MacOS Catalina

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MacOS Catalina

macOS Catalina (10.15) was released to the public October 7, 2019. 

Catalina is a brand new operating system, and is not recommended for general use on production computers at this time.  Please contact the helpdesk if you have questions.


last updated 10/7/2019 -- use http://go/catalina/ to visit again, easily

For upgrade from 10.13 or earlier, please see http://go/mojave/ as well for noteworthy changes introduced before Catalina.






Current Known Issues & Areas of Concern[edit]

  1. 32-bit applications will no longer be supported as of Catalina.  Launching these applications has resulted in a warning message within High Sierra and Mojave.  (Most common applications in use at Middlebury have been 64-bit for years.)
    1. MathType 7 - FAQ (MathType 8 is planned as a 64-bit app)
    2. Audacity - 2.3.3 and older not supported
  2. For Terminal users, the default shell is "zsh", rather than "bash".  Bash is still available.
  3. KaleidaGraph is currently still a 32-bit application and will not run under Mac OS 10.15. A 64-bit version is under development, although it will not be released before Catalina and we do not have a release date at this time.  KaleidaGraph will still run under Mojave (10.14) and earlier versions of the OS.
  4. SPSS running on Catalina info : https://developer.ibm.com/predictiveanalytics/2019/10/08/spss-statistics-on-catalina-macos-10-15/
  5. Adobe Creative Cloud:
    Photoshop & Lightroom issues - see here.
    2018 and older versions contain 32-bit applications.  See here or consider complete removal and fresh installation of 2019 only - see here.
  6. Sophos and other applications that require access to files or services may not function properly without pre-approval with management software or end user intervention.

Resolved Issues:

  1. Spartan:
    Update to version Spartan’18 v. 1.4.4 Before upgrading to Catalina.

Resolved Issues[edit]



Learning Resources[edit]