Marlbleworks Conference Room SMART Classroom Guide

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Media Instructions for Marble Works Conference Room
In this room you can project from a VGA or HDMI laptop, play a DVD or Blu-Ray disc or play audio only (such as an MP3 player).

On the button panel on the wall press Display On, this will turn on the projector and lower the screen.
You can mute the projector so people cannot see what you have projected on the screen until you are ready. Press Pic Mute, the button will turn red. When you are ready to show your image, press the button again.

You can control the room volume from the panel by turning the volume dial.

Projecting from a Laptop
1. Push the Laptop button on the panel.
2. Plug the VGA cable into your computer and turn it on. There is also an HDMI cable available if you would prefer to use it (note that few computers have HDMI nowadays).
3. You should have projection, if you do not; go to the troubleshooting section of this document.

Playing a DVD/Blu-Ray
1. Push the Blu-Ray button on the panel.
2. Power on the Blu-ray player (there is a remote available for the Blu-ray player in the drawer in the rack. You can also control the Blu-Ray player from the button panel.)
3. Insert your disk and press play.

Audio Only

• If you want to play audio only, such as an iPod or MP3 player, connect to the audio cable (the thinner cable attached to the black VGA cable) and push the Laptop button on the panel.

Please remember to shut all equipment off. The system is turned off by pressing the Off button under Display on the button panel.

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