LIS Website

This is the space that the LIS Website Team will use for documentation and note taking.

Team Charge

  • To create a brand new LIS web presence that has the following characteristics: is easy to find (things,) is easy to use, is easy to maintain, is user centric, has more self-service functionality.

Team Priorities

  • Involve end users: develop & test [Beta test 11/09, Public beta test 12/09, Public launch 1/04/10]
  • Develop LIS staff workflow, content management, protocol procedures & apply to new web presence [Test 11/09, In place 12/09]
  • Assess/evaluate new LIS web presence ( involve end users) [April 2010 & ongoing]
  • Develop “site-refresh” strategies [Aug 2010]

Team Vision

We are creating a web site with intuitive navigation, easy access to services and resources, inviting interfaces, and a workflow that allows simple maintenance.

Planning Stages

  • Define a Compelling Vision What do we want to accomplish? Why? WIIFM (what's in it for...)
  • Define measurements/metrics What does success look like? What metric will define our success?
  • Building Coalition - Creating a Marketing Plan Who do we need to engage early on? We need to engage early for: information and understanding, input, resources (actual and potential)
  • Action Plan to Achieve Key Deliverables Tasks to be accomplished? Who is accountable? Delivery Time?

LIS Website Metrics

Define measurements/metrics

  • What does success look like?
  • What metric will define our success?


  • Reduced support requests
  • Fewer clicks to find information
  • It is clear what is clickable
  • Reduced reliance on other communication systems
    • Fewer group emails
    • Fewer PDF newsletters and print materials
    • Unified documentation
  • More frequent updates of news content
  • Fewer dead links, reduced need to check for dead links
  • Usage analytics analysis
  • Subscription rate for syndicated content (feeds)
  • Do we want to measure how we respond to feedback, for example do we want to set a goal for ourselves that all suggestions will receive responses (even generic) within a certain amount of time? Macfarlane, Carrie Miyoshi
  • Consistent page elements, naming schemes, navigation and directional, elements, paths


  • User satisfaction survey (on-going, periodical) - is just doing a survey enough for us, or are we looking for a certain level of satisfaction in the result? Of course we probably will never achieve 100% satisfaction. Do we want to set a target somehow, one that is linked to the ratings on the survey (eg, at least 50% of users are at least "somewhat satisfied")? Macfarlane, Carrie Miyoshi
  • "Was this page helpful?" "Rate this page" at the bottom of content

Building Coalition - Creating a Marketing Plan

  • Who do we need to engage early on?
  • We need to engage early for: information and understanding, input, resources (actual and potential)

Action Plan to Achieve Key Deliverables

  • Tasks to be accomplished?
  • Who is accountable?
  • Delivery Time?

Project Timeline


June 2009

  • Team Training

July 2009

  • All of July: Team Planning - develop vision, define measurements and metrics, build coalition and create a marketing plan, develop the action plan to achieve key deliverables
  • 7/17 - Web Makeover Kickoff with Department Contact (another session will be scheduled for those unable to attend)
  • 7/20 - Send out LIS staff survey
  • 7/22 - Deadline for LIS staff survey
  • 7/22 - Discuss what stats we want to get (Info Desk, Help Desk, Metrics, etc.). Start getting stats from old site in order to make comparison to new.
  • 7/23 - Design Unveiling White Whale will share their designs for the new site at McCullough Hall, 1pm. 
  • Week of 7/27 - Web Makeover - Project Manager meetings/training
  • 7/30 - Evaluate information architecture and corresponding list of LIS website contacts for current LIS site

August 2009

  • 8/3 - Web Makeover Meetings with Primary Contact and Project Manager
  • 8/5 - Complete gathering MOST input (more will trickle in throughout process)
  • 8/10 - Web Makeover Follow-up meetings with Primary Contact and Project Manager - discuss and respond to WW recommendations for IA/Content
  • Week of 8/17 - Web Makeover - check in - roles and timelines are due
  • 8/17 - Present roles and timelines for LIS at web project managers meeting
  • 8/20 – Proposed recommendations presented to sponsor
  • 8/26- Map out new information architecture
  • 8/27ish - Share new (proposed) IA with sponsor
  • 8/27 - Assign project managers for LIS content, create folder structure for content in middfiles
  • 8/31 - Initial discussion with primary contacts should happen by this date

Sept 2009

  • 9/1 (continuing) - Build non-drupal content as time allows
  • 9/1 - Middlebury finalizes homepage (+ top-tier) designs
  • 9/2 - Work with LIS website contacts to complete Web Makeover Workbooks (and incorporate supplemental sources of input) for LIS website. Set freeze date/s for changes/additions to current LIS site.
  • Week of 9/7 - Web Makeover Start Building Site (Content Build Out)
  • Week of 9/14 - Web Makeover Follow-up meetings with Primary Contact and Project Manager
  • 9/15 - Finalize platform improvement recommendations
  • 9/28 - Web Makeover Check-in with Project Manager

