Send out the survey on Monday 7/13

  • Announcements/updates

Email Elin if you have agenda items for next weeks' meeting, Wednesday, 7/ 15, and Thursday, 7/14

Ian and Jess are out next week

2009: July 15

Present: Liz, Barbara, Jim, Carrie, Doreen (time-keeper), Elin (notes) The Donut Angel visited our meeting today (thanks, Liz!)

Announcements etc. Wiki Edit Summary Notes - Elin requested that as a courtesy to each other we use the summary field when editing wiki pages - if edits can easily be summarized. It helps to know at a quick glance what has been edited when alerted to changes Meeting Notes - clarified alpha order of taking meeting notes - Elin took notes today - Liz is next - our first alpha cycle is nearly complete, thanks to Jess - who has done double duty.

Rotate meeting moderation? Liz asked the group if we could share responsibility for meeting moderation. We decided that team members would moderate specific agenda items.

Finalize survey - reviewed all Q’s and our experiences taking the survey. Time to take survey varied from 5 min to 15 min - depending on familiarity with survey Q’s Barbara will tweak a few settings, and adjust a few formats Then Liz will test the survey with a few Voter colleagues Barbara - can you let us know when the edits are complete - maybe the team could take the survey again? Lots of discussion about Q 6; did not want to edit this Q without feedback from Ian and the results of the Voter test We will finalize the survey and re-evaluate Q6 tomorrow with the goal of sending the survey out on Monday 7/20 We will send the survey out using the master url option and add ability to provide name to survey, giving LIS staff the option to be anon Do we want to send out to LIS student summer employees?

Tomorrow’s Agenda: Finalize survey (15 min - Barbara and Liz) Timeline (30 min - Carrie) (if possible - please review timeline section and timeline discussion on wiki prior to the meeting) Notes: Liz

2009: July 16

Present: Carrie, Doreen, Elin, Jim, Barbara, Liz(notes)

Survey for LIS staff(Moderator: Barbara)

  • Reviewed results from survey prototype test and updated content and questions accordingly.
  • Barbara to make updates to actual survey
  • Liz to request password for LIS Web Team account.
  • Liz to send out survey to LIS Staff on Monday 7/20 from LIS Web Team account. Intro text to be used as email text.
  • Completed surveys due by end of day Wednesday July 22nd

Project Timeline (Moderator: Carrie)

  • Initial discussion of formalizing Project Timeline
  • Questions about how workbook being developed will be used by Web Team
  • Project Timeline discussion to be continued at next meeting
  • Project Timeline Discussion on Wiki

Tasks(before next meeting on 7/22):

2009: July 22

Location: LIB105; next weeks meetings will be in LIB221 Present: Jim, Elin, Liz, Barbara, Ian, Jessica, Carrie

- Discussion to meet with Jeff R. (Sponsor) > Review what we have done so far > Discuss issues people on team are having with time (availability of time) to participate in this effort

- Geneeral discussions: > Barbara - are we producing? Are we moving forward on our mission? > Liz - Are we following guidelines? How can we best stay on track? > Team - should we have longer meetings? More meetings? We voted 'YES' on extending the meeting by creating more time at end of agenda to better wrap-up meeting, discuss new agenda topics, prep. for next meeting.

- Survey update (Barbara/Liz) > Approximately 50 people responded (today being last day people can contribute to the survey) > Managers should send-out a reminder to complete the survey - that it is important to LIS and User Services! > The actual results of this survey will be reviewed at next weeks meeting.

- Make-Over DIY Workbook discussion > Team decided it was best to use this guide as a general guidance document. > Barbara - "We are in a role of being a Project Manager - finding Project Managers - finding primary contacts." "We need representatives that can properly represnt our interests" "We need to start identifying people who will be able to help us." Ian - "We may want to delay [contacting people] our search until we better understand the overall situation."

- Statistics discussion > What data sources can we use to derive useful information for our effort? > Jim - HEAT - Although the incidents coming into the Help Desk are classified in many different ways it may be possible to query the HEAT database to find useful information. Jim will attempt to do this for next weeks meeting. > Team - Information Desk - 3 different sources of information (could Nate Burt help us with this?) > Ian - We have 2 years of Google analytics > Elin - We have 5-6 months of blog information we might be able to sift through somehow... > Ian - Information that could be derived from some of these sources are: 1. What are the top three pages used 2. What are the most common search terms 3. What is the click path to the resources > Carrie - Can we ask Joe Antoneli if he can get us stats? > Elin - The Reference Librarians have (in the past) gathered information through posing questions to customers and recording the answers.

- Site Map > How do we break it down? > Liz - Should we break it down into a test file? Query the text file? > Barbara - Big picture is needed to see what we need to do next... > Carrie - We will need to divide-up the responsibilities for this breakdown > ACTION ITEM: Ian will get Liz a list of everyone who has permissions in current CMS system.

- Timeline discussion: > We continued to review our timeline; adjusting dates and milestones > Finalize design criteria (post survey results) on Aug 5. > Ian - we could breakout content to folder structure which mimics structure today. We can then transfer what makes sense to new templates. > See Timeline for details.

2009: July 23

July 23

Announcements - Elin invited Jeff Rehbach to view the LIS Web Team blog and wiki - Elin will be on vacation beginning Aug 5th (10-14 days)

This meeting was dedicated to discussing and revising the team timeline.

It was noted that as new training dates are announced (contact manager), this dates need to be included in our timeline.

Agenda items for July 29th meeting

- Survey results and other metric analysis (helpdesk stats, media, etc.) - Building coalition (who do we want to connect with) discussion

2009: July 29

Present: Barbara (time), Carrie, Doreen, Elin, Ian, Jess (notes), Jim


  • Liz out; Elin & Carrie out 8/5-8/18 will need to adjust timeline to account for absences
  • Moderators during Elin’s absence: Barbara, Ian and Liz (2) (let us know if you’d rather not, Liz!)
  • We’re now posting agenda items on the Blog instead of via Outlook calendar appointment updates
  • News from web makeover managers’ meeting: Barbara says they’re not being trained yet, but developing a test for the training. The timeline is fluid, the meetings next week will hopefully be focus groups for Drupal platform familiarization and basic content editing how-tos

Building coalition

  • A sense that we are not ready to bring in others until we have buy-in from Sponsor and ADs on our documents
  • Once we have buy-in we’ll need to involve Bryan C., Mike L., Joe A., and Petar for internal LIS action items, and Robert Keren for all staff items, as well as Curricular Tech. group for the training/support of blogging

Survey & Metric analysis

  • General discussion of results
  • Jim will get stats from Nate
  • Carrie has found not much of use from library stats (for our purposes at this point; may prove useful for future tasks), except EZproxy stats = 1/4 users off campus 3/4 on campus for subscription journal use
  • How will we gauge success using surveys & metrics? Possibly send out our LIS staff survey again after new website launched
  • Jess & Barbara will work on a short student employee survey to gather some small bit of data from the student perspective (5 question goal!)
  • FYI: In current IA from White Whale, there is no LIS link from the College homepage, and no LIS link under Academics or Quick Links. Rather, a link to the Library from Academics and a link to the Helpdesk under Quick Links.
  • Ian sent us the White Whale IA proposal (not final; open to revision)
  • Wordpress upgrade likely before start of fall semester: new admin. interface, implications for training, etc.

To Do

  • By meeting tomorrow: Thoroughly read the Recommendations document in preparation; contribute content as needed, especially library section! (Ian will edit document tone for consistency.)
  • Please comment on the new College website design on the web redo blog!
  • Meeting ended 5 minutes early
  • Future agenda item: contacting people who requested contact on survey

2009:  July 30

Present: Jim, Ian, Elin, Barbara, Jess, Carrie (notes). Liz and Doreen are out.


