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Lowel Rifa-lite


Compact, lightweight, and self-contained, the Lowel Rifa-Lite EX 88 uses a simple umbrella design to achieve its quick and easy setup and strike capabilities. A 32 x 32" (81 x 81 cm) woven glass fabric, heat-resistant front diffuser provides sufficient illumination with soft shadows.

The EX Rifa socket consists of two main parts -- the base, and a removable, twist-turn socket that may be changed out for another EX socket that accepts single, or three E26 screw-in bulbs, or a socket that accepts lower wattage halogen bulbs.

Use it with its supplied TH-X1000 lamphead and 1000 watt lamp for highest output, or switch to 750 or 500 watt lamps for decreased output with the samelevel of softness. Now enhanced with the abilities of the Rifa eXchange System, this light can quickly swap to accessory lampheads for lower wattage AC/DC tungsten-halogen, or to use screw-threaded daylight fluorescents.

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