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*Digital lecture archive<br>  
*Digital lecture archive<br>  
*Historic MiddleburyVermont Postcards
*Historic MiddleburyVermont Postcards
=== MiddMedia? ===
= Commercial Databases<br>  =
= Commercial Databases<br>  =

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List resources you would like to include in LibraryFind

  • D-space - theses
  • concerto – spec collections honors theses dbs
  • should CONTENTdm collections be all one collection, or separated out?
  • categories – which resources would cluster in which category?

Purpose of LibraryFind

Can we draft a scope note for LibraryFind that will guide us as we decide what it should search? Imagine an "About LibraryFind" page; what would it say? Questions to consider as we think about this: 

  1. Is it just for library-approved content, or for content produced by anyone at Midd?  Think about theses written by students and uploaded by the library, photos taken by professors for use in lectures, LIS annual reports, finding aids for Special Collections, and even content in Segue course pages...
  2. What might a student expect to find in a search for "local content"?
  3. What problem are we trying to solve by providing LibraryFind?

Local Resources


  • Alumni pamphlet master -- it would be great if we could help users understand that this is just a finding aid, that it won't lead to fulltext online; not sure if that can be done in the concerto interface (probably not?)
  • Theses -- similar to above, it would be great if we could help users understand that concerto records for theses won't lead to fulltext online


  • Middlebury College senior theses & senior work


  • College archive
  • Digital lecture archive
  • Historic MiddleburyVermont Postcards


Commercial Databases


  • Academic Onefile
  • Project Muse

Arts & Humanities



  • MLA


This is most important:

  • Web of Science

These could be Included if it wouldn't be too difficult, and if inclusion wouldnt clutter results lists:

  • GeoRef
  • NASA ADS (if possible?)
  • ProQuest Science Journals
  • PubMed
  • ScienceDirect
  • SciFinder Scholar (if possible?)

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