Life After Middlebury - Technology

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Once you leave Middlebury your access to various technology services begins to change and you need to be aware of what lies ahead and prepare accordingly.

  • Access to many apps and services is granted based on membership in groups of active students, staff, and/or faculty.  Access is removed immediately upon a change in status.  For students, this happens at graduation.  For faculty and staff, this happens upon retirement or leaving the College.  Please note that the following services are impacted immediately:
    • Adobe desktop apps
    • LinkedIn Learning
    • Microsoft Office 365
    • VPN access
    • Zoom
  • Per policy, access to the following resources is provided for 6 months:
    • Canvas
    • Email account (username@middlebury.edu)
    • OneDrive and Google cloud storage
    • Online Google/Microsoft Office apps
    • Panopto
    • Midd/Miisfiles & Classes storage
    • Websites on sites.midd and sites.miis
    • Websites on middcreate
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