  • The wiki isn't good at handling simultaneous edits. If you edit a page at the same time as someone else, you may lose your edits when you hit 'save.' To avoid this, you may wish to copy your text to Notepad before you hit 'save.'


  • Prior to today's meeting, a few of us made some minor edits to the timeline based on vacation dates and the new student survey.
  • The group looked at the timeline during the meeting and decided the following: a) we're on target for "7/30 - Evaluate information architecture and corresponding list of LIS website contacts for current LIS site" because by "information architecture" we mean top-level IA, and that's what we started to discuss this week (the "recommendations" document). b) We will delete "8/5 - Finalize design criteria" because for our purposes, "design" is synonymous with "information architecture" -- and we're already evaluating the information architecture.


  • Ian mapped out his recommendations on the white board. Jess will transcribe his drawing...somehow!
  • We started to discuss where hard-to-pin-down sections of the current LIS site would reside in this new configuration. Media services would go to the wiki, Segue would be on the LIS landing page and in other places too.
  • We need an LIS website contact for media services. Since Adam Dobucki is leaving, Ethan Murphy might be a good candidate.
  • Mediawiki is not suitable for private internal documentation (eg, passwords). Departments might wish to use middfiles for this type of info.
  • We need an LIS website contact for blogs. Joe A would be a good candidate.
  • Some blog content perhaps wouldn't be interesting to the general public. There are various ways in which we might control which postings are shared on the main LIS blog.
  • Generally, it seems that there are tools to accommodate most if not all concerns that have been raised about the blog.

Next week, the team will discuss LIS website contacts.

2009: August 05

Present: Jim, Ian (notes), Barbara, Jess, Doreen, Liz (moderator).


  • Ian will attend AD meeting tomorrow in place of Elin who is on vacation.
    • One team member would like to let ADs know that some people on the team are having trouble devoting the time they'd like to the team because of other work responsibilities
    • Pointed out that people will contribute to the team in different ways as project progresses
    • Our timeline is very aggressive, but is required to be due to the nature of the project
  • We will devote 10-15 minutes at tomorrow's meeting to go over topics to be discussed in AD meeting
    • Vision
    • Creation of team blog & wiki
    • Scope
    • Timeline
    • Recommendations preview / meeting with Jeff on Aug. 20

Contacts for Site Content Management

  • Start with top-level sites and work down
  • Include everyone who expressed interest in the survey in being contacted
Part of Site Team Contact External Contact
Library Carrie Macfarlane Bryan Carson
Library Portal Barbara Merz Mike Lynch
MediaWiki/Helpdesk Jim Beauchemin Petar Mitrevski
About LIS/Landing Page Doreen Bernier Doreen Bernier*
Blogs Ian McBride Joe Antonioli
Telephone Services Liz Whitaker-Freitas Peggy Fischel
Banner, etc. Documentation Liz Whitaker-Freitas Marcy Smith
Circulation Documentation Elin Waagen Elin Waagen*
Special Collections Jess Isler Andy Wentink
Music Library Jess Isler Dan Frostman
Media Services Jim Beauchemin Adam Dobucki
Help(desk) Jim Beauchemin Jim Beauchemin*
Emergency Doreen Bernier Joseph Watson
Collection Management Barbara Merz Terry Simpkins
Teaching/Learning Ian McBride Curricular Technology Team (Adam Franco)
  • To be determined. Primary Contacts should coordinate to find someone to assist with this. (Essentially, these should not be the same people. Primary external contacts could still be the people we identified, but they would need internal contacts other than themselves. The point being that responsibility for keeping the external contact on track/schedule, objective, and open-minded about the process lies with someone not so close to the content.)

2009: August 06

Present: Ian, Barbara (moderator), Jess (notes), Doreen (time), Liz


  • PM meetings: are all the same, only go to 1 of the 3

Ian's run-through of topics for AD meeting this afternoon:

  • Not discussing vision, since it was already announced
  • Showing Blog & Wiki, encouraging ADs to follow and participate
  • Scope of project overview
  • Timeline overview: sense that we're making good progress; some individual team members feel time-strapped and some difficulty balancing increased responsibilities
  • Mentioning 8/20 meeting with Jeff to formally review and approve recommendations, but also giving a high-level overview of our recommendations as they currently exist
  • Ian will post brief overview following the meeting; will go over more thoroughly in our team meeting next week

Contacts -- how to proceed?

  • We'll want to talk about different systems we'll be using and how best to use them, appropriate content, etc.
  • Dispelling concerns about extra work--much of what needs to happen is what you're already in charge of anyway
  • Instilling the idea that we cannot do the work for you; we'll be moderating, guiding, and recommending, and we will also be supportive--if you need help doing the work we will help you get additional resources/people, but the work ultimately resides with you! And FYI, the MCMS will not be operational after January 4th.
  • May use web redo PM workbooks if desired

Looking ahead:

  • Goal: meet with primary contacts by the end of August (will add to timeline)
  • Send out reminder to student employees to fill out the survey (Friday morning?)

Agenda for Wed 8/12:

  • Liz will moderate meeting
  • Ian will give an overview of the AD meeting and reactions
  • More discussion of meetings with primary contacts/working with them if needed
  • Finalizing recommendations on the wiki; we want buy-in by the meeting!
  • Going over student employee survey feedback

2009: August 12

Present: Ian, Barbara, Jess (notes), Liz (moderator/time), Jim

Curricular Technology Team meeting recap-Ian

  • Went to CT team meeting yesterday and explained 1 link on the LIS landing page for CT, and that CT team decides what happens when people click that link--what it leads to, etc. It can be a work in progress, since the final solution will not be decided by our launch date!
  • Discussed Google Analytics, various options with them, etc.
  • A sense that the process with CT team does not need to be overly formal, but that if they need additional resources, we can help them get some
  • The team has been referred to our wiki and blog to see our docs about our overall approach/what we envision

AD meeting recap-Ian

  • Recap is on blog
  • Further discussion of personnel challenges/need to build in some redundancy in work roles
  • Re: question about tracking system not being in line with our scope: Since it is not yet solved, we will keep it in mind but may fall within scope when it's decided

...This lead to a discussion of forms and a replacement for HEAT system

  • Discussion of disparate forms and tools for forms
  • Limitations of open source forms, Cforms preventing the Wordpress upgrade, some here want to custom build a self service forms creation tool, etc.
  • Helpdesk cares a lot about efficiencies and consistency across their forms
  • Helpdesk is replacing HEAT this year
  • At this point, Jim strongly recommends Helpdesk moving to Parature, which has its own forms tool (Jim will send us all info. on this)
  • Sense that we should bring up this issue in our meeting with Jeff on 8/20
  • Decided that we will add a section in our Recommendations doc discussing the need to solve the problems relating to forms
  • Can we find a tool that encompasses all forms across campus (not just LIS)--public safety, facilities, library, helpdesk, etc.?
  • We will inventory current web forms, solicit feedback on what paper forms could be switched to web forms, and make recommendations for a central place(s) on the web for forms to be organized and accessed
  • Try out the Drupal add-on forms tool (Amherst has been running all their web forms on this for 3 years)
  • We will add a section on soliciting feedback on forms from our primary contacts in our version of the web redo workbooks
  • General discussion of costs and benefits of open source options, in light of budget cuts and staff reductions

LIS student employee survey results

  • Brief overview of results
  • Pretty much concurs with our results from the LIS staff survey
  • See more on the Blog

Tomorrow: Finalizing our Recommendations document in preparation for our meeting with Jeff.

