Log and Capture

If you need to capture footage that was shot onto a miniDV tape launch the log and capture window by going to File -> Log and Capture.

File -> Log and Capture.

Insert your miniDV tape into the MiniDV deck and rewind the tape to the beginning by pressing the rewind button on the MiniDV deck. You should have device control as long as your Log and Capture window says "VTR Okay" which means you can control the deck from the computer. Use the "J" key to rewind, "L" key to fast forward and the "K" key to stop. You thumb should naturally rest on the space bar which can be used to play and stop the tape. Each time that you hit the "J" or the "L" keys the deck will scrub faster. Set your in and out points for your first scene/take using the "i" and "o" keys on the keyboard and then click the "Log Clip" button.

Click the "Log Clip" button.

Add a description of the scene/take when prompted and click save. This will add a clip icon to your browser and it will have a red slash through it. Continue these two steps until you have worked through all of your scenes. Click on "Batch" and the miniDV deck will capture all of the clips that you just logged.

Click the "Batch" button.

If you have problems batch capturing please read the Troubleshooting Timecode Errors document. Once everything has been captured and there are no clips in the browser with a red slash through them you can close the log and capture window.

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