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Welcome to the LIS wiki. Here you can find documentation and project information from a variety of groups in LIS.

LIS Structure and Policy


  • Tech Helpdesk Public Documentation - Links to all of the Helpdesk's guides and documentation, from connecting to the server to setting up language support in Microsoft Word.
  • Helpdesk - Policy information and technical help on common problems we see at the Helpdesk. Geared towards advanced computer users as well as the Helpdesk consultants and staff. Please see Tech Helpdesk Public Documentation for our more official user documentation.
  • Educational Technology - Documentation created to de-mystify the use of digital technologies at Middlebury College. Inside, you will find articles pertaining to various technologies, resources, hardware, and software, as well as examples of use on campus.
  • Film and Media Culture Technology - A roadmap to the technology found in the Film and Media Culture Department
  • LIS Website - The LIS Website Team's space for documentation.
  • Banner - Banner Documentation.
  • Reporting & Business Intelligence - Hyperion and other reporting related tools.
  • Telephone and Voice Mail Services - Instructions, installations, moves, repairs, and other voice services.
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