October 2009

  • 10/1 - Design staff workflow for moving content. Get feedback.
  • Week of 10/6 - Web Makeover - completed workbook due
  • 10/6 - Complete LIS web redo workbooks
  • 10/6 - Start LIS content build out
  • 10/11 Deliverable: Test LIS staff work flow and content management, protocol procedures

    November 2009
  • 11/09 Deliverable - LIS staff work flow and content management, protocol procedures in place
  • 11/09 - Web Makeover Check-in with Project Manager
  • Beta test
  • 11/09 Deliverable: Test in place for LIS staff workflow, content management, protocol procedures & apply to new web presence

December 2009

  • 12/09 Deliverable - Develop LIS staff workflow, content management, protocol procedures & apply to new web presence
  • 12/15 Public beta test - beta launch
  • 12/15 Deadline for adding content to new LIS website


January 2010

  • 1/04 Web Makeover - Middlebury Site Launches
  • 1/8 - Web Makeover Celebration

April 2010

  • 4/10 & ongoing Assess/evaluate new LIS web presence ( involve end users)

August 2010

  • 8/10 Develop “site-refresh” strategies



  • Blogs
  1. Docs on posting, an intro, etc., from the Wordpress site
  2. Tutorials and readings on blog use: Anatomy of a blog, some blog history, etc.
  • Wikis
  1. Docs on editing and a useful cheat sheet. Tutorial from Wikipedia
  2. Tutorials and readings on wiki use: wiki world (has podcasts), an article from Educause, etc.
  • Readings
  1. How Do You Measure Web Site Success? - If you can ignore the ads, I think you'll find a few good ideas for us to consider Macfarlane, Carrie Miyoshi
  2. http://www.libsuccess.org/index.php?title=Website_Design - geared to library web sites, includes examples & useability tips (it's a wiki just like ours!)
  3. Use of PDF in accessible documents - The rest of the WCAG+Samurai site is a good read too.
  4. Library terms evaluated in usability tests and other studies (Thanks, Mike L.!)
  • User needs analysis and assessment tools (pdfs... I know, I know...)
  1. Gathering evidence
  2. Setting up the UNA
  3. UNA methods

  • Books
  1. Don't Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability - Steve Krug
  2. Designing the Digital Experience - David Lee King
  3. Library 2.0: A Guide to Participatory Library Service - M Casey/L Savastinuk
  4. The Academic Library and the Net Gen Student - S Gibbons

What do we need on a LIS home page?

  • Systems, Services Availability/Outages
  • Google search of website - all Midd, just LIS
  • Hours for today
  • News / Featured resource or service / New acquisitions
  • Multiple OPTIONS for user to communicate with LIS
  • Exhibits and events in the Libraries
  • Easy access to user documentation for self-service; service during closed periods
  • Space - study rooms, room reservations, classrooms, labs, computing info
  • Calendar of training events, workshops, learning opportunities
  • catalog, reserves, journals, media searches (portal like http://library.williams.edu/ or http://library.bowdoin.edu/ )
  • contact live help
  • search documentation - researching, citing etc.
  • Questions for team to decide:
    • How to get ideas, needs, input from interested LIS staff?
    • Where to get good ideas from other organizations?
      • What do we need on a LIS home page? OR do we want library & tech home pages (with big link to “about LIS” on both)?
    • Overall “look and feel” constraints? - maximum freedom for all contributers.
  • A CMS-based site for the Library, which will contain links to subject guides, reference resources, journals, and digital collections. The Library site will be built as a stand-alone site in Drupal with a new set of design templates that adequately allow for free presentation of this information.
  • An expansion of the current LIS Wiki to include all Help related content. We will migrate the remaining content out of the current CMS, PDF documents, and knowledge base. We will work to integrate links to this information into our help systems. Additionally, we will make authorship of this information available throughout the organization and offer training and support for LIS staff to update the content relevant to their work.
  • Focus intensely on SEARCH: A portal to search all of the collections and databases within LIS. A long-term goal in this area will be federated search, but to begin we will create a unified area where users can view all of the collection offerings and perform basic and advanced searches of them.
  • A place to interact with LIS. This will be achieved through consolidation of the various LIS blogs, feedback forms, request forms, comment submissions and staff directories. The goal is to have a *single* blog for LIS with all staff as authors. This area of our site will also provide an appropriate place to present material on the organization, direction, and policies of LIS.
  • Interactive - LIS presence on social media sites? Monitor LIS in social media spaces?
  • Easy front end acces to communication options - email, phone, in person, blog, microblog, wiki, texting, tagging, commenting, posting etc.
  • Marketing videos of services, resources etc.
  • Mobile display - readable by mobile devices
  • Are there ADA issues we need to consider?
  • LIS - who are we? LIS mission statement - We bring knowledge to you. We help you explore, use and contrubute to it as you engage the world.
  • Easy, quick feedback options to answer "how are we doing?".  Include our responses too.
  • Keep it simple; eliminate clutter
  • No lis lingo, acronyms, etc.
  • Action words -
  • Keep the user at the center of the design and architecture
  • Hyperlinks - underlined; different color and style; changes after clicking
  • Reduce number of clicks needed to get to content - Create pages that you can DO stuff on. Eliminate pages full of long lists.
  • Ensure that pages are kept up-to-date. Include authorship/contact info and date of last revision on each page so that if someone finds info that’s no longer true they can either: 1) try to identify the author and tell them directly, or 2) tell the web team, who will figure out who the author is.
  • Project directory - What are we working on and what have we accomplished to date.
  • "How to" list.  For example, how to reserve a group study, how to find articles, how to create a blog.
  • Shortcuts to most-used library resources (see http://lib.asu.edu/)
  • Search various collections of databases from front page (see http://www.lib.byu.edu/ and http://www.library.cornell.edu/)
  • I'm not sure how this will go over with everyone -- but I'd love to have a logo to "brand" all Midd Library pages and links.  It would make it so much easier to provide continuity from one section to the next.  Logos can say a lot in a small space.  Many other libraries have a logo...

