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About Learning Opportunities

Library and Information Services (LIS) offers a variety of ways to learn about technology, including on-campus workshops, online learning, and off-site classes, along with a wealth of online documentation and manuals. 
Contact the Technology Help and Support Desk (x2200 or helpdesk@middlebury.edu) for guidance concerning your learning needs or to obtain more information about any of the offerings listed below.

Technology Workshops

  • By Request Workshops -- Resources permitting we are happy to arrange workshops for groups of ten or more. 

  • Off-Campus classes offered by KnowledgeWave -- Faculty and staff may be eligible to attend free or discounted workshops at the KnowledgeWave training facility in South Burlington.  LIS will consider funding one-day desktop application courses that regularly cost $239; a twenty-five percent discounted price is available for multi-day or technical training.  View KnowledgeWave's current schedule.

Learning Tools

  • Learn about Windows 7 -- (View these brief Instructional Videos) -- Click-on the Link or in a browser type go/win7
  • Supported Software/Application Resources -- View a list of the most commonly-used programs on campus along with accompanying support links to both on-and off-campus resources.
  • Online Learning with Element K -- LIS has a limited number of licenses that provide access to nearly one thousand self-guided online course modules offered by Element K.  Contact the Technology Help and Support Desk to request a learning account. 
Available courses cover all the standard applications for both PC and Mac, as well as many specific database, web and multi-media products (such as FileMaker Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, Visio, Flash, etc.) 
  • Departmental Consultations -- We can work with you to identify your department's needs and determine the best resources and learning opportunities.
  • Safari Online Technical Books -- Safari is the premier electronic reference library for programmers and IT professionals. You can conduct searches across all of the technical books in the Safari bookshelf, read books from cover-to-cover or opt to browse books by category, simply flipping to the pages you need.

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