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People who are the owner of a distribution list that controls access to server folders can easily modify permissions for that group using '''Outlook Web Access''' (also called '''OWA '''or '''WebMail''').  Use the following procedure to add or remove someone from a distribution list that resides in the '''Global Address Book''':
#REDIRECT [[Managing Group Membership and Permissions]]
#Start a browser and log into Webmail at [http://go.middlebury.edu/webmail http://go.middlebury.edu/webmail].
#Click the '''Options '''button in the upper-right corner of this window.
#Click the '''Groups '''option along the left.
#In the '''Public Groups I Own '''section double-click the group to which you want to add or remove members.  The '''Group''' dialog box opens.
#Expand the '''Membership '''section by clicking on the downward-facing shevron arrows on the '''Membership '''bar.
#Click the '''Add '''or '''Remove '''buttons to change membership in a group.
==== To Remove a Member ====
#Select the person from the '''Members '''list.
#Click the '''Remove '''button.
#Repeat for each person you want to remove from the list.
#Click the '''Save''' button when you are finished.
==== To Add a Member ====
#Click the '''Add '''button.  A dialog box opens.
#Type the last name of the person you want to find in the '''Search '''field and then click the '''magnifying glass '''(Search) icon.
#Select the person you want from the filtered list presented.
#Click '''Add->'''.
#Click '''OK'''.
#Click '''Save'''.
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