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'''Updated 8/16/16'''
#REDIRECT [[Managing Permissions via Group Membership]]
People who own distribution groups that control access to MiddFiles server folders (including the Classes folders) and the Course Hub can easily modify membership of those groups using the '''Exchange Admin Center'''.  Use the following instructions to add or remove someone from a distribution group that is visible in the Global Address Book:
#Start a browser and log into the Exchange Admin Center at [http://go.middlebury.edu/ecp http://go.middlebury.edu/ecp] with your Middlebury username and password.
#Click the '''Search''' icon (magnifying glass) above the list of groups.
#Enter the part or all of the name of the list in the search window, and click on the search (magnifying glass) icon to the right to limit the view to possible matches.
#Select the group you would like to edit.
#Click on the pencil icon to the right (displays '''add member''' if you hover over it) to edit the group.
#You may click on the '''browse...''' button if you simply want to add a member, or '''open group properties''' to open the group properties in a new window to view membership & ownership, add & remove members, and more.  The following instructions assume that you have chose to '''open group properties'''.
#Click the '''membership''' link to display current group members (if any).
#Click the '''+''' (add) or '''—''' (remove) icons to change membership in a group as described below.
#* Note: All groups in the Global Address List will appear for you.  Please search for and edit those that belong to you.  You may check the '''ownership''' of other groups, though many are automatically generated and maintained, and have '''Administrator''' or '''Betty White''' listed under '''ownership'''.
#* Note: For classes, an instructor can adjust only the membership of the "audits" and "instructors" groups.  The "students" group populates automatically with course registration info from the Banner system.
==== To Remove a Member  ====
#Click to select the desired person from the '''membership''' list.
#Click the '''—''' (remove) icon.
#Repeat for each person you want to remove from the group.
#Click the '''Save''' button when you are finished.
==== To Add a Member  ====
#Click the '''+''' (add) icon.  A new dialog box opens.
#Click in the '''Search People''' field, then type the last name of the person you want to find.  Press the Enter or Return key to perform the search.
#Click to select the person you want from the filtered list presented.
#Click '''OK'''.
#Repeat for each person you want to add to the list.
#Click '''Save'''.
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