Mac OSX Troubleshooting

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This is just an outline, don't expect a full fledged service manual.

Troubleshooting Mac Applications

Possible troubleshooting routes, in no particular order, and not really dependent on each other:

  • Reboot (duh).
  • Quit the troublesome app then reopen it. Quitting an app doesn't mean just closing its window, see Quitting_an_Application_on_a_Mac
  • Create a new user account. Try starting the troublesome app in the new account. If it works fine in the new account try the next tip.
  • Quit the app, move its preference file to the Desktop, reopen the app.
  • Quitting_an_Application_on_a_MacUpdate the app.
  • Trash the app, trash its preference file. Reinstall the app.
  • Update the OS.

None of this helped? Try troubleshooting the issue as a "system" issue - the problems with the app may stem from a system-wide issue.

Troubleshooting Mac OS X

If you are suspecting/experiencing a system wide issue, always check the hardware first.

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