Liaison Guide to Faculty Software Requests

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Useful links

Faculty requests for software we currently license

When faculty request software we currently license, please ask them to fill out a Helpdesk ticket. Here's that list of currently supported software again.

Faculty requests for new software

If a faculty member contacts you with a request to purchase new software for curricular use, please follow these steps:

  • Perform a preliminary software evaluation. Much of the information needed can be found on manufacturer’s websites.
  1. does the new request duplicate the functionality found in software we already have? (go/howdoi might be a useful starting point.) If so, what are the benefits to the new software over the existing software?
  2. what is the basic cost (a preliminary estimate is sufficient. If the website does not provide pricing, indicate that as well)
  3. what platforms are supported - Mac? PC? Both? Other (e.g. Linux?)
  4. what is the anticipated use of the new software: research? curricular? both?
  5. software requests for single-user licenses limited to the requesting faculty member’s computer
  • Discuss problematic issues uncovered by the evaluation with the requesting faculty member. For example, if the software is limited to a specific platform/OS, encourage the faculty member to think about the needs of their colleagues and students who may be using the unsupported platform;
  • For software requests that duplicate currently existing functionality, ask the faculty for a fuller consideration of the software’s functionality, purpose, and features;
  • Confirm that the faculty member wants to pursue purchase/subscription;
  • If the faculty member wants to move ahead with the request, please file a Help Desk ticket with the details, including the results of your evaluation.

Annual software survey for faculty

  1. For a list of software currently installed on public lab computers, please visit this page. Software listed as being on every computer does not have to be requested by faculty for installation in public labs; specialty software should be requested again every semester if necessary.
  2. The annual software survey is sent out in May;
  3. If you talk with faculty and discover they have missed the deadline for filling out the survey, please direct them to the Helpdesk so that the Helpdesk can walk them through the process, time permitting;
  4. If Helpdesk or other staff notice commonly requested software that is missing from the survey requests, please notify the appropriate liaison in order for the liaison to follow up with faculty.
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