Library Lockers and Study Carrels

Library Lockers and Study Carrels Guidelines

  • Library materials must be checked out at the Circulation Desks before storing in a locker or carrel
  • Lockers and Carrels are subject to regular inspection
  • Library-use-only materials may not be stored in carrels and lockers and are subject to removal 
  • Lockers and carrels will be cleared of contents if key is not returned by the due date
  • If removed, personal belongings will be placed in the lost&found
  • If removed, library materilas will be checked-in and re-shelved

Library Lockers

  • Keys may be borrowed at the Davis Family and Armstrong Circulation Desks on a first-come, first-served basis for a 28-day loan
  • Locker keys may be renewed in person at any of the Circulation Desks or by contacting library_circulation@middlebury.edu or by using My MidCat, before the locker key goes overdue.
  • Lockers will be cleared of all contents at the end of every semester
  • Lockers will be cleared of contents if key is not returned by the due date

Thesis Carrels

  • Eligible seniors may reserve an available carrel online beginning at 8:00 am on a TBD day near the beginning of each semester
  • Initially seniors may reserve a thesis carrel if currently enrolled in a 500, 600 or 700 level thesis/project.
  • Due to high demand last year, ONLY students enrolled in those classes will be eligible to check out a carrel key during the first week of signups.
  • Please stop by the circulation desk BEFORE the sign-up day to ensure that you are in our system as being eligible to book a carrel key. To help ensure that you are eligible, please bring a printout or be prepared to show us online that you are signed up for such a class.
  • 1 week after the initial sign-up, we will open carrels to SENIORS who are not writing a thesis, assuming there are any available. We also reserve the right to recall these keys in the event that there is a senior who is writing a thesis who needs a carrel.
  • Carrel keys checked out in September will be due back in December, even if you are continuing your thesis work in the Spring. In order to renew your key for the Spring semester, you will need to provide proof that you are enrolled in a thesis-level course for J-term and/or Spring term.
  • How to book a thesis carrel online
  • If you want a carrel at Armstrong Library please inquire at the circulation desk in Armstrong
  • Midd ID required to pick up key
  • Borrowing account must be clear of all overdues

Thesis Carrels - Davis Family Library

Thesis Carrels - Armstrong Library

  • Please stop by the Circulation Desk in person to reserve a carrel
  • There are 9 thesis carrels available on the lower level of the Armstrong Library

Faculty Carrels

  • 16 faculty carrels (in 2 suites) are located in the Davis Family Library
  • They may be reserved through the Office of the Dean of Faculty

Library Carrels - Summer

  • Study Carrels may be reserved during the Summer semester by currently enrolled Language School, Bread Loaf School of English and academic year students, faculty and staff on a first-come, first-served basis starting the first day of the summer session. A map of the carrels can be found here. Please note that during the summer, carrels 70-227 are reserved as Language Carrel Suites.
  • Study Carrel Suites have been set aside for use by specific Language Schools; individual carrels within the Language Suites are available on a first come, first served basis and may not be reserved; the Language Suites are intended for the exclusive use of the language specified. MAP

Lost & Found

  • Personal belongings cleared from carrels, lockers, and library public use spaces will be temporarily kept in the Lost & Found at the Circulation Desks
  • Valuables will be sent to Public Safety
  • Other abandoned belongings will eventually be sent to the Campus Re-use Center
  • Library materials will be cleared from accounts and re-shelved.

If you lose your key...

If you lose your carrel or locker key, please alert a Circulation Supervisor.  Replacements for keys are $20, and may take from 1-3 weeks.  Replacement carrel keys will be reissued to you; there is no guarantee that you will be able to have your locker key reissued.  Circ recommends you check out a different locker key while the replacement is created.

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