LS Technology Orientations

Basic Info

To see much of this info in presentation form, check out go/lstech/.
  1. Set up or reset Midd account passwords at go/activate/. BannerWeb ID and PIN required; if these are not available, call the Helpdesk during business hours for assistance.
  2. Connect to wireless: use MiddleburyCollege network, Midd e-mail and password. More info at go/wireless/.[1]
  3. Email: many LS faculty prefer to use the Web interface at go/mail/; help is available at go/webmailhelp/.
  4. Classes folders: One method for distributing files to students (others include Canvas and OneDrive/Google Drive). Info at go/middfiles/.
  5. Cloud Storage: Emphasize the inevitability of hard drive failure and the advantages of having data backed up and available from anywhere.
  6. Printing:
  7. More Help: go/helpdesk/, 802.443.2200
  1. Some Windows computers issued by other institutions may need to manually set up wireless.
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