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'''Updated 5/26/17'''
This page contains instructions used to change membership in '''distribution lists''' (groups), which can be used for email distribution and/or controlling permissions (access) to the following:
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* Middfiles server folders (including Classes and Orgs)
* Course Hub and related curricular resources
* Shared documents in [[OneDrive]] and [[Google Drive]]
* Certain shared mailboxes<ref>Please note the difference between ''shared mailboxes'' (e.g. helpdesk@middlebury.edu - a single mailbox that several people look at) and ''distribution lists'', which can be used to send email to many people at once (e.g. students@middlebury.edu - a list of current undergraduate students). These distribution lists can also be used as ''the list of people who have access to something'', including a shared mailbox, a folder, etc.</ref>
* Certain restricted internal web resources
Group membership for distribution lists is managed using the '''Exchange Admin Center'''. Use the following instructions to add or remove someone from a distribution group that is visible in the Global Address Book.
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==== Locate & Edit a Group  ====
#Start a browser and log into the Exchange Admin Center at [http://go.middlebury.edu/ecp http://go.middlebury.edu/ecp] with your Middlebury username and password.
#Click the '''Search''' icon (magnifying glass) above the list of groups.
#Enter the part or all of the group name in the search window, then press Enter or Return to view possible matches.
#Click once to select the group you would like to edit; ownership information is shown in right-hand pane.
#* All groups are visible to you, but you may only edit ones you own.
#* Groups owned by ''Administrator'' or ''Betty White'' are automatically generated and maintained.
# Double-click the group name to display the group properties in a new window.
#Click the '''membership''' link to display current group members (if any).
#Click the&nbsp;'''+''' (add) or '''—''' (remove) icons to change group membership, as described below.
#* Note: For classes, an instructor can adjust only the membership of the "audits" and "instructors" groups.  The "students" group populates automatically with course registration info from the Banner system.
==== To Remove a Member  ====
#Click to select the desired person from the '''membership''' list.
#Click the '''—''' (remove) icon.
#Repeat for each person you want to remove from the group.
#Click the '''Save''' button when you are finished.
==== To Add a Member  ====
#Click the '''+''' (add) icon.  A new dialog box opens.
#Click in the '''Search People''' field, then type the last name of the person you want to find.  Press the Enter or Return key to perform the search.
#Click to select the person you want from the filtered list presented.
#Click '''OK'''.
#Repeat for each person you want to add to the list.
#Click '''Save'''.
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