Loading Records Using Data Exchange

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Downloading from online site (like Oxford)

Using MarcEdit

Download file:

Usually you have the option to Save or Open with Marcedit. You save a step or two by opening with MarcEdit.

Output file: click Browse, then name file, save to desktop (usually), and save as type MARC text file (using mrk extension). This will allow you to view records and make changes.

Click Execute.

Go to desktop and click icon to open

Make changes:

Tools--Add/Edit fields, etc. ; Edit--Find/replace, etc.

File -- Compile file into MARC. Creates it with mrc extension.

Should be on your desktop now.

Using Millennium Data Exchange

Click Data Exchange icon

Get PC: select desktop; select file. click upload

Accepted suffix: lfts

Highlight file: click Prep

Click Start.

Close. Saves as type lmarc

HIghlight file if not already

Click Load C (load a MARC file slow rate)

Select process: Load records via locally created load profiles

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