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About Learning Opportunities

Library and Information Services (LIS) offers a variety of ways to learn about technology, including on-campus workshops, online learning, and off-site classes, along with a wealth of online documentation and manuals. 
Contact the Technology Help and Support Desk (x2200 or helpdesk@middlebury.edu) for guidance concerning your learning needs or to obtain more information about any of the offerings listed below.

Technology Workshops & Consultations

  • On-Campus Workshop Schedule -- All LIS workshops are free and open to the entire college community unless otherwise noted.
    To sign up, please send your request via email to helpdesk@middlebury.edu.
  • By Request Workshops -- Resources permitting we are happy to arrange workshops for groups of ten or more. 
  • Departmental Consultations -- We can work with you to identify your department's needs and determine the best resources and learning opportunities.
  • Off-Campus classes offered by KnowledgeWave -- Faculty and staff may be eligible to attend free or discounted workshops at the KnowledgeWave training facility in South Burlington.  LIS will consider funding one-day desktop application courses that regularly cost $239; a twenty-five percent discounted price is available for multi-day or technical training.  View KnowledgeWave's current schedule.

Learning Tools & Resources 

  • LIS Tech Documentation by Topic -- Browse through or search our online collection of "how to" guides located on the LIS wiki.
  • Supported Software/Application Resources -- View a list of the most commonly-used programs on campus along with accompanying support links to both on-and off-campus resources.
  • Online Learning with Element K -- LIS has a limited number of licenses that provide access to nearly one thousand self-guided online course modules offered by Element K.  Contact the Technology Help and Support Desk to request a learning account. 
Available courses cover all the standard applications for both PC and Mac, as well as many specific database, web and multi-media products (such as FileMaker Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, Visio, Flash, etc.) 
  • Safari Online Technical Books --  Safari (go/safari) is the premier electronic reference library for programmers and IT professionals. You can conduct searches across all of the technical books in the Safari bookshelf, read books from cover-to-cover or opt to browse books by category, simply flipping to the pages you need.  Make sure you click "Sign out and Clear Session" before you leave the site.  We only have a license for 2 simultaneous users.  The 3rd user will see a "session unavailable" message.

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