Workflow and Protocol Procedures

  • Develop LIS staff workflow, content management, protocol procedures & apply to new web presence

Training, Workshop and Learning Ideas

  • Multiple options for learning about navigating the site to access LIS resources and services
  • Quick tips with the bare minimum of text - details and long documentation a step away


See the LIS Website Recommendations article.

Meeting Notes

2009:  June 24

Present:  Elin Waagen, Jess Isler, Ian McBride (time-keeper), Carrie Macfarlane (note-taker), Liz Whitaker-Freitas, Jim Beauchemin, Barbara Merz.

1.  Questions for the team - Jim and Carrie

  • Jim had some questions about roles and communication methods.  He will meet with Doreen to review what he missed on Thurs afternoon and Fri morning
  • Carrie shared what she'd done to get caught up on team training.  She asks that team members tell her when she does something contrary to what the team learned/agreed to during training.

2.  Decide on a platform to facilitate documentation and communication 

  • What will we use this platform for?  Communication within the team and with our users/constituents.
  • What are our options?  Basecamp, Microsoft Project, Groove, MediaWiki, Wordpress, Drupal (not yet)
  • We discussed the merits and drawbacks of the options.
  • We decided by majority:  At least in the beginning, we will use MediaWiki for meeting notes and documentation, and Wordpress for communication among ourselves and with our users/constituents.  We may use email to direct users/constituents (and team members) to Wordpress.  We may use email to communicate within the team about mundane or ephemeral matters like absences at meetings.  We can revisit this decision in the future by adding it to a meeting agenda.

3.  Team Protocols

  • Team protocols that were agreed upon during team training were listed:

a. Meet weekly - adjust frequency as needed if there are no/more agenda items.

b. Set agenda ahead of time

c. Shared responsibility to generate agenda items, agenda facilitated by team leader

d. Agenda items will have specific time and sponsor

e. Time keeper

f. Note taker-- I think this responsibility should rotate alphabetically.  If someone can't take notes when it's his/her turn then that person can ask for a substitute.  <a href="User:Carrie Macfarlane">Macfarlane, Carrie Miyoshi</a> 13:13, 30 June 2009 (UTC)

f1. Meeting time is a valuable resource. Team members will learn to use it wisely. Team members commit to being up to date on blog and wiki postings before each meeting. [Barbara 6/26]

g. Use shared platform for communication and development of documentation

h. Timely (define?) posting of meeting notes

i. Time at end (5-10 min) for discussion or overflow or to set next meeting agenda

j. If unable to attend, responsible for getting caught up

k. Open honest dialogue (with tact)

l. Simple majority rules

m. Agreement - to ensure success (from training)

n. Authentic and candid dialogue

o. Honest - with tact

p. Open to others - come to agreement

q. Make the decision and move on - or fix it and move on

r. Depersonalize and on board

s. Participate, engage, share point of view 1X

t. Focus on and value time over story

u. Informed, fast decisions

v. Confidential

w. Take notes

x. Take responsibility

y. Volunteer, be willing

z. Right to expect candor and openness

aa. Own it

bb. Be present

cc. Be on time (late + good story = on time)

dd. Outlook calendars up to date (for scheduling purposes)

ee.  Meetings will start on time.  Team will wait no longer than 5 minutes for late arrivals. <a href="User:Carrie Macfarlane">Macfarlane, Carrie Miyoshi</a> 13:14, 30 June 2009 (UTC)

3.  Vision Statements

  • Team will meet on Th Aug 25 to develop vision statement

4.  Future agenda items

  • Other potential team protocols were mentioned in conversation as team members arrived at the meeting.  It was suggested that these potential protocols be brought up during the time allotted for discussion of team protocols.  Because we needed to plan for drafting a vision statement, we didn't have time to discuss protocols.  Therefore, perhaps we should plan to discuss team protocols in a future meeting.

