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**Color of headings
**Color of headings
**Box borders
**Box borders
**Pages: Column widths
**Tab styles and colors
**Tab styles and colors

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Some helpful guides for creating and editing LibGuides:

Tips for Creating Libguides
  • Page length: Try to keep landing page content above the fold
  • Text: Keep it brief! users mainly want links, examples.
  • Headings: Keep it brief (but not too brief!): make informative/intuitive to students.
    • Example: “Which style should I use?”
  • Comments availability:
    • Recommendation: Consider enabling for entire page only.
    • How to turn off for entire page or for individual boxes: see Toggling comments
  • Add “Ask a librarian” sidebar box widget and your profile box in right column
  • Style issues creators cannot change because they are default for site consistency
    • Color of headings
    • Box borders
    • Pages: Column widths
    • Tab styles and colors