Labs and Classrooms

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Useful Links

Lab status

Software and technology available in labs

Scheduling of spaces

  • go/mls - see when classrooms and other spaces are scheduled for use
  • go/r25 - scheduling information about classrooms and other facilities

Smart classroom help

Smart classroom troubleshooting

See also PC laptop projection problems.

Computer Projection


  • VGA cable is connected firmly to correct port (blue color, typically)
  • System has powered ON
  • Projector is ON
    • If the projector is on, it will project a message in one of the corner, at least indicating it is ON


  • Dell laptops: Press the Function (Fn) key and the F8 key together (Fn+F8), then wait a few seconds
    • This toggles the display mode so the laptop is using its LCD, as well as the VGA connection
  • Other PC laptops may have a similar keyboard combination, usually indicated by the symbolic representation of a computer screen
  • If your laptop's LCD is showing your Desktop, but the LCD is only projecting your desktop background:
    • Right-click on a blank spot on the Desktop:
    • Vista: select "Personalize"
    • XP: select "Display Properties"

Password Protected Classrooms

The audio/visual equipment in Dana Auditorium, Sunderland 110, Twilight Auditorium, and the Old Chapel boardroom is password protected. Please contact the Helpdesk x2200 for the passwords. Helpdesk staff can visit the Internal Wiki for more information.

Labstats reports on labs

Getting reports and statistics from labstats about the usage of our public computer labs, classrooms and auditoriums:

  • The root folder of the web server is on the labserver server in C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 6.0\hosts\labstats-svr\ROOT. We tend to put custom reports in the folder named "custom".

Specialty labs

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