Other items on today's agenda for which we didn't have time (we had too many other important issues to resolve!):

  • Define measurements/metrics (10 min)What does success look like?What metric will define our success?
  • Building Coalition - Creating a Marketing Plan (10 min)Who do we need to engage early on?We need to engage early for: information and understanding, input, resources (actual and potential)
  • Action Plan to Achieve Key Deliverables (10 min)Tasks to be accomplished?Who is accountable?Delivery Time?

5.  Action items

  • Jim had some questions about roles and communication methods. He will meet with Doreen to review what he missed on Thurs afternoon and Fri morning
  • Ian will create a blog and a mediawiki page -- done!
  • Liz will create Outlook group for LIS web team
  • We will meet with our sponsor (Jeff) or sponsor-backup (Mary)
  • We will meet elsewhere from time-to-time (Voter East, Music Library, Armstrong Library)

<a href="User:Carrie Macfarlane">Macfarlane, Carrie Miyoshi</a> 19:48, 25 June 2009 (UTC)

2009:  June 25

Present: Barbara, Carrie, Elin, Ian, Jess, Jim, Liz

1. Updates

  • Elin is updating Jeff R./Mary B. on team meeting highlights
  • Elin will create a post for LISt blog about existence of the LIS Website Project Blog.

2. Vision Statement Work

  • Discussion of bringing out common themes or words, creating a tagline (subtitle) for the blog, tags/keywords, discussion of what the statement really should be


  • There’s a Wordle <a href="http://www.wordle.net/gallery/wrdl/967852/web_team">diagram</a> of our team vision statements on the blog; discussed what WORDLE is—what it represents and where it comes from: <a href="http://www.wordle.net/">Wordle</a> "Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text."
  • Discussed scheduling a projector room for future meetings

[back to vision statement discussion]

3. End of meeting discussion

<a href="User:Jessica Isler">Jess Isler</a> 17:13, 25 June 2009 (UTC)

2009: July 1

Present: Barbara, Carrie, Elin, Ian, Jess, Jim, Liz

1) Updates

  • keep Elin & team posted about absences via Outlook calendar, meeting schedule
  • there was a managers meeting on 6/26 at which the manager expectations as produced at the team training were discussed (vigorously). There was pretty good buy-in, with the understanding that things will evolve.
  • Elin met with Jeff & showed him the blog & wiki. Jeff clarified what is our charge & what our deliverables. Suggested we make our vision shorter. Shorter form of vision as above unanimously approved.
  • Ian suggested adding a resources page to this wiki - done, see above.

2) Protocols

After short discussion, updated protocols, as below in wiki were approved.

3) Define measurements/metrics. What does success look like? What metric will define our success?

Started discussion of this topic. Need for definitions of following:

  • scope of project
  • core requirements
  • metrics

Ian listed metrics currently defined by the larger web makeover project.

4) Scope

Started discussion of project scope. See details in this blog above.

5) For next meeting

Note taking duties will rotate alphabetically. Jim's up next!

Barbara learned a valuable lesson in entering these notes - there is a SAVE button at the bottom of the wiki edit screen if only one uses the correct (outer) scroll bar.

2009: July 2

Present:  Liz, Ian, Jim, Barbara, Jess, Elin, Carrie

Scope discussion:

  •      Ian posted a very good list of items on our page the clearly itemizes our areas of focus when it comes to our project scope (see Scope section). 
  •      We discussed the proposed Scope list and we feel at this time that the proper items are listed.

Criteria discussion:

  •      We immediately started to discuss the criteria that will be used:

         -  We will document everything which is internal to our effort on the Wiki; a clear and concise communication plan is needed; 
         -  We agreed to strive for a reduction in PDF and Doc objects which are currently embedded in many areas of the web site.  An exclusion to the reduction 
            of PDF objects would be in the preservation area only.
         -  Reduce or eliminate external links -- Could you explain a little more here?  I don't remember this point, sorry! Macfarlane, Carrie Miyoshi
         -  We must improve the Search engine
         -  Promotion of the 'Blog' for the purpose of discussion and communication; internal as well as external communication.
         -  Propose 1 blog opposed to 20+ blogs - consolidation; need better catogorization of content!  One subscription to 'the' blog and then the user can navigate to desired area(s)
         -  Make the tools and services easy to find and access!!
         -  Promote other tools and utilities - let user choose (appropriate tools only)
         -  Simple, Intuitive, 3 click away interface
         -  Self-Service

Additional notes:

The team expressed questions and concerns regarding the Wiki and its ease of use.  The team agreed that we are now emersing ourselves into the very areas we are charged to
clean-up or re-structure.  We also came to the conclusion that whatever we put forward for a web site that it will be a bahavior change required for all user.  Training and general
prepareness will be very important and that we will need to integrate these things along the way through this restructuring process.  We also spoke about the importance of partnering
with other teams so that we can truly understand the requirements of the new LIS web site.

