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Once you leave Middlebury your access to various technology services begins to change and you need to be aware of what lies ahead and prepare accordingly.
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=== Access Based on Group Membership ===
Access to many apps and services is granted based on membership in groups of '''active '''students, staff, and/or faculty.  '''Access is removed immediately upon a change in status.'''  For students, this happens at graduation.  For faculty and staff, this happens upon retirement or leaving the College. 
Please note that the following services are impacted <u>immediately</u>:
*Adobe desktop apps
*LinkedIn Learning
*Microsoft Office 365
*VPN access
=== Policy-Based Access ===
Per policy, access to the following resources is '''provided for 6 months''':
*Email account (''username@middlebury.edu'')
**''Exception:&nbsp; Retirees have lifetime access.'' 
*OneDrive and Google cloud storage
*<u>Online</u> Google/Microsoft Office apps
*Midd/Miisfiles & Classes storage
*Websites on sites.midd and sites.miis
*Websites on middcreate
=== Important Recommendations -- To Do Before Your Departure ===
*If you want to save your email for use after you have left campus, you must export your messages to an Outlook Data File using Outlook 365 (<u>not</u> Webmail) while you still have full access to Microsoft Office!&nbsp; Refer to these [https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/back-up-your-email-e5845b0b-1aeb-424f-924c-aa1c33b18833 instructions] for details.&nbsp; Note:&nbsp; You will need to purchase your own copy of Office 365 in order to use the exported file.

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Content for this wiki page has been moved to the TeamDynamix Knowledge Base:


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