2009: August 13

Present: Liz, Barbara, Ian, Doreen, Jess

Recs Doc editing

  • Going over suggested changes
  • Barbara will add in paragraph on changing the LIS Wiki Main page sections to include gateways for different users
  • Doreen emailing Elin for clarification about her question on workflows, for other input


  • Discussion of whether having PCs internal and external as same person make sense or not; a sense that perhaps these should be different people

August 19 agenda:

  • Team approves Recs doc, prepares for meeting with Jeff R.
  • Possible further discussion of meetings with PCs

2009: August 19

Present: Elin, Carrie, Liz, Barbara, Ian, Jess

Plan for meeting tomorrow with Jeff re: Recommendations.

  • (See aganda on blog)
  • To start with emphasizing certain points: Parature; overall design with wiki, blog, library page etc.; one blog concept
  • Ask Jeff about impact of changes at media services.
  • In considering our design, issue of how LIS will be accessed from the larger college web is important. Carrie to add issue to recs. document.
  • Make sure there's time for Jeff to be clear on what he's taking on to the ADs.
  • Elin to send link to recs to Jeff again in preparation for meeting.

Other - future meeting needs to revisit Team contact / External contact assignments. E.g. AD team could be responsible for "About LIS" content.

2009: August 26

Present: Elin, Carrie, Liz, Barbara, Ian, Jess, Doreen, Jim

Announcements - Discussion

Doreen reported a wish from Mike Roy for the LIS "one blog" concept to be implemented right away and used as the platform for LISt. Some proceedural & technical issues make this timing difficult. Technical: development of blog template functionality; ability to import current blog content. Re:LISt other issues include interest & work flow.

Q. Are we to meet with ADs tomorrow? A. Yes - likely at 2:30pm.
Tomorrow's 11:15am meeting canceled.

Agenda item - "map out new IA" - agreed that the next step in this process is the IA meeting to approve (or not) the high level IA we propose.

Contacts for site make over.
Circ, external contact Kellam Ayres.
LIS landing page, external contact Jeff R.
Media, add Mary Backus as second ext. contact
Helpdesk wiki, Topher ext. contact in practice.

Digital Collections, int. Barbara, ext. Mike Lynch
Armstrong Library, int. Carrie, ext. Todd/Nancy

Note: ask Mike L. as part of above how slide library should be accessed from LIS.

Ian reported that WW thought linking to Subj Guides from academic pages was a good idea & would add such to the suggested IA.

Ian reported that cForms is officially going away. Replacement is the Wordform module in Drupal (drupal.org/project/webform). Form users will need to migrate their own forms - preferably by January but leeway given. In addition, Parature will be used if & when available & custom forms will be programmed on a project basis.
We all need to get lists of forms in current use on the LIS site from our external contacts to combine into a master list.

Drupal training for us likely late September after a suitable template is constructed. Followed by training for external contacts in early October.

2009: September 2

Meeting notes 9/2/09

Present: Liz, Jim, Jess (moderator), Doreen, Carrie, Ian, Elin (notes)

Announcements etc.
Jess and Ian are following up with Joe A to adjust permissions for LIS to access the web makeover folder in middfiles
Elin - will be meeting with Fred and other team leaders on Wed afternoon. Anything to bring to the table? No major concerns noted; small change to protocols (shared team responsibility to moderate meetings), that things are going well, some concerns regarding scope creep/changes to scope
Liz – created a spreadsheet in middfiles that lists the entire LIS website URL’s; the team will review to ensure we identify all pages, and eliminate overlap
Carrie – question about WW/web makeover meeting invites; they are optional; open process to increase involvement and invite comments; round 3 of section landing pages meeting and Amherst profile demo scheduled for today
Carrie – advisory groups? Will add to recommendations doc

Meeting with AD’s
Summary and discussion
We have the green light on our recommendations - great work by the team!
No follow-up required for AD’s not present
Discussed pix issue – all LIS staff pix in directory not part of initial scope; top down instead of team driven; or a reflection of empowering team; hr/legal issues – cannot require; maybe phase 2; wait -impact of org/staffing changes; promote who we are; visual big bang; helpful to users; not included in initial survey; will ask MR to initiate this discussion and post on webteam blog (or LISt?); ask for comments and feedback; make arrangements if resources are needed to implement, one work area already did this easily and quickly on their own; will include or not based on feedback
One blog – some tech/design issues to be worked out but may be able to implement prior to go-live dates; maybe an interim solution/rolling schedule – open permissions, change address of LISt blog, change template (Nov.), tag for internal or external, set up categories
Support for landing page idea and concept that user does not need to know we are merged – sign of a mature merged org
Real-time status of everything - check out laundry.mit.edu for real-time status update model
General support for need for new ticketing platform capable of web forms, tracking, and self-service; Jim will edit Parature section of recommendations to be more generic since no decision has been made regarding platform recommendation
Questions about public v. private blogs, documentation etc. – we recommend encourage but not require
Question about user v. staff documentation
Hope for improved search functionality on LIS pages and catalog
Quick links from college page? Library – info products; collections and resources. Technology – user centric support
Next phase? Promote self-services
Blog post on LISt regarding recommendations – Elin will post by next deadline 9/11; invite LIS comments

Primary contacts stuff
Post questions that come up when meeting with LIS contacts on the wiki contacts page
May need to adjust CMS permissions to allow full access to contacts
OK to start building documentation on the LIS wiki – it will work better with more users
Need tips and tools to help new users; training?
Circ will add borrower documentation to the LIS wiki – not the separate Circ wiki
Dokutek? Link to external platform (Amherst created own eres system in Drupal – evaluate Midd eres in phase 200?)
Wiki Q’s:
Include screenshots? Yes
Photographs etc. from proprietary systems? No
Link to pdf’s instead
Recommend store vendor manuals in middfiles
Use discretion
Goal to decrease use of embedded objects on web and increase direct linkage
May be other solutions in the future for shared docs etc.

Added Drupal training schedule – last week of Sept for PM’s; mid-Oct for all
When could we realistically expect to implement the one blog?
When will we meet with WW – Ian will follow up
Freeze dates for CMS

Thursday agenda proposals
Spreadsheet of over 6,000 URL’s – how to manage existing url content
One LIS blog

2009: September 3

Meeting notes 9/3/09

Present: Liz(notes, Jim, Barbara, Carrie, Ian, Elin (moderator), Jess


  • Ian will inquire with Joe A re: Wiki Training
  • Elin provided summary of meeting with Fred
  • Mike Roy would like to visit with the team. Date and time to be set after his blog posting re: photos
  • Carrie mentioned attending Amherst Profiles presentation. Team members to read Ian's post regarding this at go/ian. Ian indicated that it is not likely that we would implement this.

2009: September 9

LIS Website URLs

  • Went through URLs Inventory Spreadsheet and assigned URLs to Project Managers

Participants: Liz, Jim, Elin, Carrie, Jess, Barbara, Ian

Discussed One Blog

> Discussion of categories was discussed (see Ian's blog)
> Categories/break-outs discussed for Breadloaf
> Carrie - should we have an all LIS category?
> Internal versus external classification (where will things be displayed?)
> example of internal = gate count in Main Library; external example = "suscribe to feeds"
> Important distinction
> Barbara - Discussion insued regarding internal LIS content - who should be reading it?
> Internal may translate to private - is this what we want to send for a message?
> External - "Did you know" category?
> Ian - suggests removing "Internal" completely
> Private blogs should not be in One Blog
> Sensitive information must be protected
> "One Blog" = public information
> Document should be created to talk about use of blog and discuss private issues
> We should create a new section on our Contacts Page for above document - Barbara will create section
> Discussed Home pages - determined by category? Categoroes --> Tagging (Should tag everything)
> Ian - use conversion script to standardize tags
> Carrie - Areas to be categorized? By function?
> Rules for blogging discussed briefly
> Should we have author-based feeds?


