Mail Forwarding

This page provides instructions for how to set forwarding to an alternate e-mail provider and how to remove forwarding when you want to receive your mail at Middlebury College’s e-mail service.

Important considerations and limitations:

  • You cannot forward a Middlebury account to another Middlebury account. Forwarding must be to an external e-mail account.
  • E-mail distribution lists that have special permissions (such as class lists) do NOT work from external accounts! You must log on and use your Middlebury account to send messages to these lists.
  • Never forward multiple Middlebury accounts to the same external account.

Students other than Middlebury College undergrads (e.g. Schools Abroad or summer programs)

Please follow Microsoft's instructions to redirect your e-mail.

  • Note that you probably want to redirect your e-mail (the first set of instructions), so that if you reply from the forwarded address, replies will go to the original sender. If you forward your e-mail (using the second instructions), each e-mail will look like it came from your own Middlebury account.

Middlebury College undergrads

If you plan to be away from the college or simply want to use another e-mail provider, you can set forwarding of your Outlook/Exchange mail using a utility on the web. This utility sets a forwarding address for all mail to the address you provide. Please be aware that your alternate provider is the only source for messages sent to you during the time you have your mail forwarded, because forwarded messages are not duplicated on the mail server here at Middlebury College.

First, access the Forwarding settings page:

  1. In the Address field of your browser, type forwarding.middlebury.edu and press Enter.
    • A VPN connection is needed to use the forwarding utility from a non-Middlebury network.
  1. A page will appear that asks for your e-mail username and password. Enter these in as normal.
    • (Make sure you leave out the "@middlebury.edu" part of your e-mail address, as this isn't technically part of your username.)
  2. Click Logon. The Email Forwarding page will open, and looks something like this:
    Email Forwarding graphic.PNG

To enable forwarding:

  1. Click the radio button next to "Forward all the e-mail sent to user@middlebury.edu to this off campus e-mail address". Enter the off-campus address where you want to receive your mail.
  2. Click on Make Changes. A message will appear telling you that forwarding has been turned on. You'll need to wait up to 30 minutes for forwarding to take effect. Feel free to send yourself a test e-mail to your Middlebury address to see whether forwarding has been enabled yet.

To disable forwarding so that your Middlebury e-mail appears in your Middlebury inbox:

  1. Click the radio button in front of the words "Do not forward my e-mail. Keep it in my Middlebury mailbox".
  2. Click on Make Changes. A message will appear telling you that forwarding has been turned on. You'll need to wait up to 30 minutes for forwarding to turn off.

Out of Office Replies with Forwarded E-mail

Because mail-forwarding set up through forwarding.middlebury.edu happens before the messages reach your Middlebury inbox, Out-of-office replies do not function when forwarding is in effect.

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