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| [http://blogs.middlebury.edu/lis/ go/lisblog]<br>  
| [http://blogs.middlebury.edu/lis/ go/lisblog]<br>  
| Alex Chapin: for design/tech<br><br> AD team ''[specific name TBA]'' for content changes<br>
| Alex Chapin: for design/tech<br><br> Mike Roy: for content changes<br>

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Content Manager Role

These are the primary content managers for the LIS site listed. Their responsibilities:

  • They are the contact person for questions about their sections of the site
  • They ensure their section of the site is current and accurate (which may involve delegating tasks to others). See Tools below
  • They possess the necessary skills and tools do this (or will receive training)
  • They consult with stakeholders before implementing major refresh & enhancements

Contacts for LIS Sites

Part of Site Details Content Manager

  • Overall Library site
go/lib  , Research, Liaisons, & all library-related wiki content
[Carrie Macfarlane -- or someone else TBD]/Bryan Carson
  • MIDCAT (Library portal)
go/midcat Barbara Merz
  • Circulation (Drupal & wiki)
go/borrowing, & all circ-related wiki content
Dan Frostman
  • Special Collections
go/special, go/archives, all SC & archives wiki content
Andy Wentink
  • Music Library
Joy Pile
  • Armstrong Library
Carrie Macfarlane
  • Research & Collection Services (RCS) [formerly Collection Management & ACS]
CM Drupal & all CM-related wiki content 
Terry Simpkins
  • Digital collections
Bryan Carson

  • Overall Technology portal/landing page (to be created)
  Jim Beauchemin
  • Helpdesk (Drupal & Wiki)
go/helpdesk & all related wiki content
Jim Beauchemin
  • Telephone Services
go/telephone & all telephone-related wiki content
Peggy Fischel
  • Banner, etc. Documentation
Marcy Smith
  • Media Services & Public Computing
all media services wiki content & any public computing wiki pages
Petar Mitrevski
  • Teaching/Learning (& web presence of digital media tutors)
go/ct any CT content on wiki
Curric Tech team [specific name TBD]
  • Reporting & BI

  • LIS & subpages
Doreen Bernier
  • LIS Blog
Alex Chapin: for design/tech

Mike Roy: for content changes
  • Emergency
emergency manuals & other wiki content
Joseph Watson

Tools for Content Managers

  • SiteCheck reports: monthly; sent to Content Managers via email. (Example of report (PDF))
  • "Report a problem with this Page" errors: as they occur; sent to Barbara Merz (currently), who forwards to appropriate Content Manager
  • Google analytics: training workshops are in development; more information later

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