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4/30/21 Mac OS Security Vulnerability

A critical Mac Operating System (OS) security vulnerability has been exposed and Apple has released new versions of Mac OS to prevent exploits of the vulnerability.

Mac OS 11 (Big Sur) needs to be updated to 11.3

Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina) needs to be updated to the most recent 10.15.7 release, 19H1030. 

In general, operating systems should always be kept up to date and should never be more than three operating systems old. For example, as of April 2021, any OS older than macOS Mojave (10.14.6) is considered a security risk and should be updated to the newest version of macOS that will install on the hardware.

Below is a quick guide to help you check to see if your Mac has an operating system update available and execute the update, if needed.


Updating Instructions

Click on the Apple logo in the upper left corner of your screen. You can also find software updates in System Preferences located on the dock. The red arrows show both options.

Full Screen w-arrow.jpg


From the Apple menu, choose About This Mac.

About this Mac.jpg











Click the Software Update button.

About this Mac window.jpg










If you have not yet upgraded to Apple's latest operating system, Big Sur (11.x), you will have an option to update the version you are are currently running. You also have a choice to upgrade to Big Sur (latest version is 11.3).

  • If you want to upgrade to Big Sur, click the Upgrade Now button.
  • If you prefer to stay with the version currently installed, click the "More info..." link. This will provide you with the latest updates for your current version.
Updates are available.jpg










Click the Install Now button. The update will download and the computer will need to restart. Please save your work and close out of any open applications.











  • Important:  Please note that the time it takes for the download to complete and install can vary greatly depending on the bandwidth of your Internet Service Provider.


Updating Instructions -- Alternate Method

These snapshots show the update process if you use System Preferences from the Dock:

Click the System Preferences icon:





Click Software Update:

System Prefs w-arrow.jpg













Click the Upgrade Now button:

Software Update.jpg













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