Liaison social media directory

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Liaison social media directory

Joe Antonioli

  • del.icio.us: vocalvt
  • AIM: vocalvt
  • SecondLife: Kiyup Ingraham

Alex Chapin

Adam Franco

  • del.icio.us: otterfall
  • AIM: adamfranco
  • YahooIM: adamstewartfranco
  • GoogleTalk: adamfranco@gmail.com
  • Skype: adamfranco
  • AllPeers: afranco
  • AllPeers: afranco_work

Jess Isler

Richard Jenkins

  • AIM: richardatmidd
  • del.icio.us: rdjvt1
  • SecondLife: random barthelmess
  • Yahoo IM: vtreader2

Mike Lynch

  • del.icio.us: lynchvt
  • AIM: middlynch

Carrie Macfarlane

  • del.icio.us: carriemacstar
  • Yahoo IM: carrieatarmstrong
  • AIM: carrieatarmstrong
  • Librarything: cmacfarl
  • Second Life: Nosey Davies

Joy Pile

del.icio.us : jtptags

meebo: joyatmidd

Hans Raum

Reference Desk

Mike Roy

Andy Wentink

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