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Middmaps or Middlebury's MapMaker Program


Middlebury's Mapmaker is basically designed to make it easy to interface and maintain informal maps for institutional or personal use.  By informal we mean non GIS.  However this does not mean the mapmaker is inaccurate it only means that the overlays are meant to be informal and cartoonish rather than based on datasets.  On its own the mapmaker does not actually output a map.  Instead it just stores the contents that a person might ant to use to build a map.  The prototype for such a map is a google map.  However the map maker offers data that would extend this.  There are two original outputs for the map maker.  One uses the google maps API .  The other is a custom flash output that all of the data available to the mapmaker.  Users can easily add another plugin based on one of these two.


  1. maps- These are top level of organizational heirarchy.  Maps are the only level of permissions.  Any map a user creates is automatically added to a list of maps.  At first this original user and the administrators are the only people with access to the map.  Administrators can add other people to the permissions list for a map.  A map can have submaps, overlays and events. 
  2. As stated above a submap is dependant on the permissions of its parent map.  A submap is identical to a map except that in addition to a submap image it has an icon.  The icon is seen when the map is zoomed out the submap image is seen on detail view.  At least this is the case in the middflash output.  The google maps api is unable to handle this zoomed in view.
  3. overlays- These are items that may be identical or similar and are meant to be perpetual.  A trees on campus overlay would be one example as would a bathrooms overlay.  They could all be represented by the same map marker or you could create many different overlays with different icons and categorize them in the same group.  Overlays can be added to either a map or submap.
  4. events- Events are just like overlays, but instead of being able to be put in groups they must be given start and end times.  These start and end times manage the display of the overlays.  The included plugins use these start and end times to manage when a particular event will be shown.  It is suggested that other plugins copy this functionality. 
  5. Resource 25 XML- The mapmaker can also parse the events on campus page and dynamically add these to an array which a plugin can include and output.

Dataflow Diagram


What the files do


Add a map


Add a submap


Write a plugin


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