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This page contains information about Middlebury's load tables in Millennium, particularly for batch loading.


Load Table Record Source(s) Preprocessing needed Latest load date Frequency of load
A EAM--Used for EBL  EBL

B BNA prompt Cat

C Load MARC file -- slow rate


G Gov docs -- used

I Load Ilsley vendor file 

L Ilsley OCLC

S SerSol -- used

T Load LTI MARC file LTI

No letter. m2btab.b

Editor Profile
milcat editing

Specific characteristics

Load Table Templates Item record 001  Cat date Other Notes
A EBL--Used for EBL(eam)

no items

B BNA prompt Cat(pcat)

created from 949

C Load MARC file -- slow (zzz)

D BNA TOC  (toc)

no items

G Gov docs  (gov)
item template govdoce

I Load Ilsley vendor file (ipl)

L Ilsley OCLC  (z39)

S Load a SerSol MARC  (sersol)
no items

T Load LTI MARC file  (ltibib)

Acquisitions - Import invoices(pcat)

created from 949

not from data exchange
Connexion (b)

created from 949

not from data exchange

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