Loading Records Using Data Exchange

Downloading MARC records from online site (like Oxford)

Edit/Prepare records via MarcEdit

  1. Download file from Vendor/publisher website: Usually you have the option to Save or Open with Marcedit. You save a step or two by opening with MarcEdit.
  2. Using MarcEdit
  • MarcEdit output file: click Browse, then name file. 
  • Click Execute. Saves as MARC text file (using mrk extension). This will allow you to view records and make changes.
  • Go to desktop and click icon to open
  • Make changes to records, using:
• Tools--Add/Edit fields, etc. (e.g., 655 Electronic books)
• Edit--Find/replace, etc. (856 ezproxy prefix)
• File--Compile file into MARC. Creates /saves on desktop with mrc extension.

Using Millennium Data Exchange

  1. On the left menu Millennium Client toolbar, click Data Exchange icon
  2. Click Get PC icon at top: select desktop; then select file. Click Upload
  3. For "Accepted suffix", choose: lfts.Click OK
  4. Back at main results list, highlight file & click Prep icon at top
  5. Click Start.
  6. Close. Saves as type lmarc
  7. Highlight file if not already
  8. Click Load A (EAM file). You  may need to alert Barbara Merz to change the item record template this Load table points to.
  9. Select Process: Load records via locally created load profiles
  10. Check records in Millennium.