Next meeting:

  •    Ian will present the results of the Focus Group and survey results in our next meeting
  •    Jim and Barbara will be on vacation for our next meeting

2009: July 8

Present: Elin, Jess, Ian, Carrie, Liz and Doreen

Announcements and Updates:

  • Joe Antonioli will meet tomorrow with the Web Makeover Design/IA group and will pass our progress along. We need to invite Joe to a meeting to find out where the LIS Webpage project fits into the larger Web Makeover project. Robert Keren, Communications and Bryan Carson should also be invited.
  • Elin tweaked the wiki – planning stages are now included
  • Best practices – when to use the wiki and blog. Wiki will be the resting place for documents and the blog will be used for discussion purposes.
  • There is a page limitation for the main wiki page. We should consider removing the minutes from the main page and create additional pages with links to the main page.
  • Including names on the wiki when commenting is useful.
  • Discussion tab- use for discussion
  • Midd-Google login issues – send Ian your Gmail address and Ian will forward over the “DIY Guide to Reviewing and Revising Web Site Navigation and Content” document to review

Focus Group Analysis

  • Who was being surveyed? Mostly combined groups of staff and students and communications. There were not results from actual LIS focus groups. Jeff will send some documentation to the committee from the LIS focus groups.
  • List on wiki things to have on the webpage. Are there any gaps? What do we do about adding tagging as a bullet point? Do we want to come up with our own vocabulary?
  • The focus group survey identified the need for tagging, RSS feed….(Ian, please fill in others)

What do we need on the LIS webpage?

  • Consider: keeping pages up-to-date – figure out how to keep updated, author and date stamp markers. Include “How-to” features and reduce clicks
  • Combine metrics with features on each page? Some can be combined, others need discussion
  • Add service status for service and system outages
  • Add Space, Computing and Conference link

- Update of R25 will give us an opportunity to show a more comprehensive list on our page. Discuss with Bryan about showing room availability.

  • Formalize the rest of the list at next week’s meeting

Develop survey questions – add to tomorrow’s meeting

DIY workbook

  • Feedback and answers

(If you could only reach one particular audience with your website, who would it be?) LIS staff/faculty and students - staff – organizational communications and services - students – 8000 pages connected to the LIS website, mostly related to resource guides, subject guides and journals - students are primary, staff/faculty secondary - Alter the question to read: who are your primary users, not just one.

  • Questions are designed to address much smaller areas than LIS. We can reformat these questions in the survey and re-segment by LIS department
  • Advice on Mary’s questions? Add process for updating their content. How do you know when it needs to be changed? How important will these be 2 months from now? How to track questions they get on content? Is there a way to date stamp info? Does this info reside in additional documents or in other systems?

We need to closely integrate our work with training and help facilitate better and more efficient workflow.

All CMS pages need to be re-written and are not transportable to Drupal.

We need to help people write content for web – writing style training. Writing style should be conversational.

Action Items:

  • Cancel Joe A. for tomorrow’s meeting
  • Jim and Barbara will still be out tomorrow – go ahead with the survey questions
  • Add discussion of timeline and marketing plan to agenda
  • Bring 5 survey questions to the meeting
  • Jess will post assessment summary on blog.

2009: July 9

Present: Carrie, Doreen, Elin, Ian, Jess (notes), Liz

  • Survey for LIS staff

Ian created a key survey prior to meeting with members’ input to date
Link and login for survey is posted privately to blog
Discussion of what we want to get from the survey responses/hashing it all out
We cut it down to 11 questions from 18 or so!
Please look it over, make suggestions for edits, take the survey. Time yourself. Please inform the group of your timing.

  • Target

Send out the survey on Monday 7/13

  • Announcements/updates

Email Elin if you have agenda items for next weeks' meeting, Wednesday, 7/ 15, and Thursday, 7/14

Ian and Jess are out next week

2009: July 15

Present: Liz, Barbara, Jim, Carrie, Doreen (time-keeper), Elin (notes) The Donut Angel visited our meeting today (thanks, Liz!)

Announcements etc. Wiki Edit Summary Notes - Elin requested that as a courtesy to each other we use the summary field when editing wiki pages - if edits can easily be summarized. It helps to know at a quick glance what has been edited when alerted to changes Meeting Notes - clarified alpha order of taking meeting notes - Elin took notes today - Liz is next - our first alpha cycle is nearly complete, thanks to Jess - who has done double duty.

Rotate meeting moderation? Liz asked the group if we could share responsibility for meeting moderation. We decided that team members would moderate specific agenda items.