- Need function names (categories)
- Breadloaf: School of English and Writers Conference (use sub-categories?) Are there more?
- Eliminate Internal classification
- Use "Did you know" for all public postings (default)

2009: September 16

Present: Liz, Jim, Jess, Carrie, Ian, Elin, Barbara

Met with Tonya Langford from White Whale. Issues discussed:

  • Quick links to LIS content from college homepage and elsewhere - how many? wording?

T. thought several quick links would be appropriate. We should consider immediate needs of constituencies and their knowledge of LIS. Consider also how they'll get to what they need by searching - it won't always be possible to provide links. Searching could be "tuned" to give good answers to oddball searches.** We should come up with a list of recommended quick links **

  • Where other than homepage does LIS appear?

Academics page.

Offices & Services

Constituency based areas for faculty / staff / students.

we should look again to see how we're refered to in these areas. OK?

  • Advice on wiki for documentation, answers to questions.

We discussed the implications of FAQs - would need data collection, entry, search mechanism etc. College wide FAQ database? Wiki and/or FAQs need energy to make work. Conclusion - wherever the answers are, the search mechanism should be on the main site with direct access to the answers. We already have "answers" but access to them is the problem - good tagging necessary.

  • Where to put Music & Armstrong library pages?

They should live "under the library page". Side discussion - library or libraries page? What needs to be on their individual pages - hours, locations, explanation of what they provide. Possibly library page needs short text for external audience - including existance of branches!

  • How to include info on liaisons, advisory groups etc.?

To be included in academic depts' resource pages - subject guides already proposed for inclusion there. Who should maintain info? - liaisons. Carrie to make up sample section(s).

2009: September 17

Present: Barbara, Liz, Jim, Jess, Elin Carrie and Doreen

We held a lengthy discussion on College homepage Quick Links. 2 landing pages named Library and Technology. Should technology be included on a universal “support” page for the college site.

Should telephone services be listed under telephone and offices. We need to review the analytics and discuss further.

Blog vote – Elin has crafted text in the wiki for voting purposes. Terminology choices to make: • Use “function” names instead of area names for categories (ex, Circulation instead of User Serv.) Lower level functions can be listed as tags to assist in searchability

Should we change the name? Should we make it public? Before we vote, we need to be sure of what the catagories are, before going forward.

It was agreed that we move to the blog for continued discussion of terminology.

Possible external names: • Bringing the Knowledge to You • Runed In • Good to Know • Need to Know • Essentials

Jess will create post for voting

Vote: we agreed to proceed with one blog after a new name has been decided.

Next agenda – How to launch the blog.

2009: September 23

Present: Barbara, Carrie, Doreen, Elin, Ian, Jess, Jim

One blog stuff confirmed:

  • The Blog name is Library and Information Services (the link is changed to .../LIS)
  • Blog tagline is Bringing knowledge to you
  • Category default is (star) The Essentials
  • Categories will have parent/child hierarchy
  • Adding a tab in the one blog for How-To do things like subscribe, comment, post, etc.
  • Ian made a list of things he'll do to change LISt blog and will move our blog over
  • Ian is making how-to for others to move their own blogs
  • Should we have formal training right now for people who don't already use blogs for how to post, subscribe & comment?
  • We'll have a formal announcement: saying contact us if you want to learn the above, how to meet with or drop in with a media tutor or have a rep from the team/LIS meet with a workgroup, or pointing to the How-To section of the blog
  • The announcement is going to be a draft blog post, so add and edit it as you see fit (Click save when you edit, NOT publish!)

Quick links:

  • Discussion of 2 vs. 3
  • We voted and decided to have 2 links: Library and Technology support

LIS landing page:

  • Remember, it is one page (i.e. no subpages)
  • Doreen thinks we as a team have a stake in deciding how this page should look/be organized
  • Do we want the blog link or feed on this page to be external? Probably, but we'll decide later
  • Doreen will share progress for LIS landing page thus far

Discussion of work with Primary Contacts:

  • A sense that we should meet to see where there are overlaps
  • A sense that we should have a show and tell of what our PCs have been doing, that they're not "free agents" and we should make sure they're doing what they're supposed to be doing, even though the workbook is optional... (I didn't really understand this part of the discussion so feel free to edit if this isn't correct)
  • More discussion on this tomorrow

2009:  September 24

Present: Barbara, Carrie (notes), Elin, Ian, Jess, Liz

New LIS one-blog has been launched!

  • Thanks to Ian.
  • A few tweaks needed, a few training points noted. Bugs will be reported at chisel.middlebury.edu/pool. As yet, it's not possible to subscribe to a category.  Barbara will add content from FAQS to "How do I..." section.  Ian has asked Alex for links to screencasts and tutorials.  "The Essentials" is the default category but a check-mark doesn't appear beside this category in a new post until the new post has been published.  "Areas and Workgroups" category doesn't automatically assign a post to the categories below it in the hierarchy.  "Feed" links provide URL for feed for just "The Essentials."  Blog authors who wish have their content moved to the new one-blog should be alerted that content like "resources" and calendars will need a new home (won't be migrated).
  • To do:  a) Elin started an announcement in the new blog. Others should contribute. Deadline is end of Friday 9/25. b) Announcement will be posted to blog. Elin will send it out via email too. c) Add content to "How do I..." and "Subscribe" pages.  d) Publicity: Suggest to your workgroups that the topic be discussed. For example, it will be introduced in an all-ETI meeting next Tuesday.
  • If other blog authors want to move their blogs, they can send us a request and Ian will migrate the content. (It's a complicated process.)

Checking in with team about work with primary contacts

  • After Oct 6 (workbook deadline), team members will bring to a team meeting: a) list of content considered "essential" by their primary contact/s, and b) ideas for where else on the LIS site links to their content should appear. Based on this info, the team will create an IA modeled after what White Whale has created for other sections of the College site.

Wiki and blog training for primary contacts

  • info forthcoming. (Ian's meeting with Joe was canceled.)

Freeze date for changing the CMS:

  • December 1, 2009.

Elin will be out next week. Doreen won't be able to attend on Wednesday. Wednesday meeting canceled

  • get out and show someone else how to blog!

2009:  October 1

Present: Barbara, Carrie, Ian (notes), Jess, Doreen

  • NERCOMP conference for Library websites at Amherst

Because of cost, it is probably not efficient to attend as a team.

Who would like to go? Barbara (yes), Jess (perhaps), people outside of the team (perhaps). We should compile a list of people who would like to attend and then find out what budget is available for this event. Doreen will check interest based on people who fill out the travel request form.

  • Drupal Training Sessions

Carrie, Jess, Liz, Elin and Ian attended various sessions.

When will additional training be offered? There will be workshops/worksessions offered each day of the week beginning later in October. The schedule will be sent to the project managers list, which can then be forwarded to people in each area who are interested in attending by the project manager.

  • LIS Landing Page

Hours: these should be entered into Resource25 so that we can build dynamic feeds and calendars to show up on the LIS landing page. Each of the branches could be listed as a location with their hours of availability scheduled through that central calendaring application. Events and room schedules should also be part of this plan.

