LS Technology Orientations

Basic Info

To see much of this info in presentation form, check out go/lstech/.
  1. Set up or reset Midd account passwords at go/activate/. BannerWeb ID and PIN required; if these are not available, call the Helpdesk during business hours for assistance.
  2. Connect to wireless: use MiddleburyCollege network, Midd e-mail and password. More info at go/wireless/.[1]
  3. Email: many LS faculty prefer to use the Web interface at go/mail/; help is available at go/webmailhelp/.
  4. Classes folders: Simplest method for distributing files to students and allowing them to turn in assignments (others include Canvas and OneDrive/Google Drive). Info at go/middfiles/. This and other resources are available through the CourseHub.[2]
  5. Cloud Storage: Emphasize the inevitability of hard drive failure and the advantages of having data backed up and available from anywhere.
  6. Printing:
  7. More Help: go/helpdesk/, 802.443.2200

Common Tech Problems

Some issues are especially relevant to LS faculty:

  1. Some Windows computers issued by other institutions may need to manually set up wireless.
  2. Sometimes the correct courses don't appear for an instructor in the CourseHub. This usually applies when there are multiple professors per class. The correct way to fix this is to make sure they’re actually registered as instructors with the Registrar. This is sometimes a tough sell, so the workaround is for the lead professor to manually edit the "instructors" course group and add them. (The group names are DEPTCODE+"3"[for LS]+COURSENUM+SECTION+"-"+TERM – hence "Spanish (LS) 101, Section A, Language Schools/Summer 2017 - Instructors" would be SPAN3101a-l17-instructors.) Currently this is done through http://go.middlebury.edu/ecp though that may change soon.
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