MacOS BigSur

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MacOS Big Sur

macOS Big Sur (11.0) was released to the public November 12, 2020. 

Big Sur is a brand new operating system and is not recommended for general use on production computers at this time.  Please contact the Helpdesk if you have questions.


last updated 12/2/2020 -- use http://go/bigsur/ to visit again, easily

For upgrade from 10.14 or earlier, please see http://go/catalina as well for noteworthy changes introduced before Big Sur.



Current Known Issues & Areas of Concern

  1. Sophos AntiVirus does not support Big Sur.  A supported release is expected in the first quarter of 2021.  See here for updates.
  2. MathType, Kaleidagraph & Pro Tools are not supported at this time.

Resolved Issues:





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