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Meeting Notes

2009:  June 24

Present:  Elin Waagen, Jess Isler, Ian McBride (time-keeper), Carrie Macfarlane (note-taker), Liz Whitaker-Freitas, Jim Beauchemin.

1.  Questions for the team - Jim and Carrie

  • Jim had some questions about roles and communication methods.  He will meet with Doreen to review what he missed on Thurs afternoon and Fri morning
  • Carrie shared what she'd done to get caught up on team training.  She asks that team members tell her when she does something contrary to what the team learned/agreed to during training.

2.  Decide on a platform to facilitate documentation and communication 

  • What will we use this platform for?  Communication within the team and with our users/constituents.
  • What are our options?  Basecamp, Microsoft Project, Groove, MediaWiki, Wordpress, Drupal (not yet)
  • We discussed the merits and drawbacks of the options.
  • We decided by majority:  At least in the beginning, we will use MediaWiki for meeting notes and documentation, and Wordpress for communication among ourselves and with our users/constituents.  We may use email to direct users/constituents (and team members) to Wordpress.  We may use email to communicate within the team about mundane or ephemeral matters like absences at meetings.  We can revisit this decision in the future by adding it to a meeting agenda.
  • Ian created this Wiki category and our blog (LIS Website Project).

3.  Team Protocols

  • Team protocols that were agreed upon during team training were listed:

a. Meet weekly - adjust frequency as needed if there are no/more agenda items.

b. Set agenda ahead of time

c. Shared responsibility to generate agenda items, agenda facilitated by team leader

d. Agenda items will have specific time and sponsor

e. Time keeper

f. Note taker

g. Use shared platform for communication and development of documentation

h. Timely (define?) posting of meeting notes

i. Time at end (5-10 min) for discussion or overflow or to set next meeting agenda

j. If unable to attend, responsible for getting caught up

k. Open honest dialogue (with tact)

l. Simple majority rules

m. Agreement - to ensure success (from training)

n. Authentic and candid dialogue

o. Honest - with tact

p. Open to others - come to agreement

q. Make the decision and move on - or fix it and move on

r. Depersonalize and on board

s. Participate, engage, share point of view 1X

t. Focus on and value time over story

u. Informed, fast decisions

v. Confidential

w. Take notes

x. Take responsibility

y. Volunteer, be willing

z. Right to expect candor and openness

aa. Own it

bb. Be present

cc. Be on time (late + good story = on time)

dd. Outlook calendars up to date (for scheduling purposes)

3.  Vision Statements

  • Team will meet on Th Aug 25 to develop vision statement
  • Team members will submit draft vision statements to blog (LIS Website Project)

4.  Future agenda items

  • Other potential team protocols were mentioned in conversation as team members arrived at the meeting.  It was suggested that these potential protocols be brought up during the time allotted for discussion of team protocols.  Because we needed to plan for drafting a vision statement, we didn't have time to discuss protocols.  Therefore, perhaps we should plan to discuss team protocols in a future meeting.

Other items on today's agenda for which we didn't have time (we had too many other important issues to resolve!):

  • Define measurements/metrics (10 min)
    What does success look like?
    What metric will define our success?
  • Building Coalition - Creating a Marketing Plan (10 min)
    Who do we need to engage early on?
    We need to engage early for: information and understanding, input, resources (actual and potential)
  • Action Plan to Achieve Key Deliverables (10 min)
    Tasks to be accomplished?
    Who is accountable?
    Delivery Time?

5.  Action items

  • Jim had some questions about roles and communication methods. He will meet with Doreen to review what he missed on Thurs afternoon and Fri morning
  • Ian will create a blog and a mediawiki page -- done!
  • Team members will submit draft vision statements to our blog (LIS Website Project)
  • Liz will create Outlook group for LIS web team
  • We will meet with our sponsor (Jeff) or sponsor-backup (Mary)
  • We will meet elsewhere from time-to-time (Voter East, Music Library, Armstrong Library)

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