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[[FMMC Equipment]]
[[FMMC Equipment]]

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Manfrotto 503HDV
Manfrotto 515MVB


The 503HDV has a completely new ergonomic, easy-to-use, functional design; features include large ergonomic locks and knobs allowing for a more solid grip and better control. For enhanced ease of use, the tilt lock and friction controls are located on the left side of the head.It has an improved and adjustable counterbalance capacity: a switch controls the different counterbalance settings, allowing the user to adjust the system to accommodate various payloads for different filming needs. The counterbalance system can be adjusted to four positions ensuring both smoother tilt movements and greater equipment safety. In addition, it has an illuminated levelling bubble - making it easy for shooters to level the camera in low-light conditions. In addition to the old 503, the 503HDV has also a replaceable pan bar rosette.

A two stage, lightweight, high tensile aluminum tripod that is extremely rigid and stable. The 515MV has a die-cast aluminum crown with a built-in 100mm interface bowl, adjustable leg clamp levers for reliability and safety in the field and a floor-level spreader which aids tripod leg angle setting adjustment. Lowest leg section has twin spiked metal feet. The tripod can also be equipped with spiked feet shoes, different types of dollies and two models of mid level spreader.

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