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[[Category:Circulation procedures]]
[[Category:Circulation procedures]]

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Staff may not help themselves to items in the lost and found.

Email may come to libcirc mailbox from online "Lost" form.  Circ staff can either respond directly to the patron about a found item, or they can refer the email and item to Public Safety.

Process as listed below

Send to Public Safety

  • Valuable items - all forms of ID Cards such as Midd Cards, driver's license, passports, keys, wallets, check-books, credit cards, jewelry, cell-phones, iPods, should be delivered to the Department of Public Safety the same day they are found. Call PS at ext. 5133 to have an officer pick up
  • If cash is turned in, get contact info for the person who turned it in: if it is unclaimed after 90 days, Public Safety offers it to the person who turned it in.

Send to Re-Use Center

  • Non-valuable items - clothing and misc unclaimed stuff

Evaluate for adding to loaner pool

  • Equipment, cords, cables, electronics, computing stuff

Deliver to P&P for Library booksale

  • Books 

Deliver to Collections Management

  • Media, DVDs, CDs etc.

Dispose of

  • Food and drink


  • Re-use drink and food containers

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