Log and Transfer

The following instructions explain how to log and transfer footage from the SxS memory cards that are used with our Sony EX1 video camera.

  • Turn the power off to the camera and remove the SxS card from the memory slot. Handle the memory cards very gently as they are relatively fragile and very expensive.
  • Open the XDCAM EX Clip Browser application, which is located in the Applications Folder.
  • Go to its preferences and make sure "Perform CRC check after copy" is selected.
CRC check and destination box.
  • Select the destination where you want your clips to be saved to and close preferences.
  • Begin the transfer by selecting the Transfer All button.
Transfer All button.
  • Once the transfer is complete, eject the mounted SxS card by dragging it to the trash, launch Final Cut Pro, Select File->Log and Transfer. (Or Command+Shift+8)
File -> Log and Transfer.
  • Browse to the directory that has your media.
  • The window is divided into two sections––the left side allows you to select clips, the right is for playback and logging.
The Log and Transfer Window.
  • You may use the playback window on the right to audition your clips. Select which clips you want to transfer by holding down either the command or shift keys and clicking on the clips. Once selected, simply click the "Add Selection to Queue" button. Transferring begins immediately and is faster than realtime.
Click the "Add Selection to Queue" button.
  • The transferred clips will appear in your Browser.

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