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{{WP nav pages (header bar)}}
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Community Portal
Community Portal
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| align=right|[[WP:BB]]&nbsp;•&nbsp;[[WP:BOLD]]
| align=right|[[WP:BB]]&nbsp;•&nbsp;[[WP:BOLD]]
| [[Wikipedia:Citing sources|Citing sources]]
| [[Wik
| align=right|[[WP:CITE]]&nbsp;•&nbsp;[[WP:REF]]
| [[Wikipedia:Copyrights|Copyrights]]
| align=right|[[WP:C]]
| [[Wikipedia:Editing policy|Editing]]
| align=right|[[WP:EP]]
| [[Wikipedia:External links|External links]]
| align=right|[[WP:EL]]
| [[Wikipedia:Image use policy|Image use]]
| align=right|[[WP:IUP]]
| [[Wikipedia:Verifiable|Include only verifiable information]]
| align=right|[[WP:V]]
| [[Wikipedia:Manual of Style|Manual of Style]]
| align=right|[[WP:MOS]]&nbsp;•&nbsp;[[WP:STYLE]]
| [[Wikipedia:Neutral point of view|Neutral point of view]]
| align=right|[[WP:NPOV]]
| [[Wikipedia:What Wikipedia is not|What Wikipedia is not]]
| align=right|[[WP:WWIN]]&nbsp;•&nbsp;[[WP:NOT]]
===Working with others===
{| width="92%" style="padding-left:1.5em; padding-right:1em; background-color:transparent;"
| [[Wikipedia:Assume good faith|Assume good faith]]
| align=right|[[WP:AGF]]&nbsp;•&nbsp;[[WP:FAITH]]
| [[Wikipedia:Avoid instruction creep|Avoid instruction creep]]
| align=right|[[WP:CREEP]]
| [[Wikipedia:Civility|Civility]] and [[Wikipedia:Etiquette|etiquette]]
| align=right|[[WP:CIV]]&nbsp;•&nbsp;[[WP:EQ]]
| [[Wikipedia:Consensus|Consensus]]
| align=right|[[WP:CON]]
| [[Wikipedia:Please do not bite the newcomers|Don't bite the newcomers]]
| align=right|[[WP:BITE]]
| [[Wikipedia:Don't disrupt Wikipedia to illustrate a point|Don't disrupt Wikipedia to illustrate a point]]
| align=right|[[WP:POINT]]
| [[Wikipedia:No personal attacks|No personal attacks]]
| align=right|[[WP:NPA]]&nbsp;•&nbsp;[[WP:ATTACK]]
| [[Wikipedia:Resolving disputes|Resolving disputes]]
| align=right|[[WP:DR]]
| [[Wikipedia:Vandalism|Vandalism]]
| align=right|[[WP:VAND]]
| style="width:50%; background:#F5FAFF; border-left:1px solid #A3B1BF; padding:1.2em;" valign="top" |
New user information
[[Wikipedia:Introduction|Introduction]] ·
[[Wikipedia:Sandbox|Sandbox]] ·
[[Help:Contents|Help]] ·
[[Wikipedia:New user log|New user log]] ·
[[WP:ADOPT|Adoption]] ·
[[Wikipedia:What Wikipedia is not|What Wikipedia is not]] ·
[[Wikipedia:Glossary|Glossary]] · [[Wikipedia:Why create an account?|Account benefits]]
Ways to communicate
[[Wikipedia:Contact us|Contact (overview)]] ·
[[Wikipedia:Talk page|Discussion pages]] ·
[[Wikipedia:Mailing lists|Mailing lists]] ·
[[m:IRC channels|IRC chat]] ·
[[Wikipedia:Instant Messaging Wikipedians|Instant Messaging]] ·
[[Wikipedia:Meetup|Meetups]] ·
[[Wikipedia:User page|User pages]] ·
[[Wikipedia:Current surveys|Surveys]] ·
[[Wikipedia:Watch|Public watchlists]] ·
[[Wikipedia:Regional notice boards|Regional notice boards]] ·
[[Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard|Administrators' noticeboard]] ·
[[Wikipedia:Requests for feedback|Requests for article feedback]] ·
[[Wikipedia:Local Embassy|Local Embassy]]
Community support groups and programs
[[Wikipedia:Welcoming committee|Welcoming committee]] ·
[[Wikipedia:Editor assistance|Editor assistance]] ·
[[Wikipedia:Adopt-a-user|Wiki-adoption]] ·
[[Wikipedia:Birthday Committee|Birthday Committee]] ·
[[Wikipedia:Harmonious editing club|Harmonious editing club]] ·
[[Wikipedia:Kindness Campaign|Kindness Campaign]] ·
[[Wikipedia:Reach out|Reach out]] ·
[[Wikipedia:Stress alerts|Stress alerts]] ·
[[Template:Barnstarpages|Wikipedia awards program]] ·
[[Wikipedia:Department of Fun|Dept. of Fun]] ·
[[Wikipedia:One featured article per quarter|One featured article per quarter]] ·
[[Wikipedia:WikiProject Missing encyclopedic articles|Missing encyclopedic articles]]
Common Procedures
[[Wikipedia:Featured content|Featured content]] ·
[[Wikipedia:Good articles|Good articles]] ·
[[Wikipedia:Requests for feedback|Requests for feedback]] ·
[[Wikipedia:Articles for deletion|Deleting a page]] (<small>[[Wikipedia:Deletion policy|full policy]]</small>) ·
[[Wikipedia:Requested moves|Moving a page]] (<small>[[Wikipedia:Naming conventions|naming policies]]</small>) ·
[[Wikipedia:Requests for page protection|Protecting a page]] (<small>[[Wikipe