The landing page shouldn't just be a list of links. There should be headers for each of these sections and then text with links in it. It could end up looking and working something like this: http://www.mahalo.com/vermont

Where should emergency information end up? There should be a link off of the LIS landing page for this information which will be hosted on a remote server to ensure that it can stay up during an emergency. We'll work with Public Safety to get this information updated.

Where should Telephone Services be listed? There will be a link on the Offices & Services page to the telecom site and there should also be a link on the LIS landing page right after the Helpdesk.

Where should Curricular Technology be on the Staff Directory? Rather than listing out workgroups, we'll link directly to the LIS listings in the staff directory. There will be a link to the content generated by the Curricular Technology team on the LIS landing page.

Should also list out the LIS liaisons and advisory groups on the landing page in the contact section along with Helpdesk, Circulation Desk, etc.

Library Disambiguation page: this will only show up if you searched for "Library". All other paths to the library take you directly to the library page on the website. Links to Special Collections, Armstrong and the Music library will be shown on the Library page of the website.

Newsletters and alert postings on the website: these should just be posts on the new LIS blog now, rather than produce these as separate areas.

System status: widget on the LIS landing page, but not something that takes up a lot of space.

Ticket tracking: new version of HEAT up by end of year. Self-service and forms modules to be implemented ongoing into the new year.

We'll need to see what shows up in the dynamic search once the site goes live and then adjust our landing page.

Will there be a specific template for the library? No, it will use the same once we're using for Offices.

  • Permissions on LIS blog

Currently all people are administrators. We looked at roles and privileges. Admins can change themes, install plugins and import content. We voted on whether to leave these permissions in place or change all users to Editors. Voting record:

Doreen: change to Editors Barbara: change to Editors Jess: leave as Admins Jim: change to Editors Ian: leave as Admins Carrie: change to Editors

  • Link checker

This will be submitted to the web programming request field.

  • Analytics

We'll be using Google Analytics to track site usage. Chris Norris will be offering training at a later date.

  • Wiki Workflow

Currently this is being managed by Jim. What does "manage workflow" mean in the context of this project? Is this going to be a document delivered to our site users? Is this in reference to a publishing workflow? This will likely be different for the library, since some of the information will be in subsplus or other systems. We'll discuss content workflow at a future meeting.

2009:  October 7

Present: Barbara, Carrie, Ian, Jess, Doreen, Elin, Jim, Liz

Discussed how to proceed about collection descriptions. Carrie will consult with potential authors of descritions. A collections page is possible.The team is responsible for big picture overview but not details of descriptions.

Carrie reminded us to look over the text she wrote for resource links from Academic Depts. and comment on the blog.

NERCOMP meeting Nov 9th: "Usability in Libraries and Beyond". Funding is available for team members to attend. Barbara, Elin & Jess are possible attendees.

Mike Roy proposes adding review of LIS internal communications to our team charge. We will think about & blog about this before responding to him.

Agenda: workflow
What does it mean in our timeline that we should "Design staff workflow for moving content." Conclusion - we should pull together best practices for dealing with various types of content on the web. E.g. pdf, Word docs, video, audio. Problems in some cases of large numbers of documents. Should they all be part of web or could they be archived some other way?
Some sources for best practices: go/webhelp, Communications office style guide, materials on Segue, Use of PDF in accessible documents in our resources section. Team members to add appropriate links to resources section of wiki.

Actions - team members to pass info about Drupal workshops along to their primary contacts & content editors.

Agenda for Oct 14th. Review progress of LIS in web analysis/design - considering essaential site features & IA.

2009:  October 14

Present; Doreen, Jim, Ian, Barbara (moderating), Liz, Jess, Carrie, Elin (notes)

Feel free to edit/elaborate/clarify!

Announcements: Barbara, Jess and Elin attending NERCOMP Nov 9th: "Usability in Libraries and Beyond"

Remember to use shared folder in middfiles for easy access/sharing with team members and contacts (we merged 2 folders)

Reviewed IA word doc - basically OK - need to make a few edits/tweaks

Landing page - Drupal see previous discussion/meeting notes above

LIS wiki - move documentation from CMS

LIS blog - done! (in beta)

Library site - lots of questions - what to do about collections; overlap issues; how do we proceed? Do we need sub meetings? How-to guides?

Need to review IA to identify overlap and gaps; avoid duplication and maintaining content in more than one place

Build a beautiful skeleton, with some flesh - that we can build on after the go live dates

Keep user at forefront

Web team can determine IA as it pertains to the LIS website

Jim reviewed buckets organized around concept of How do I; I have a problem; I have a request

Limit to 8 sub pages (8 links on left hand navigation)

Offices and Servcies template will be similar to academic, but with distinctive features

We should recommend features - what we do/do not want - to Joe A

Sub level sites will have their own navigation

Hours will be dynamically generated to our landing page

Look at: midd2.middlebury.edu/offices/technology

Ian has set up permissions for the team

Create a FAQ data base? Aggregate content across site?

Questions about duplication of effort and content

Workflow for content; identify existing content to avoid duplication (search; contact primary content provider)

Preference is to NOT upload exisiting PDF's into wiki, but could be workable temporary solution to time/skill contraint

Agenda 10/15 - more IA

2009:  October 15

Present: Doreen, Jim, Barbara, Jess (moderating), Carrie, Elin, Liz(notes)

Feel free to edit/elaborate/clarify!


  • Jim: Linda K. developed a project plan for migrating all helpdesk documentation to wiki
  • Elin: Mike R. asked when do we plan to add email subscription option? Elin to check with Ian on installing plugin.
  • Jess: Published How do I on LIS blog. To update it to include information on posting guidelines (privacy)

Library IA Outline (Carrie)

  • Review of 1st level IA for Library site
  • Carrie will publish IA on blog for discussion
  • Usability testing will happen and IA may be revised as necessary

Curricular Technology

  • IA document can be found here: \\middlebury.edu\middfiles\orgs\WebMakeover\LIS\Curricular%20%Technology

Library Portal (Barbara)

  • Review of 1st level IA

Digital Resources (Barbara)

  • Review of 1st level IA

Collection Management (Barbara)

  • Where will they live? About?

IA discussion to be continued…

2009: October 21

Present: Jim, Barbara, Jess, Carrie (notes), Elin, Liz, Ian

IA for library page

  • due next week. Include names and associated privileges.
  • IA for subpages of library page tbd but content creators
  • Is college directory enough? Do we need to create departmental directories too?
  • Feedback: Put Hours in sidebar, not subpage.

Photos in new web site

  • Where will they be stored? Drupal has a resource manager
  • Ian sent message to project managers with middfiles location of images in current CMS resource manager
  • Staff can take own photos.  Must be less than 10 mb. Drupal will resize automatically and provide choices for display.
  • Pam in Communications is sorting through College photos. We might be able to use some of those, too.

Tech Support page

  • Will be in Drupal, with links to tech support content in wiki etc.
  • LIS landing page will link to the Drupal page
  • Will probably have a smaller "footprint" because of "Search"

Chart on Recommendations page should be revised to show that some sections will have transitional page (eg, Tech Support link won't go straight to wiki; it'll first go to a Drupal page)

Wiki will eventually get a "skin" or "template" so that it matches the rest of the Midd site

Collection Management page

  • Barbara will talk with CM about internal vs external content


  • Alex is making changes to the template
  • White Whale will give us a template
  • LIS landing page will link to it and contain a feed too

Telephone Services

  • Will have Drupal landing page with links to content that lives elsewhere including wiki
  • LIS landing page will link to Drupal landing page

Circulation Services

  • LIS wiki now has borrowing info
  • LIS landing page and library page both will link to a Drupal landing page
  • The current Circ wiki is primarily for internal use. It will remain separate from the LIS wiki for now, but might be merged eventually.
  • Ian suggested a Circ landing page that directs people to the wikis and other circ pages. Alternatively, search queries could be set to go to circ's Drupal landing page.

