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#REDIRECT [[Windows XP]]
The Language Schools need the most help with setting up languages on their computers, but we see a little of this during the year too. This page covers how to set up a computer to display in and type in other languages.
==Input methods==
'''Typing''' in a foreign language.
==== Windows XP / Vista ====
(For WinXP)
#Go to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel
#Regional and Language Options -> Languages tab -> click '''Details'''
#Click '''Add''' to add new keyboard input layouts.
#Also look for the '''Language Bar''' button to add the language switcher to the taskbar.
#'''We need a section on adding support for east Asian, Arabic, Cyrillic, etc.''' -- A Windows install CD is needed for this...
#If adding Chinese, see the section on [[Typing in Chinese|Typing in Chinese]]
Use the '''on-screen keyboard''' to see where each letter is, when your current input method is not the same layout as the layout of the keyboard you are using.
*To start OSK on WinXP: Start -> Run -> '''osk''' and press enter
*To start OSK on Vista: Start -> type in '''osk''' and press enter
==Change the entire system's language==
This section guides you through changing the language of the entire system (e.g. changing English menus, buttons, programs so that they appear in a different language).
====Windows XP / Vista====
In Windows XP you need to buy and install a special international edition of Windows to have multiple languages available.
Does anyone know whether Vista makes this easier?

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