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Community Portal

Welcome to the Community Portal. This is the central place to find out what's happening on Wikipedia. Learn what tasks need to be done, what groups can be joined, and get or post news about recent events or current activities.

You might be looking for...


Community bulletin board

Post your Wikipedia-related news and announcements here!

Template:Announcements/Community bulletin board

Help out

Wikipedia is, by number of articles, the largest encyclopedia ever to exist. However, many articles are stubs, or otherwise need attention. If you like, go ahead, be bold, and jump right in. If you aren't ready to fly solo, you can participate in a Collaboration.

Things to do

Fix-up projects

Article Categorization
Bad category names
Bad links
Category needs checking
Core topics needing cleanup
Dead-end pages
Disambig pages with links
Elements of Style
League of Copyeditors

Missing articles
Most wanted articles
Most wanted stubs
Name disambiguation
Stub sorting
Templates with red links
Transwiki log cleanup
Unreferenced articles
Untagged images
Untagged stubs

{{Wikipedia:Community Portal/Opentask}} Not sure where to report a certain type of problem with article content? If it exists, it's probably listed at Wikipedia:Maintenance.


To improve the quality of articles that are short or lacking in detail, Wikipedia's community organizes collaborations to expand articles.

{{Wikipedia:Community Portal/aid-summary}}

{{Wikipedia:Community Portal/gac-summary}}

{{Wikipedia:Community Portal/ctc-summary}}

Template:Announcements/Current collaborations

Other collaborations

Active improvement teams


Library & ITS Wiki:Community Portal/Maintenance Collaboration


WikiProjects are ongoing team efforts to improve articles having to do with a particular subject, and to manage the logistics of that topic. Hundreds exist — examine the master list to find one that interests you. They are separate from, though may work with, Collaborations.

Language translation

Wikipedia is not just in English! Versions exist in many different languages. To fill in some of the English Wikipedia's gaps, we translate articles from other languages into English. You can view a list of articles that need translation from any language, or, in a few cases, by only one language (this is only available for the more popular languages).

Guidelines, help, and resources

Wikipedia has many help pages, policies, and departments. Here are some of the most general. For a comprehensive list of Wikipedia's departments, see the Wikipedia department directory.



Policies and guidelines

Wikipedia has many established policies, guidelines, conventions, and traditions. This is a very brief sampling of some of the most important; for more information, see the main policies and guidelines page. Policies and guidelines apply both to articles and how to work with fellow editors. For easy access, the shortcuts to the pages are also listed.

Article standards

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