Special Collections

  • Drupal page with content and links. Some content will feed to Collections page.
  • Library Collections should link to the SC page
  • Resources sections of relevant Academic Depts should link to the SC page.

College Archives

  • Drupal page with content and links. Some content will feed to Collections page.
  • Offices & Services—Alumni page should link to the CA page
  • Administration page should link to the CA page
  • Advancement page should link to the CA page
  • Resources sections of relevant Academic Depts should link to the CA page
  • “Made by Midd” and “Library Collections” pages should link to the CA page

2009: October 22

Present: Jim, Barbara, Jess, Carrie, Elin, Liz, Ian

AI Discussion continued

Jess/Carrie/Barbara - Meet with Collection Management for further discussions

> Workbook and Pages will need to sync-up > Further structure discussions needed

Elin - Digital feed on recently acquired aquisitions to the Library should be on the Library Page.

> Carrie - should news item from the News Area be present in feed form on Lib Page as well? > Ian - Might be problematic to pull News feed into Lib Page from Middcat (should go on wish list)

Team - There will be Wiki training workshops for staff in November - Carrie made mention that there were a few edits by Topher on the Music Library site. Jim to update Topher on the big picture. - Digital Media Tutors will make house calls to assist with Wiki and other related media technologies - Two work sessions which are on-going for Drupal training (Joe A.). These training sessions will continue through November and December. - Review AI content posted in site folders on MIDDFILES

Carrie - Suggested merging News Letter into LIS Blog; also merge "Did you know" content - discussion insued; tabled for now.

Elin/Team - Brief discussion on "driving directions" - where to post thaat content? About section? Central Map section? - Printing support - there is overlap - where to post support content - how to consolidate? - Visiting people to the Library - should we have a seperate place on web for these folks? Jess mentioned an Intro Page of sorts for this purpose.

Next Week's Agenda:

- Contrinue Workflow discussions - Discuss protocols - Discuss when a good time to connect with AD's and Sponsor for updates.

2009: October 28

Present: Jim, Barbara, Jess, Carrie, Doreen, Liz, Ian

Announcement - we will meet with Jeff R. next Wednesday, Nov 4th.

1) IA continued

In preparation for meeting next week, we looked over the AI materials we have on the wiki and identified items that should be added:

  • Help desk IA - Jim
  • LIS landing page - Doreen
  • List of identified cross-LIS content – e.g. LIS Links for Faculty, loaner equipment, request for film screening. Plus rules for ownership of same. - Barbara
  • LIS WIKI section - Jess

2) LIS WIKI some details

WIKI landing page to have links to audience specific subpages: faculty, staff, students, LIS staff, visitors. Ian has already put together an example of the Staff audience wiki page which gives us a good template to work with for the other pages: https://mediawiki.middlebury.edu/wiki/LIS/Main_Page_Staff

Category pages will be created:

  • General staff - Ian
  • Faculty - Carrie
  • LIS staff - Jess
  • Students, visitors - Elin

3) Blog discussion.

Blog features have already been added; e-mail plug-in, improved style. Decision has been made not to advertise or encourage private posts.

Should "*The Essentials" remain the defauly category? Should it exist at all or be renamed? Discussion to continue on LIS blog itself: http://blogs.middlebury.edu/lis/2009/10/28/blog-categories/

2009: October 29

Present: Barbara, Jess, Carrie, Doreen, Liz, Ian, Elin

Announcements: Jeff Rehbach will come to next week’s meeting to discuss IA

Computer/printer alerts: We have no solution for adding computer availability and printer status as an alert at the present time. We will investigate and perhaps include this feature in a future phase of the webpage development. Currently tech alerts are setup for only web-based products. Elin will discuss with Jim and Brian

Permissions and workflow for LIS content:

Cross departmental on IA document. Review IA document, discuss and make a recommendation for what platform to choose.

Add permission to pages and let people know

Where should the recommendations be placed? Add recommendations to the guideline page for type of content (video, Word doc., audio, PDF, etc.) Create a page of guidelines for each. Jess will create pages and add content types. Everyone should contribute whey they know to this document.

Develop technology uses and fill in our recommendations with links to content

Pull content from the Curricular Technology IA document

What is needed by 11/9? Is this being addressed by training? Clarify with Jeff We need to consolidate in one place, everything from our wiki page that is related to this deliverable. Elin will create preliminary response document on the wiki (i.e., style guides, blog permissions, best practices for video, audio, etc.) Whoever manages content in Subject Plus will need to access this document. Next week’s meeting with Jeff: Elin to remind Jeff of the link to the IA on the wiki. Carrie to update library IA.

Agenda items for the next meeting:

Essentials status – vote Lab/printer status (ask Jeff if we need to meet with ADs soon)

2009: November 4

Present: Doreen, Barbara, Carrie, Liz, Jess, Elin, Ian

  • Cancel Wed. before Thanskgiving meeting due to absences
  • Jeff will probably come to our meeting tomorrow
  • Checkin--are there any concerns about team cohesion? No
  • We need clarification on the workflow charge from Jeff
  • Doreen's LIS SEARCH landing page image on the IA Doc (see prior meeting minutes for more on this, including an example of how a search landing page can look)
    • Doreen can be a primary contact for updating hours in R25 (with others as needed)
    • Elin had questions about duplicating content re: spaces
    • Discussion about tech gadgets: where should it be, what it actually means and encompasses, tabled for future discussion
    • About on Blog page will become not "About the blog" but rather "About LIS" and including org chart stuff, mission statement, et al... (this is because there are no subpages from the LIS Search Landing Page on which to put this content)
    • Change the News/Events Feed and Blog feeds to be 3 sections: Blog feed | Events/R25 | Search results
  • What are we asking Jeff tomorrow?
    • Does he have questions about the IA Doc?
    • Clarification on the workflow charge
    • Do we need to check in with the ADs?
  • Blog questions:
    • Ian's meeting with WW on Friday and will make sure their design can support Alex's Shadowbox theme and the widgets we currently use
    • Categories can have tags listed underneath (requested addition of this functionality)
    • Clarification that yes, you can subscribe to tags. Go to the tag page and append "/feed"
    • More discussion about the blog on the blog...

2009: November 5

Present: Jim, Barbara, Carrie, Liz, Jess, Elin, Ian, Jeff

Q. From team: What does the "workflow" task in our charge mean? A. Jeff - Defining who is authorized to manage/edit the parts of the LIS site. How is content to be reviewed and changed & regular update encouraged?

Points of discussion:

List of tools (CT list) - this is more generally useful than just for faculty. Where could it be accessed? - Add to wiki.

IA - redundancy of content? No - access to shared content from multiple locations.

LIS page - adjustments - add search results, have fewer separate feeds areas.

Do we need library disambiguation page? Or - do we send that search to the LIS page? Or add links on the library page to CTLR? Or leave until testing is possible (phase 2)?

Provision of a branding object for LIS?

All pages + blog + Wiki need to link back to LIS page. Will this be in the left navigation panel?

Where should policies go? Wiki - with links from the faculty wiki start page.

Where should "About LIS" go? Blog - inculding vision, org chart etc.

To do:

Blog entry pointing to IA on wiki (done)

Add emphasis that LIS landing page is a single page. (done)

Jeff - encourage ADs to examine IA and respond quickly with any concerns. Team can make presentation to ADs as requested. No feedback = mandate to press ahead with build out.