Finalize survey - reviewed all Q’s and our experiences taking the survey. Time to take survey varied from 5 min to 15 min - depending on familiarity with survey Q’s Barbara will tweak a few settings, and adjust a few formats Then Liz will test the survey with a few Voter colleagues Barbara - can you let us know when the edits are complete - maybe the team could take the survey again? Lots of discussion about Q 6; did not want to edit this Q without feedback from Ian and the results of the Voter test We will finalize the survey and re-evaluate Q6 tomorrow with the goal of sending the survey out on Monday 7/20 We will send the survey out using the master url option and add ability to provide name to survey, giving LIS staff the option to be anon Do we want to send out to LIS student summer employees?

Tomorrow’s Agenda: Finalize survey (15 min - Barbara and Liz) Timeline (30 min - Carrie) (if possible - please review timeline section and timeline discussion on wiki prior to the meeting) Notes: Liz

2009: July 16

Present: Carrie, Doreen, Elin, Jim, Barbara, Liz(notes)

Survey for LIS staff(Moderator: Barbara)

  • Reviewed results from survey prototype test and updated content and questions accordingly.
  • Barbara to make updates to actual survey
  • Liz to request password for LIS Web Team account.
  • Liz to send out survey to LIS Staff on Monday 7/20 from LIS Web Team account. Intro text to be used as email text.
  • Completed surveys due by end of day Wednesday July 22nd

Project Timeline (Moderator: Carrie)

  • Initial discussion of formalizing Project Timeline
  • Questions about how workbook being developed will be used by Web Team
  • Project Timeline discussion to be continued at next meeting
  • Project Timeline Discussion on Wiki

Tasks(before next meeting on 7/22):

2009: July 22

Location: LIB105; next weeks meetings will be in LIB221 Present: Jim, Elin, Liz, Barbara, Ian, Jessica, Carrie

- Discussion to meet with Jeff R. (Sponsor) > Review what we have done so far > Discuss issues people on team are having with time (availability of time) to participate in this effort

- Geneeral discussions: > Barbara - are we producing? Are we moving forward on our mission? > Liz - Are we following guidelines? How can we best stay on track? > Team - should we have longer meetings? More meetings? We voted 'YES' on extending the meeting by creating more time at end of agenda to better wrap-up meeting, discuss new agenda topics, prep. for next meeting.

- Survey update (Barbara/Liz) > Approximately 50 people responded (today being last day people can contribute to the survey) > Managers should send-out a reminder to complete the survey - that it is important to LIS and User Services! > The actual results of this survey will be reviewed at next weeks meeting.

- Make-Over DIY Workbook discussion > Team decided it was best to use this guide as a general guidance document. > Barbara - "We are in a role of being a Project Manager - finding Project Managers - finding primary contacts." "We need representatives that can properly represnt our interests" "We need to start identifying people who will be able to help us." Ian - "We may want to delay [contacting people] our search until we better understand the overall situation."

- Statistics discussion > What data sources can we use to derive useful information for our effort? > Jim - HEAT - Although the incidents coming into the Help Desk are classified in many different ways it may be possible to query the HEAT database to find useful information. Jim will attempt to do this for next weeks meeting. > Team - Information Desk - 3 different sources of information (could Nate Burt help us with this?) > Ian - We have 2 years of Google analytics > Elin - We have 5-6 months of blog information we might be able to sift through somehow... > Ian - Information that could be derived from some of these sources are: 1. What are the top three pages used 2. What are the most common search terms 3. What is the click path to the resources > Carrie - Can we ask Joe Antoneli if he can get us stats? > Elin - The Reference Librarians have (in the past) gathered information through posing questions to customers and recording the answers.

- Site Map > How do we break it down? > Liz - Should we break it down into a test file? Query the text file? > Barbara - Big picture is needed to see what we need to do next... > Carrie - We will need to divide-up the responsibilities for this breakdown > ACTION ITEM: Ian will get Liz a list of everyone who has permissions in current CMS system.

- Timeline discussion: > We continued to review our timeline; adjusting dates and milestones > Finalize design criteria (post survey results) on Aug 5. > Ian - we could breakout content to folder structure which mimics structure today. We can then transfer what makes sense to new templates. > See Timeline for details.

2009: July 23

July 23

Announcements - Elin invited Jeff Rehbach to view the LIS Web Team blog and wiki - Elin will be on vacation beginning Aug 5th (10-14 days)

This meeting was dedicated to discussing and revising the team timeline.

It was noted that as new training dates are announced (contact manager), this dates need to be included in our timeline.

