Life After Middlebury - Technology

Once you leave Middlebury your access to various technology services begins to change and you need to be aware of what lies ahead and prepare accordingly.  See Recommendations for important tips.

Access Based on Group Membership

Access to many apps and services is granted based on membership in groups of active students, staff, and/or faculty.  Access is removed immediately upon a change in status.  For students, this happens at graduation.  For faculty and staff, this happens upon retirement or leaving the College. 

Please note that the following services are impacted immediately:

  • Adobe desktop apps
  • Apporto ?
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Microsoft Office 365 for download
  • VPN access
  • Zoom


Policy-Based Access

Per policy, access to the following resources is provided for 6 months:


Important Recommendations -- To Do Before Your Departure

  • If you want to save your email for use after you have left campus, you must export your messages to an Outlook Data File using Outlook 365 (not Webmail) while you still have full access to Microsoft Office!  Refer to these instructions for details.  Note:  You may need to purchase your own copy of Office 365 in order to use the exported file, depending on which email program you plan to use.
  • Review your MFA settings to make sure they will still be appropriate once you leave campus.


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