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[[Category:Liaison documentation]]

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This is a description for LIS staff of the role of LIS Liaisons in communication and referrals.

The role of LIS Liaisons is explained to researchers (faculty/students/staff) on the Liaisons to Academic Departments page.

Communication with Departments

While liaisons are glad to pass information along, other staff in LIS should consider contacting departments directly, especially when they have time-sensitive or detailed requests for information. Liaisons are not meant to be the sole conduit for communication with departments. If a message might require specialized follow-up then it will be most efficient for the specialist to communicate directly with the department. For example, Reserves and HelpDesk should contact departments directly with semester start-up advice. Other LIS staff should copy liaisons (and vice versa) when they send out messages of this nature.

Referrals within LIS

Direct Help

When a researcher (faculty/student/staff) needs immediate help or in-depth expertise, LIS staff should refer the person directly to the Technology HelpDesk (x2200, helpdesk@middlebury.edu), the Reference Desk (x5496, refdesk@middlebury.edu), the Circulation Desk (x5494, library_circulation@middlebury.edu), Reserves (x5495, libres@middlebury.edu ), Interlibrary Loan (x5498, mdyill@middlebury.edu), or other appropriate areas in LIS.  Liaison contact with a department is not intended to address all user needs.

Referrals from Liaisons

Liaisons should make referrals to other staff in LIS when they receive questions that fall outside their areas of expertise. (Contact information is above.) Note that the Helpdesk prefers that inquiries go through Web Help Desk, x2200 or helpdesk@middlebury.edu rather than to individual staff members. This will allow them to track each inquiry. If a liaison is unsure of whom to contact within LIS, lisleaders@middlebury.edu (all LIS managers) should be able to provide advice.

Help with Moodle and Course Hub

When HelpDesk receives a question about Moodle or the Course Hub:

  1. If the question can be answered within the HelpDesk, HelpDesk will answer it.  
  2. If the question cannot be answered within the HelpDesk, HelpDesk will refer faculty to Moodle documentation in the wiki and tell faculty that they will have a liaison get in touch.
  3. HelpDesk will create a Web Help Desk ticket and an email alert will be sent to LIS Liaisons Outlook list (LISLiaisons@middlebury.edu).
  4. In response to the email from Web Help Desk, primary or tech liaison for that faculty member will respond. See Liaison Guide to Web Help Desk.
  5. After issue has been resolved, the person who took responsibility will add any new tips to the Moodle FAQ, update the Web Help Desk ticket, and share any relevant advice with HelpDesk. Note: Joe and Heather meet regularly with Help Desk to review tickets, so advice can be sent to Help Desk staff through them as well.

For a description of how liaisons will participate in problem resolution, see Liaison follow-up on inquiries, complaints, issues, etc..

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