Agenda items for July 29th meeting

- Survey results and other metric analysis (helpdesk stats, media, etc.) - Building coalition (who do we want to connect with) discussion

2009: July 29

Present: Barbara (time), Carrie, Doreen, Elin, Ian, Jess (notes), Jim


  • Liz out; Elin & Carrie out 8/5-8/18 will need to adjust timeline to account for absences
  • Moderators during Elin’s absence: Barbara, Ian and Liz (2) (let us know if you’d rather not, Liz!)
  • We’re now posting agenda items on the Blog instead of via Outlook calendar appointment updates
  • News from web makeover managers’ meeting: Barbara says they’re not being trained yet, but developing a test for the training. The timeline is fluid, the meetings next week will hopefully be focus groups for Drupal platform familiarization and basic content editing how-tos

Building coalition

  • A sense that we are not ready to bring in others until we have buy-in from Sponsor and ADs on our documents
  • Once we have buy-in we’ll need to involve Bryan C., Mike L., Joe A., and Petar for internal LIS action items, and Robert Keren for all staff items, as well as Curricular Tech. group for the training/support of blogging

Survey & Metric analysis

  • General discussion of results
  • Jim will get stats from Nate
  • Carrie has found not much of use from library stats (for our purposes at this point; may prove useful for future tasks), except EZproxy stats = 1/4 users off campus 3/4 on campus for subscription journal use
  • How will we gauge success using surveys & metrics? Possibly send out our LIS staff survey again after new website launched
  • Jess & Barbara will work on a short student employee survey to gather some small bit of data from the student perspective (5 question goal!)
  • FYI: In current IA from White Whale, there is no LIS link from the College homepage, and no LIS link under Academics or Quick Links. Rather, a link to the Library from Academics and a link to the Helpdesk under Quick Links.
  • Ian sent us the White Whale IA proposal (not final; open to revision)
  • Wordpress upgrade likely before start of fall semester: new admin. interface, implications for training, etc.

To Do

  • By meeting tomorrow: Thoroughly read the Recommendations document in preparation; contribute content as needed, especially library section! (Ian will edit document tone for consistency.)
  • Please comment on the new College website design on the web redo blog!
  • Meeting ended 5 minutes early
  • Future agenda item: contacting people who requested contact on survey

2009:  July 30

Present: Jim, Ian, Elin, Barbara, Jess, Carrie (notes). Liz and Doreen are out.


  • The wiki isn't good at handling simultaneous edits. If you edit a page at the same time as someone else, you may lose your edits when you hit 'save.' To avoid this, you may wish to copy your text to Notepad before you hit 'save.'


  • Prior to today's meeting, a few of us made some minor edits to the timeline based on vacation dates and the new student survey.
  • The group looked at the timeline during the meeting and decided the following: a) we're on target for "7/30 - Evaluate information architecture and corresponding list of LIS website contacts for current LIS site" because by "information architecture" we mean top-level IA, and that's what we started to discuss this week (the "recommendations" document). b) We will delete "8/5 - Finalize design criteria" because for our purposes, "design" is synonymous with "information architecture" -- and we're already evaluating the information architecture.


  • Ian mapped out his recommendations on the white board. Jess will transcribe his drawing...somehow!
  • We started to discuss where hard-to-pin-down sections of the current LIS site would reside in this new configuration. Media services would go to the wiki, Segue would be on the LIS landing page and in other places too.
  • We need an LIS website contact for media services. Since Adam Dobucki is leaving, Ethan Murphy might be a good candidate.
  • Mediawiki is not suitable for private internal documentation (eg, passwords). Departments might wish to use middfiles for this type of info.
  • We need an LIS website contact for blogs. Joe A would be a good candidate.
  • Some blog content perhaps wouldn't be interesting to the general public. There are various ways in which we might control which postings are shared on the main LIS blog.
  • Generally, it seems that there are tools to accommodate most if not all concerns that have been raised about the blog.

Next week, the team will discuss LIS website contacts.

2009: August 05

Present: Jim, Ian (notes), Barbara, Jess, Doreen, Liz (moderator).


  • Ian will attend AD meeting tomorrow in place of Elin who is on vacation.
    • One team member would like to let ADs know that some people on the team are having trouble devoting the time they'd like to the team because of other work responsibilities
    • Pointed out that people will contribute to the team in different ways as project progresses
    • Our timeline is very aggressive, but is required to be due to the nature of the project
  • We will devote 10-15 minutes at tomorrow's meeting to go over topics to be discussed in AD meeting
    • Vision
    • Creation of team blog & wiki
    • Scope
    • Timeline
    • Recommendations preview / meeting with Jeff on Aug. 20

Contacts for Site Content Management

  • Start with top-level sites and work down
  • Include everyone who expressed interest in the survey in being contacted
Part of Site Team Contact External Contact
Library Carrie Macfarlane Bryan Carson
Library Portal Barbara Merz Mike Lynch
MediaWiki/Helpdesk Jim Beauchemin Petar Mitrevski
About LIS/Landing Page Doreen Bernier Doreen Bernier*
Blogs Ian McBride Joe Antonioli
Telephone Services Liz Whitaker-Freitas Peggy Fischel
Banner, etc. Documentation Liz Whitaker-Freitas Marcy Smith
Circulation Documentation Elin Waagen Elin Waagen*
Special Collections Jess Isler Andy Wentink
Music Library Jess Isler Dan Frostman
Media Services Jim Beauchemin Adam Dobucki
Help(desk) Jim Beauchemin Jim Beauchemin*
Emergency Doreen Bernier Joseph Watson
Collection Management Barbara Merz Terry Simpkins
Teaching/Learning Ian McBride Curricular Technology Team (Adam Franco)
  • To be determined. Primary Contacts should coordinate to find someone to assist with this. (Essentially, these should not be the same people. Primary external contacts could still be the people we identified, but they would need internal contacts other than themselves. The point being that responsibility for keeping the external contact on track/schedule, objective, and open-minded about the process lies with someone not so close to the content.)

