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Common Macros for MMCAT login (as of Jan. 2011)

F1 Insert: |y online resource
F4 Item record: change AVAILABLE to "p," save, close window and return to search
F6 Insert: subfield delimiter
F7 Go to Browse/Search window
F9 Editrecord
F11 Go to Summary/item record
F12 Insert: 969 mke
Alt-F2 Add: 655 Faculty authors
Alt-F3 Delete item record
Alt-F5 Item record: insert message Item not fully cataloged. Send to Cataloging when returned
Alt-F7 Item record: with cursor on location, changes to MMA3, saves, closes window, returns to search
Alt-F8 For online resources on same record as print: inserts 006, 007, 530, 856
Alt-F9 Insert: 655 Video recordings for the hearing impaired.
Alt-F10 Insert: 655 Video recordings for people with visual disabilities.
Alt-F12 Insert: 969 rdj
Ctrl-F1 Item record: Multi-regional player required
Ctrl-F2 Show Character Map (Diacritics)
Ctrl-F3 Insert: 655 language films
Ctrl-F4 Insert: 504 Includes bib refs & index
Ctrl-F5 Insert: 099 Call number also present in some item records (cursor must be in 090$a)
Ctrl-F6 DVD new item record: changes type to 11, status to p, & saves
Ctrl-F7 Insert: 655 Fiction films
Ctrl- F8 Insert: 538 (DVD) information within existing 538 field
Ctrl-F9 Item record 099: Shelved alphabeticall by container title
Ctrl-F10 Insert: 655 Teaching materials
Ctrl-F11 Insert: 655 Gay & lesbian films
Ctrl-F12 Insert: Browsing DVD collection
Shift-F3 Move field up
Shift-F4 Move field down
Shift-F5 Insert: 655 Electronic books.
Shift-F7 Mills 949: t40|b[barcode] 
Shift-F9 Copy item record & create new item record in same bib record
Shift-F10 Insert: 246 Title on container
Shift-F12 490/830 (put cursor on 490 tag)

Main Keyboard Shortcuts for All Logins

Alt-Q Close current record
Ctrl-D Delete field
Ctrl-E Edit field
Ctrl-G Verify individual heading/call number
Ctrl-H Verify all headings in record
Ctrl-I Insert field (or use ENTER if at end of field)
Ctrl-R Expand/contract Leader/006/007/008 fields
Ctrl-S Save
Ctrl-Z Undo last action
ESC Clear browse display (search screen)

Other Helpful Shortcuts

HOME Move cursor to 1st position of field
END Move cursor to last position of field
Ctrl-HOME Move cursor to first editable position of record
Ctrl-END Move cursor to last editable position of record
Ctrl-Right Arrow Move cursor 1 word to right
Ctrl-Left Arrow Move cursor 1 word to left
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