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This page is a space to put and collaborate on documents from the Liaison Program Steering Committee.

Committee Members

  • Carrie Rampp
  • Terry Simpkins
  • Judy Watts
  • Joe Toth
  • Joe Antonioli
  • Jean Simmons
  • Bryan Carson

Liaison Notes 2008-05-08 and 2008-05-28

Categories for Liaison Advisory Team (Coordinators, Consultants, term TBD)

Using Resources, Services and Tools

  • Ref asst
  • Research strategy
  • Training
  • FYSE
  • Best prac/effective assign.
  • Guides (content)
  • Citations/Refworks
  • Application instruction

Acquiring and Publishing Info Resources

  • Colldev
  • Copyright/Scholarly Communication
  • Consortial activity
  • Usage stats/studies

Providing and Creating Tools

  • Guides
  • Media creation and capture
  • Social software
  • Media lab
  • Courseware
  • Software
  • Web presence
    • WebPAC
    • Library Webpage

Promoting and Evaluating Resources, Services and Tools

  • User studies
    • Ethnographic studies
  • Surveys
  • Testing
  • LIS Publications

Human Resources (DLIS appointment or an Area Director)

  • Allows for monitoring issues at the AD level or above.
  • Acts as "interface" of the Liaison Program with the Org. Chart.

Liaison Steering Team


  • People on the LAT would be determined by the (tasks??)
  • Would be fluid, but would remain in balance with respect to the 5 categories above.
  • Expectations and Traits for the individuals listed below.


  • What resource/tool?
  • Who works us/?
  • Communication
  • Keep abreast of emerging trends
  • Assess current projects


  • Big picture
  • Synthesizing
  • Best practices
  • Communicator
  • Translator & interpretor
  • Adviser


  • Facilitate communication

Members of the LST (names)

  • Jeff Rehbach (publishing assessing, acquiring, Marketing)
  • Jean Simmons (instruction)
  • Carrie Macfarlane (marketing/instruction)
  • Joe Antonioli
  • Terry/Carrie R. (admin)
  • Mike Lynch (provide tools)
  • Mack Roark (instruction)
  • Bryan Carson
  • Joe Toth
  • Richard Jenkins (Media Services help desk person)
  • Mary Backus or designate


see Talk:Liaison Meeting Notes

  • Assessment
  • Class instruction
  • Digitization/IR (we'll come back to this topic because it's so large.)

LST Will:

Confer regularly and oversee and coordinate (and/or "do"):

  • Review and act on new requests (commitment to timely turn-around)
  • hold some open meetings
  • Catch up on current work in process
  • Assess...track activities
  • Plan/recommend
  • Determine/confer on info to be communicated to Liaisons, LIS, faculty, etc.
  • Develop and maintain appropriate written materials
  • Educate, train, recruit
    • identify talent pools

Convene/coordinate others to (more complex efforts, new efforts, to be generally aware):

  • Achieve program goals
  • Recruit, cajole

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