2009: August 06

Present: Ian, Barbara (moderator), Jess (notes), Doreen (time), Liz


  • PM meetings: are all the same, only go to 1 of the 3

Ian's run-through of topics for AD meeting this afternoon:

  • Not discussing vision, since it was already announced
  • Showing Blog & Wiki, encouraging ADs to follow and participate
  • Scope of project overview
  • Timeline overview: sense that we're making good progress; some individual team members feel time-strapped and some difficulty balancing increased responsibilities
  • Mentioning 8/20 meeting with Jeff to formally review and approve recommendations, but also giving a high-level overview of our recommendations as they currently exist
  • Ian will post brief overview following the meeting; will go over more thoroughly in our team meeting next week

Contacts -- how to proceed?

  • We'll want to talk about different systems we'll be using and how best to use them, appropriate content, etc.
  • Dispelling concerns about extra work--much of what needs to happen is what you're already in charge of anyway
  • Instilling the idea that we cannot do the work for you; we'll be moderating, guiding, and recommending, and we will also be supportive--if you need help doing the work we will help you get additional resources/people, but the work ultimately resides with you! And FYI, the MCMS will not be operational after January 4th.
  • May use web redo PM workbooks if desired

Looking ahead:

  • Goal: meet with primary contacts by the end of August (will add to timeline)
  • Send out reminder to student employees to fill out the survey (Friday morning?)

Agenda for Wed 8/12:

  • Liz will moderate meeting
  • Ian will give an overview of the AD meeting and reactions
  • More discussion of meetings with primary contacts/working with them if needed
  • Finalizing recommendations on the wiki; we want buy-in by the meeting!
  • Going over student employee survey feedback

2009: August 12

Present: Ian, Barbara, Jess (notes), Liz (moderator/time), Jim

Curricular Technology Team meeting recap-Ian

  • Went to CT team meeting yesterday and explained 1 link on the LIS landing page for CT, and that CT team decides what happens when people click that link--what it leads to, etc. It can be a work in progress, since the final solution will not be decided by our launch date!
  • Discussed Google Analytics, various options with them, etc.
  • A sense that the process with CT team does not need to be overly formal, but that if they need additional resources, we can help them get some
  • The team has been referred to our wiki and blog to see our docs about our overall approach/what we envision

AD meeting recap-Ian

  • Recap is on blog
  • Further discussion of personnel challenges/need to build in some redundancy in work roles
  • Re: question about tracking system not being in line with our scope: Since it is not yet solved, we will keep it in mind but may fall within scope when it's decided

...This lead to a discussion of forms and a replacement for HEAT system

  • Discussion of disparate forms and tools for forms
  • Limitations of open source forms, Cforms preventing the Wordpress upgrade, some here want to custom build a self service forms creation tool, etc.
  • Helpdesk cares a lot about efficiencies and consistency across their forms
  • Helpdesk is replacing HEAT this year
  • At this point, Jim strongly recommends Helpdesk moving to Parature, which has its own forms tool (Jim will send us all info. on this)
  • Sense that we should bring up this issue in our meeting with Jeff on 8/20
  • Decided that we will add a section in our Recommendations doc discussing the need to solve the problems relating to forms
  • Can we find a tool that encompasses all forms across campus (not just LIS)--public safety, facilities, library, helpdesk, etc.?
  • We will inventory current web forms, solicit feedback on what paper forms could be switched to web forms, and make recommendations for a central place(s) on the web for forms to be organized and accessed
  • Try out the Drupal add-on forms tool (Amherst has been running all their web forms on this for 3 years)
  • We will add a section on soliciting feedback on forms from our primary contacts in our version of the web redo workbooks
  • General discussion of costs and benefits of open source options, in light of budget cuts and staff reductions

LIS student employee survey results

  • Brief overview of results
  • Pretty much concurs with our results from the LIS staff survey
  • See more on the Blog

Tomorrow: Finalizing our Recommendations document in preparation for our meeting with Jeff.

2009: August 13

Present: Liz, Barbara, Ian, Doreen, Jess

Recs Doc editing

  • Going over suggested changes
  • Barbara will add in paragraph on changing the LIS Wiki Main page sections to include gateways for different users
  • Doreen emailing Elin for clarification about her question on workflows, for other input


  • Discussion of whether having PCs internal and external as same person make sense or not; a sense that perhaps these should be different people

August 19 agenda:

  • Team approves Recs doc, prepares for meeting with Jeff R.
  • Possible further discussion of meetings with PCs
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