2009: November 11

Wed 11/11 Meeting Notes Present: Carrie, Jess, Ian, Jim, Barbara (moderating), Doreen, Elin (notes)

  • Announcements:

Congratulations to Liz and family on the birth of Mariana Luz :-)

Summary of NERCOMP Usability conference - see LIS blog for Jess' fabulous and articulate write-up; with links to presentations

Brief report from Ian on WW meetings. Blogs - in addition to themes there may be sets of genres with 2-3 themes to simplify design interface; default colors/text interface. Search - going forward with w/current strategy. Recent presentation by WW available on Makeover blog

Alex -will join us at next Wed meeting

Jim will be out all next week

Ian will be out next Thurs

  • Demo of Office Theme by Ian - links to new design now avaialble on Midd2; OK to use carousel and juicebar
  • Staff and dept profiles -include dept contact info at top to encourage customer contacting dept/workgroup for help, not individuals (who may be out that day) for better customer service/response to user needs and tracking of requests; team oversight?; some standardization across LIS?; let's not turn the new system into the old; indiv dept choice?; who maintains?; what about cross-dept stuff; what is best for the user point of view?; guidance for user to know who to contact for what
  • About LIS - on blog
  • System alerts - identify list of systems to monitor  - underway with Systems, Lynch, Norris etc.
  • Planned downtimes - post on blog? Ian will talk with Jeff
  • Find a PC - underway (update post-meeting - there may be some privacy issues with this functionality)
  • Rooms, Carrels, lockers, labs... - work in progress with sub-groups
  • Usability - next phase...(NYPL using interesting on-going web-based usability system - Infomaki - open-source (in very early development)
  • Color - no interest in being the color police; College pages - will not dictate color despite WW recommendations; WW color schemes all have high standard of usability; same color scheme can help guide user through our pages
  • LIS Suggestions - what/where?
  • Landing page and Library page intersects - Doreen and Carrie will connect

Thursday meeting canceled

Next week - Alex, Mike/AD's; banner - unifying element; LIS suggestions; system downtime widgets

2009: November 18

In attendance: Elin, Barbara, Doreen, Jess, Carrie, Ian Notes: Ian Timekeeper: Barbara

December 3 meeting to be from 10-11:30 AM with Sheila and Fred to review team progress. We will try to schedule LIB 145 for this, but the location is TBD at this time. LIB 221 likely won't fit all attendees.

Presentation this afternoon: pass out card and ask these questions

  1. Who is your user?
  2. What have we missed?

While people fill out the cards we will give a quick presentation on

  • Landing page
  • Library page
  • Tech pages

with questions after, time permitting

Future agenda item: the LIS banner image for sites. What is possible? What should this be?

Meeting with Mike Roy and Jeff Rehbach

  • We should get all the AD feeback and AD questions resolved now so that work on the site can be completed without interruption
  • Do we have the resources we need for this?
  • LIS website 'sets the stage' for future web work and communications
  • Do people understand the top level information architecture / separate Library and Tech sites.

Feedback from librarians: people want to know where particular items are in the new site, but are not questioning the overall LIS site IA


  • We want to collect feedback on item names, detailed item placement, etc. in IA
  • We will conduct usability tests based on 'how would you find this particular resource'
  • We might use the usability testing software shown at the usability conference attended by team members
  • We might set up a form to collect task suggestions from our community
  • When would this testing occur? There are no students here in December, we want to have a well-formed site on which to conduct tests, and we want to collect information from an outside perspective.
  • We will likely want to do useability testing after the hard launch of the site.
  • We will collect direct feedback from LIS staff at the presentation this afternoon.

What help do you need?

  • Tech site
    • Difficult to allocate staff time for this section
    • Platforms for information have been defined by Jim and Mary
    • Site information architecture has been defined by Jim and Mary
    • Need to port content from current site
    • Recommending that we discontinue use of PDFs in the future, but acknowledging that using existing content is realistic for site launch

Information Architecture suggestions

  • LIS home page: should we change Library Help to Library Resources?
  • Dynamic search results: these will display popular pages from a search engine
  • LIS blog feed to LIS home page: should we filter what is displayed here? How?
  • Should we move Reporting the the Tech Help section?
  • About LIS: is the blog too informal for this content? How do we best represent this content?
  • LIS home page: do we need subpages? What content would go on these pages?
  • Staff and department profiles
    • Do we need a set for LIS Administration? Where should these go?
    • Are we handling other profiles correctly?
  • Should we link to 'About LIS' directly from the LIS home page

Meeting with Alex about ShadowBox theme

LIS blog is the biggest blog using this theme

Alex likes the use of the seal in the O+S design, so it is used as the background. Also borrowed MiddTag styles and used for both tags and categories. Dotted underlines and highlights used for link styles.

Links to related sites in the top bar

Added RSS feeds to the bottom bar with hover previews of the RSS item

Custom author pages for blog authors

Related tags and categories on those pages. We want to emulate how delicious manages tagging. Ian will forward Alex some code for tags within categories.

Meta links: related services to be displayed at top and bottom.

Gray text on sidebar header and comments to automatically adjust to contrasting colors

Should we use ShadowBox for theme designs from White Whale? These can be applied across multiple systems. We probably need to remove the branding elements at the direction of College Communications.

2009: November 19

In attendance: Elin, Barbara, Doreen, Jess, Carrie Notes: Jess

  • Review and discussion of feedback from staff meeting
  • Major points and responses, if we had them (NOT an exhaustive list):
Policies (link to College handbook; departmental policies live on dept. pages)
Staff directory (link to LIS listings)
Computers (Addressed) / Printers (Addressed)
"Ask a Tech/Techie" (Good idea! Follow-up with Jim)
Databases name change (Agreed--work in progress)
LIS for staff? (LIS resources for staff? There's a Wiki page for it)
Maps for Depts. (Depts. can include Google map link in address, bottom left-hand corner of their pages)
Blog front page ("front page" category?--this is an ongoing discussion!)
Video lectures/digital lecture archives (Yes--in Made by Midd section)
LIS in QuickLinks (Sorry, but we voted no on this; just Lib. and Tech., both have links to LIS search landing page)
Lib purchases vs. tech. purchases
Computing missing from Technology
Teaching and Learning name change (Since Lib. and Tech. are also tabs, it'll be clear to users what Teaching and Learning is NOT)
Communications Dept. style guides: i.e. phone numbers 802.XXX.XXXX instead of (802) XXX-XXXX (Great point;
Departments should follow style guides wherever possible)
LIS for Faculty add Digital Media Tutors (Will do)
Reserve links from Faculty pages
  • We will clarify in the IA Doc that the Directory link from the LIS search landing page is to the LIS directory listing not the whole directory (apparently this wasn't clear)
  • Make sure profiles are shared cross-departmentally
  • We voted to create 1 subpage off of the LIS search landing page: About LIS (We'll add this to the IA doc).
  • About LIS page contains:
      • slightly more fleshed-out description of LIS, probably including mission and values statements
      • Administrative profiles (ONLY profiles for truly cross-LIS Administrative staff will go here, other profiles for staff go on departmental profile pages if they so desire!)
      • Another link to the LIS-focused directory listing
      • Annual reports

Item for next meeting:

  • Vote on whether or not to add 1 more subpage from the LIS Search landing page: LIS liaison profiles

2009: December 3

Present:  Ian, Jess, Jim, Barbara, Liz, Elin, Carrie (notes)

