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Following the format of the information architecture recommendations provided by White Whale, this is a draft of the LIS Website Team's recommendations for the Information Architecture of the LIS pages. This draft is under review and does not contain the final recommendations of the team.

Guiding Principles

LIS Website Visual IA (opens as powerpoint file)

[Team, Edit this diagram here middfiles:\orgs\WebMakeover\LIS\LIS Website Visual IA.ppt]

LIS Search landing page

AKA go/lis, AKA www.middlebury.edu/lis[?]

Library 1st Tier Navigation

AKA go/library, AKA www.middlebury.edu/academics/library

[pages that have subpages and aren't simply links/widgets/feeds on the library page. pending feedback review, may be reordered, may be renamed, etc.]

  • Databases
  • Ask a Librarian
  • Find articles, books...
  • Citation & Style
  • Made by Midd
  • About the libraries
  • Library Collections
  • Borrowing and Use
  • Comments and Suggestions

Library 1st-3rd Tier Navigation

[feel free to take out ones that are not actually pages but links]

  • Databases
    • Alpha list
    • Most popular
    • Research guides
    • New/trial resources
    • Search widgets (?)
  • Ask a Librarian
    • Subject specialists
    • Ask-a-librarian web form
    • Text-a-librarian
    • Call a librarian
    • Reference hours
  • Find articles, books...
    • Find books, videos, music
    • Subject guides
    • Looking for tech help?
  • Citation & Style
  • Made by Midd
    • College Archives
    • Midd History et al.
  • About the libraries
    • Hours
    • Locations
    • Rooms
    • Contact us
    • Collections
    • Borrowing and use
    • LIS Staff Directory (?)
    • Departmental Directory
  • Library Collections
    • Main Library
    • Special Collections
    • College Archives
    • Government Documents
    • Vermont Collection(?)
    • Armstrong Library
    • Music Library
    • Davison
    • Digital Collections
    • Equipment for Checkout(?)
    • Reserves(?)
    • Faculty Authors(?)
    • Browsing(?)
    • History of Art and Architecture Visual Resources
    • Media
  • Borrowing and Use
  • Comments and Suggestions
    • Purchase suggestions
    • Comments and Feedback

Technology services 1st Tier Navigation

AKA go/helpdesk, AKA www.middlebury.edu/[?]

Technology services 1st-3rd Tier Navigation

Cross-LIS content

All staff working on the creation of the LIS website should identify content that is relevant in more than one area of the site. In creating web content, staff will create content directly related to their LIS function. All others should link to this content to avoid duplications. Individuals working on site creation are responsible for coordinating the creation and use of such content with the appropriate people.

Some examples of this type of content are film screening requests, loaner equipment.

Expanded Navigation & Content Recommendations

Page Notes
LIS Search landing
Expanded notes [expanding recommendations on content and/or IA]
Library main See page in progress with mockup for most recent version
Library subpage 1 See page in progress with mockup for most recent version
Library subpage 2 See page in progress with mockup for most recent version
Technology services main Technology services main page expanded notes
Technology services subpage 1 Technology services subpage 1 expanded notes
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