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  • Chief source of information: entire map (unless atlas). No brackets needed if information is found anywhere on map
  • Unique fields for maps
    • Fixed fields
      • Relf (relief)
      • CrTp (cartographic type)
      • Proj (projection)
    • Variable fields
      • 034 (coded cartographic mathematical data)
      • 052 (geographic classification)
      • 255 (Cartographic mathematical data)
  • Choice of title
    • Consider all titles on item & choose one that includes most precise expression of both area & subject
    • Pick title that is in most preferred location (see next item)
    • Order of preference in location
      1. Title located within neat line or border of main map
      2. Title from recto (front) but outside neat line of main map
      3. Panel title
      4. Title from verso
      5. Title from cover, container, envelope, etc.
  • Statement of responsibility : look for terms that explicitly state which individual(s), companies/agencies played a role in the map's creation
    • artwork
    • cartographer
    • compiled or recompiled
    • corrected
    • designed
    • drafted
    • edited
    • engraved
    • prepared
    • produced
    • reworked
    • surveyed
    • updated

Fixed Fields

008 Control Field

Type (of record)

  • e [map]

crTp (type of cartographic material)

  • a single map
  • b map series
  • c map serial
  • e atlas
  • f separate map supplement to another work
  • z other

Rel (relief) [Record up to 4 codes]

  • a contours
  • b shading
  • c Gradient & bathymetric tints
  • d hachures
  • e Bathymetry, soundings
  • f Form lines
  • g spot heights
  • i Pictorially
  • j Land forms
  • k Bathymetry, isolines
  • m Rock drawings
  • z Others
  • See OCLC Fixed Fields for more detail

Project (projection)

007 Physical Description

Usually: aj canzn

$a Category

  • a maps

$b SMD

  • d atlas
  • j map
  • r remote-sensing
  • z other

$d Color

  • a 1 color
  • c multicolor

$e Phys medium

  • a paper
  • z other

$f Type of repro

  • n not applicable

$g Prod/repro det (production/reproduction details)

  • b photocopy
  • u unknown
  • z other

$h Pos/neg aspect

  • n not applicable

Variable Fields

034 Coded Cartographic Mathematical Data

(Add only if 255 is in bib record) (repeatable)

  • 1st indicator 0 Scale indeterminable/No scale recorded ( use if 255 = Scales differ, etc.)
  • 1st indicator 1 Single scale (horizontal)
  • 1st indicator 3 Range of scales (scale varies on single map)

$a Category of scale

  • a Linear scale
  • b Angular scale (celestial charts)
  • z Other (time scale, quantitative statistical scale)

$b Constant ratio linear horizontal scale
The denominator of the representative fraction (from 255 field)

034 1 $a a $b 24000
255 $a 1:24,000

$d, e, f, g Coordinates: Enter in form HDDDMMSS (hemisphere, degrees, min., secs.) [7 digits total]

Example: $d E0790000 $e E0860000 $f N0200000 $g N0120000

043 Geographic area code

Add as with other formats

052 Geographic Classification

See Class G3190-9980 for geog. number


052 3753 $b R8 [Rutland]
052 3754 $b B9 $b W8 $b E8 $b C6 #b S43 [map of greater Burlington with Burlington, Winooski, Essex, Colchester, Shelburne]

099 Local Call Number (for vertical file maps)

Maps V [or whatever category in vertical file--V for Vermont, etc.]

1xx Main entry

See above about choosing statement of responsibility

245 Title

  • Omit $h [GMD] as per LCRI 1.1C unless electronic resource or microform; do not use [map]

255 Cartographic Mathematical Data

(use with 034) [period at end]

$a Statement of scale

Scale calculator (Bureau of Economic Geology)
Scale calculator 2 (Oregon State Univ.)

$b Statement of projection
$c Statement of coordinates (recorded in the order of: westernmost longitude-- easternmost longitude/ northernmost latitude--southernmost latitude [left--right/top--bottom) Optional, but OCLC prefers use.

255 Scales differ.
255 Scale varies.
255 Scale not given.
255 Not drawn to scale
255 Scale 1:24,000.
255 Scale 1:36,000. 1 in. = 0.6 miles
255 Scale [ca. 1:500,000] (used natural scale indicator)
255 Scale not given ; $b Conic equidistant proj.
255 Scale 1:24,000 ; $b Transverse Mercator proj. $c (W 74�--W 74�40'/N 45�05'--N 45�00')
255 Scale [1:18,000,000] (used mathematical calculation; hence, no 'ca.')

