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These are the primary content managers for the LIS site listed. Their responsibilities:

  • They are the contact person for questions about their sections of the site
  • They ensure their section of the site is current and accurate (which may involve delegating tasks to others)
  • They possess the necessary skills and tools do this (or will receive training)
  • They consult with stakeholders before implementing major refresh & enhancements

Contacts for Site

Part of Site Details Content Manager

  • Overall Library site
go/lib & all library-related wiki content
Carrie Macfarlane/Bryan Carson
Joe A./Terry S.
  • MIDCAT (Library portal)
go/midcat Barbara Merz Mike L.
  • Circulation (Drupal & wiki)
go/borrowing, & all circ-related wiki content
Dan Frostman
Mary B.
  • Special Collections
go/special, go/archives, all SC & archives wiki content
Andy Wentink
Terry S.
  • Music Library
Joy Pile
Carrie M.
  • Armstrong Library
Carrie Macfarlane
Terry S.
  • Collection Management/RCS
Drupal & all CM-related wiki content
Terry Simpkins
Mike R.
  • Digital collections
Bryan Carson
Joe A.

  • [Overall Technology site?]

  • Helpdesk (Drupal & Wiki)
go/helpdesk & all related wiki content
Jim Beauchemin Mary B.
  • Telephone Services
go/telephone & all telephone-related wiki content
Peggy Fischel
Mary B.
  • Banner, etc. Documentation
Marcy Smith
Mike L.
  • Media Services & Public Computing
all media services wiki content & any public computing wiki pages
Petar Mitrevski
Mary B.
  • Teaching/Learning (& web presence of digital media tutors)
any CT content on wiki
Curric Tech team [specific name needed?]
Alex C.
  • Reporting & BI

  • About LIS/Landing Page
Doreen Bernier Mike R.
  • LIS Blog
Alex Chapin (content); AD team [specific name TBA] (content changes)
Joe A.
  • Emergency
wiki content
Joseph Watson
Terry S.

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