  • How to monitor comments on all-LIS blog: For now, the committee will review comments waiting for approval informally. If that doesn’t work then we’ll consider appointing one or two people. Team:  If you log in and see comments waiting, please approve.
  • LIS landing page subpage for liaisons: We vote yes on including a liaison subpage.
  • LIS landing page: Change name of "Teaching and Learning" tab to “Curricular Technology”
  • Add links to LIS blogs to all-LIS blog: We decided to add links to active blogs, eg, Circ blog. Could also include instructions on how to find other LIS blogs.
  • Merge "Faculty Main Page" with "Staff Main Page" on wiki: Yes, go for it.
  • Middlebury College Libraries vs Middlebury Libraries: Table this decision for now.
  • Can individual posts in all-LIS blog display a search box? Elin will ask Alex.
  • Will links we enter in Drupal break when we go live? We should enter the links as relative links, eg,  /academics/lib/whatever. Web services will try to do search and replace for midd2 URLs but some links might be missed. "Go" links will be updated and should be fine.
  • Feedback from all-LIS meeting: Everyone should review the feedback on the wiki in the meeting notes from Nov 19. If there are topics to discuss, propose them as agenda items.  Regarding the suggestion that we include a button/link called "Ask a Tech/Techie"  – Jim will consider this. Concern that inconsistent terminology will cause confusion.
  • Banner for LIS pages: It will have text over an image. Communications will decide on the image; we can give input. It will say “Library and Information Services.” Ian will ask Pam and Tim for this.
  • Web team assessment: Date and time change is okay. 12/17, 9:30-12.
  • New timeline: Do we need to adjust our timeline? Deadline is extended but no other dates are influenced.

Usability testing: Ian will be working with Mary, Mike and Ben to create a usability framework. We should submit tasks for the testing. Copied from web redo blog:

We have created another simple form, where you would chose the constituent (or add one) and write a task that a visitor would need to complete. We’ll gather these and incorporate them into the user testing. 

  • Goals: We will work toward the 3 items from our charge.
  • Cancel 12/23 meeting

2009: December 10

Present:  Ian, Jess, Jim, Barbara, Liz, Elin, Carrie, Doreen


Ian: take a look at go/draftblog (can subsitute 02 - 06 for the default 01 in the URL) to see progress by Alex on the blog features.

Jess: should new categories being added to LIS blog be converted by us to tags? Decision - yes. Advice to that effect to be added to instructions on the blog.

Elin: handed out draft of the "Goal Setting Process - Web Tea" document. Team members to comment by 5pm Friday 11th.


1. Banner images for LIS site. After some discussion, we decided that we wanted to use different images for each of the major areas of the LIS site and assigned the banner images to the sites as follows:

    1. 1: Helpdesk, Administrative Systems (i.e. Banner, Hyperion) documentation, and Telephone Services (reflection of Old Chapel)
      #2: Library (looking in - reading room)
      #3: LIS Home Page (wall, sky, window)
      #4: Curricular Technology (birds-eye view - main library atrium)

Images can be changed later - different images created etc.

2. Content build. There needs to be a static library & helpdesk hours page. Elin will ask Dan for help in creation of a page for this, with links from several places.

3. Forms. Currently on a hidden page for ease of displaying all forms together. Alternative - each could have own page and be shared.

4. Need for WIKI workshop. Currently only Joe could provide this on short notice. Ian will follow up on some way to get a workshop at least for LIS staff who need it.

5. List of systems being monitored. Liz is expecting this info from Chris. Also, how to communicate planned down times to the community? Blog? Ian will enquire of Jeff, Rick.

2010: January 6th

Present:  Ian, Jess, Jim, Barbara, Liz, Elin, Carrie, Doreen


Ian: IE6 & IE7 stylesheets are up for the website.

Elin: met with managers - LIS communication under discussion. Blog generally approved of for internal communication but still issues of buy-in. Team members - e-mail Elin with comments to share with managers re: communication.


1. Progress on web build. Generally good progress with much effort ongoing.

Actions for group - push web editors to reduce long text secions & follow guidelines. Submit questions for useability testing at http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?hl=en&formkey=dEZ5Nk8wbEZrYWt3T0xUaUdqQzF0MlE6MA

Usability study to be scheduled.

2. WIKI training - send names to Ian by 1/8. Joe will arrange training session if sufficient interest.

3. Basecamp. Decided to test use of this tool. Not retrospective but for end of phase I and continuing into phase II of this team. Use for to-do, agenda items, agenda planning. Look at writeboard as equivalent to Google docs. Note from Ian - if used for sending a message, need to check off subscribers for the message at the bottom - or no-one gets the message!

Elin will use Basecamp to share materials related to our recent assessment.

Barbara will start on task list - all should add to it.

4. As we go forward - team members to scan site (web, wiki) each week for progress, issues. Report tech issues to go/webtasks

Decide on wiki next steps - when to replace front page, set up links for user categories.

Jess will add search function to single blog postings.

2010: January 13

Present: Barbara, Carrie, Doreen, Elin (moderator, time), Ian, Jess (notes)


  • Discussed email options for Basecamp—digest only sends summary of newly added to-dos, completed to-dos, newly added milestones, and completed milestones (doesn’t stop you from getting an email every time someone posts a comment)
  • Elin will be away next Wednesday
  • Doreen will run the meeting and post the agenda on the Agenda Items Writeboard in Basecamp


  • How can we make our profiles look like business cards?
    • After creating subpages for all profiles and adding profiles to the subpages, navigate to the page where the profiles will appear. Create a basic content node. In the body, enter “[view:Profiles==MMID]” where MMID is the Monster Menus ID aka, the number in parentheses at the top left of the edit console. Save. Business cards appear. Yippee (Thanks, Ian!)
  • Carrie will add a redirect on the Offices & Services Academics LIS page to the LIS landing page (http://midd2.middlebury.edu/offices/academic/lis)
  • Doreen asked about having the 3 quick link tabs at the top right of the banner appear on the 3 major subsections of the LIS sites: Library, Technology & Curricular Tech. As of this writing, it had been implemented for the Library site and Ian will touch base with CT to ask if they want the option added to their site.
  • A general middlebury.edu web makeover status meeting happens this afternoon. Ian will share with us any relevant feedback. Mary started outlining a plan for usability testing but is out of the office.
  • Where are the major gaps? Around the table: search portal, database list from subsplus, hours/calendar, r25, room reservations (scheduled for 2/1), media services (Barbara and Jess will contact Jim to see if we can assist with this part of the site)
  • Wiki training: Ian forwarded Joe A. the list of interested parties
  • Wiki main page transformation: Carrie will solicit additional content recommendations for the main audience-specific wiki pages, to be submitted by next Wednesday 1/20. We’ll review and assess Wiki main page readiness at our 1/20 meeting.
  • Deleting a wiki page: delete all content on the page, and add “blanked for deletion” and Wiki administrator will delete it
  • Scheduled system downtimes: Mary and Jeff signed off on sharing these via the Blog. Of course, these will not include explanation of WHY a system is down, but rather Which systems will be down. This is an accompaniment to email notifications, not a substitute.
  • Team agreed to Ian creating a new main category for Scheduled downtimes, with several subcategories for specific system names (i.e. Banner, Library databases, et al.) Ian mentioned the need to discuss Banner downtimes again with Marcy
  • Carrie and Bryan will follow-up with Chris N. on getting the library database outages posted somewhere
  • Team will use the Agenda Items Writeboard to post specific agendas (future agenda items will be at the bottom of the board).
  • Creating a Writeboard to record likes and dislikes about Basecamp as a project management tool so please weigh in with your comments there.

Agenda for next week:

  • Status of usability testing, Assess readiness of wiki main pages for changeover to main page by audience (check Basecamp Agenda writeboard for most current version!)
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