Note: If map says "approximately," use scale statement without brackets or use "ca." within brackets.

Use these macros for diacritics in Connexion:

Degrees: alt-shift-0 (superscript zero)
Minutes: alt-ctrl-' (miagkii znak)
Seconds: alt-ctrl-7 (tverdyi znak)

300 Physical Description Area

  • 300 $a 1 map :$b col. ; $c 20 x 27 cm.
  • 300 $a 1 map :$b col. ; $c 51 x 75 cm., folded to 23 x 11 cm.
  • 300 $a 1 map :$b both sides, col. ;$c 37 x 72 cm., on sheet 46 x 43 cm., folded to 21 x 10 cm.
  • 300 $a 2 maps on 1 sheet :$b both sides, col. ;$c 32 x 49 cm. and 32 x 55 cm., on sheet 93 x 65 cm., folded to 23 x 11 cm.
  • 300 $a 1 map on 2 sheets :$b col. ;$c 121 x 194 cm., sheets 187 x 107 cm.
  • 300 $a 1 ms. map :$b col. ;$c on sheet 46 x 61 cm.

"Both sides" criteria:

  • Item is considered to be without verso
  • Map printed so it continues at same scale from one side to other, OR
  • Item includes 2 or or maps of comparative importance, printed on both sides of sheet

Give sheet size when: (1) extra material is 50% or more; (2) map continues on reverse side.

5XX Notes

Title notes

Record the source of the title proper in a note when it is taken from outside the chief source of information (e.g., from an accompanying text, published reference source, another edition of the item, etc.). Also record the source when the title proper is taken from the verso of the item or from its container or cover or when the title proper is a panel title (i.e., folded title).

  • 500 Panel title.
  • 500 Title from container.

Contents notes

  • 500 Includes ancillary maps of Charlottesville, Taunton, Richmond, Williamsburg, and Norfolk-Newport News area.
  • 500 Includes insets of Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, and Grenoble.
  • 500 Includes 16 insets of neighboring islands and insets of "Transport" and "Things to see."
  • 500 Includes text, distance chart, geologic profile, col. ill., and 26 insets.
  • 500 Insets: Connaught Place -- Chanakyapuri -- Delhi & New Delhi City. Scale [1;23,000]
  • 500 On verso: New map of South Hadley, Mass. Scale [ca. 1:15,000]
  • 500 Street index on verso.

Other notes

  • 500 Relief shown by contours and spot heights.
  • 500 "Effective date: July 17, 1987."
  • 500 Blue-line print.
  • 500 Xerographic copy.
  • 500 "10869."
  • 500 "Copyright ... Rand McNally."
  • 500 Place names in Dutch. Cover in English. Tourist directory in Dutch, French, German, and English.

650 Subjects

Common free-floating form subdivisions ($v):

Use only:

  • $v Maps
  • $v Aerial views
  • $v Relief models
  • $v Remote-sensing images

For more specific kinds, see 655

655 Genre headings

(Do not subdivide by geographical location)

Some examples:

Aerial views
Aeronautical charts
Cadastral maps
Celestial charts
Children's maps
Comparative maps
Digital maps
Early maps
Fire insurance maps
Gores (Maps)
Index maps
Manuscript maps
Mappae mundi
Meteorological charts
Military maps
Mine maps
Miniature maps
Nautical charts
Outline maps
Physical maps
Pictorial maps
Plat maps
Portolan charts
Quadrangle maps
Road maps
Statistical maps
Stick charts
Strip maps
Thematic maps
Topographic maps
Tourist maps
Wall maps
World maps

See also: Harvey Hahn's genre headings for maps

Call Number on Item

[Call #]
Only for Armstrong flat maps

Map Case
[Call #]
Only for main library flat maps For large flat maps that will be placed in map cases, write call number & enumeration in lower-right corner of flattened map. For folded maps that will be bound or placed in envelopes in the stacks (Armstrong's preference when possible), write call number & enumeration on what appears to be the back of the map in its folded state.

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