Liaison guide to Yankee’s Gobi database

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Basic Information

Your user name and password were created in June.
Contact Michele McHugh with questions about GOBI.

Firm Ordering

All commands below will appear in CAPS -- the commands appear on the left column.
To choose a title you MARK it by clicking the bar on the far left side of the record. To choose the batch of titles in your Select Cart, use the MARK ALL command without individually clicking each record. This will be useful when you have a list of titles requested by one particular faculty member because you can add their name and hold information just once.

  • Quick Search (at top) by title or isbn
  • Confirm the Status of the item before selecting: okay to select titles with the status In Stock and Orders Accepted. For out of print titles, please use the Lib Acq Mailbox and Acquisitions will use an out of print vendor
  • SELECT CART (you have to click this to ‘edit’ items in the cart)
    Mark one item or use MARK ALL

Choose your template, at top. Unfortunately GOBI has the default as a blank box so you will have to choose your name each time. You can edit the quantity field but all the fields that are automatically filled in are necessary for our order record load to work, so please do not alter them.

  • Enter any other information in the INTERNAL NOTE field so it will also transfer to our Millennium order record. (Do not enter anything into the Note field).
    -requestor alias, chold, course number for curricular support (not for rush reserve),
    -Andy—here you can put “aber” – or “main and aber” if you are requesting 2 copies.
    If you, as the liaison, are the requestor you do not need to fill any extra fields.
  • SAVE at the bottom-right of the template

When you are done adding records and faculty information :


These items are now ready for Acquisitions. You can either delete those Selection Acknowledgements by MARKING ALL and REMOVE or you can save them if you wish. But if you save them, subsequent titles you are requesting will be queued at the bottom of your cart so you will have to scroll down.

E-books and GOBI

GOBI provides the option of purchasing eBooks from EBL. As of Apr. 25, 2011, please refrain from selecting eBooks through GOBI for inclusion in our EBL collection.

However, if you run into eBooks on GOBI, available from EBL, that look intriguing and that you'd like to add to our EBL collection:

  • check to be sure the ebook is provided by EBL.  GOBI includes eBooks from many vendors.  We do not currently have an agreement in place with other vendors, e.g eBrary.
  • send the title(s) you wish to add to Rebekah Irwin.
  • The title will be made "visible" in our EBL collection and in MIDCAT after the MARC record is loaded.
  • You can then access them via short-term loan as needed (4 STLs will generate a purchase).

We’ll come up with a better mechanism down the road, but let’s try this for now.

Rush Holds and Reserves

Please continue to submit rush hold and rush reserve requests to libacqreq@middlebury.edu rather than to GOBI. Yankee does offer a rush option but it requires additional charges and they cannot accomodate our electronic invoicing function with such orders.

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